Gribook Accessories: Closing Shop

A lot of you have asked, so here is why Gribook Accessories is closing shop.

My husband Igor and I are moving to Klaipeda, Lithuania for a year. I will be teaching and heading the Leadership Development Program at LCC International University. Olga, who does the sewing for Gribook Accessories, will be leaving for Odessa soon, to help start a Home for Survivors of Human Trafficking.

I would say these are not bad reasons to say goodbye, Gribook Accessories and hello, new adventures!

Thank You!

One of our goals with Gribook Accessories was to bring bookish accessories to Moldova. Whether it was sleeves for Kindle, Book Sleeves or even small things like Bookmarks, we wanted to offer Moldovan bookworms something of the highest quality and prettiness, at an affordable price. We have achieved that, and this makes our hearts glad.

Thank you for making it such an incredible experience for us – you really were the best customers!

A Hearty Thank You!

Before we close for good, we have one small gift for those of you who were most encouraging, most loyal and most supportive. We’re giving away 5 Gribook Accessories Polka Dot Hearts.

A  thank you from our very heart to Heidi Darrin, Elena Scutaru, Vadim and Arina Pasnicenco, Corina Ciripitca, Olea Popa!

I’m terribly bad at saying goodbye, so this will have to be it. Not making any promises, but who knows, Gribook Accessories might be back someday!

I will continue blogging on – but for a 2 weeks break to allow the transition – so make sure follow my reading adventures as a true international bookworm: born in Moldova, living in Lithuania and reading/writing in English.

You can do this by subscribing to Gribook, or following me on Twitter.

Anything you’d like to tell us as we part? 

2012-08-01 10:14:59


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