A Bookworm Who Doesn’t Read

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This is me at the moment: a bookworm who doesn’t read.

It’s a little pathetic, really. Because I have at least 5 books on my Currently Reading list, because I have at least 3 books I recently bought and are waiting for their turn, and a dozen others I’ve bought ages ago and still haven’t read.

Even more pathetic because I’m actually running a business that has a lot to do with reading: we make and sell Book Sleeves! (This might not be a good time for me to say this, but you should check out Gribook Accessories).

My love for books has not decreased, but I have less and less time for them. So what is happening? I can’t quite put my finger on it, but between running a business, learning design, doing life and playing Hay Day, I have little to no time to read. Do I need to say pathetic again?

How do I get back on track with my reading?

This is a good time as any to follow my own advice.

I wrote about the One Sure Way to Make Time to Read a while back. Taking a day off the internet so that I carve in some reading time. I still have my offline Sundays, but I’ve noticed I’m cutting corners: when I’m expecting an important e-mail, or checking my Instagram before going to bed, etc. Once you check one thing, there’s always another, and 30 minutes pass in a jiffy.

In another article, I told you How I Read 50 Books in a Year. This year, I have planned to read 50 books as my Goodreads Reading Challenge and I completed it on November 1st. My “books” are all in order, but I know that while I am true to the letter, the spirit is not quite there.

Hubby has actually brought up the question: are Reading Challenges a good idea? (I can expand on that in a later post, if you wish.)

Oh goodness, what was I saying? That article.

I’m always carrying a book with me – check! Sometimes both my Kindle and a Book Sleeved book. I still don’t own a TV – check! I only read books I enjoy – hmmmm. Do I?

It’s been a little hit and miss with books lately. Not necessarily that the books were at fault, but maybe my expectations and my mood were different. Do you ever have that? Reading moods and expectation?

Perhaps what I need to do is grab a book that I really like and put aside some time for it – yes, plan it. You know how I suggested in the How to Start Reading Again article? Pick one book and read it well.

Have you ever experienced a dry reading season? What did you do about it?

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