Dear Colleagues,Dear Friends!After 22 years of service within the Border Guard Service, I made a decision to retire, which was not so easy for me.These years have been sometimes difficult, but surely rewarding in the professional and personal level. Together with you I witnessed of the creation and development of the Border Guard to which I dedicated myself completely, and unfortunately sometimes at the expense of my family.
I tried to be a good officer, a good colleague, a good teacher and a good father. I'm sure I succeeded in all.In recent years and especially since 2005, I gave all diligence in promoting reforms in the Integrated Border Management System and the Border Guard Service. At the initial stage we managed a lot, but there were failures, which did not quite depend on us. Mainly what we managed has been to strengthen our staff for changing attitudes and perception in the role and position of the Border Guard Service in the system of National Security and directly in the field of Integrated Border Management, in particular the transition from the state border protection (military aspect) to protect legal provision and provide services to citizens while performing duties at the border. In this respect, the result of this work is enormous because of you dear border colleagues, which to me are close family- a big united family and I sincerely hope that you will extend those wonderful traditions which the Border Service has had over the years.A special role in this have had and I can certainly say so - my colleagues and my friends - EU experts within Frontex Agency, EUBAM Mission, Border Guard Services of Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany and other European Union member states. Because of them were possible those achievements which the Border Guard Service has had, and those achievements which I’ve personally gained. I would not pass without saying about the great role that our partners from the United States of America have had,  in particularly the Chisinau Embassy representatives and those of U.S. government agencies.In all the years I’ve had the opportunity and honor to have close to me colleagues and friends from the civil society - Foreign Policy Association, IDIS Viitorul, Institute for Public Policy, European Institute of Political Studies and others. We tried to establish a partnership relationship as well as friendship relations, which to me means a lot and contributed to my formation.The reform process through which the Service goes through is sometimes contradictory. For this reason I have decided to retire. Not that I was scared of these reforms (I was the one who promoted them), but I cannot agree with the approach that the current leadership of MIA has, those who have strongly stated in December 2009 - January 2010 that they will never be "cops". In my opinion it is premature to pass the Border Guard Service under the subordination of MIA (Ministry of Police), institution which is not reformed, has not abolished the consequences of events from April 2009 and is the state institution which has the lowest confidence among the population. This is the result of not willing to promote radical reforms in home affairs area, political involvement and promotion of political and personal interests of those who govern us.I do not want to finish this post on a sad note. I am convinced that in the future there will be tangible results in the reform process, at least I wish. I do not leave permanently from BGS, I will continue to contribute in other ways to reforms and service development. I remain a member of this team, and nobody, no matter how much he wishes and tries will not exclude from the great family of Border Guards.
Thank you all for your cooperation and understanding!
With deep respect,
Rosian Vasiloi,Retired colonel of Border Guard Service.
Mob. +37367254899e-mail: rossian.vasiloi@gmail.comhttp://rosian-vasiloi.blogspot.com/

2012-07-03 09:53:00


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