Day 23


1. Being so far from all of my friends and family in America.
2. Explaining that “the current” does not exist nor does it make anyone sick.
3. Crappy internet access.
4. Bread, potatoes, and borsch.
5. Dogs barking at all hours of the night.
6. Not being able to drive a car EVER.
7. Being chased by geese.
8. Feeling constipated all day every day.
9. Having to go outside to go to the bathroom.
10. Water in our house that smells like sulfur. (Trust me, you’ve never smelled anything like it! I have countless witnesses.)
11. Kids constantly yelling “Hello America!”.
12. Crepe textured toilet paper.
13. My host mother screaming at me when I am sitting right next to her.
14. The racket coming from my host family’s animals starting at 6AM (often earlier).
15. Freezing to death indoors and out.
16. Having to drink in honor of people I have never met.
17. Scheduling my days around when I think we might have electricity.
18. Swarms and swarms of mosquitoes and biting flies.
19. Hanging lace over entryways in place of screens or doors.
20. Finding clothes in two sizes: anorexic and babushka.
21. People saying that they speak Moldovan. (As if I speak American.)
22. Being forced to accept candy and matches as change.
23. Hearing what a fantastic singer Dima Bilan is.

2007-09-26 19:18:50


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