Dolce&Gabbana FW13 Women’s Campaign

The traditions of Sicily and of Italy as a whole are protagonists of the Dolce&Gabbana FW13 Womenswear campaign as much as the elaborate and sumptuous collection. Bianca Balti, Monica Bellucci and Bianca Brandolini D’Adda create a convivial atmosphere captured by Giampaolo Sgura’s lense.With Taormina as a setting and supported by “real” people, Bianca Balti, Monica Bellucci, and Bianca Brandolini D’Adda- genuine Italian Graces, portray many of the values upheld by Dolce&Gabbana. Pomp and ceremony are juxtaposed to quaint familial portraits of everyday life. Joyvial dancing and singing complement moments shared and families brought together by love and food.Characters busy at lace making, embroidering, cross-stitching display the crafts utilised to decorate the collection. The gold embroidery and floral tapestry stand out against the colourful majolica synonymous with Sicilian pottery. Giampaolo Sgura’s keen eye and emotionally charged photography capture the art, beauty and tradition encapsulated by the people, the fashion and Sicily.

Dolce and Gabbana is one of my favourite brands, today while I was looking on their FaceBook page I found this awesome campaign for FW13 Women. Bianca Balti and Monica Bellucci are beautiful as always. Now, in  Dolce and Gabbana campaign you can see a new character - Bianca Brandolini D’Adda, who is an Italian heiress. Currently lives in Paris, is a regular on the front row at fashion weeks across the world, and attends the most exclusive parties.

Guys, sorry for not posting anything, I'm really busy here in Saint Petersburg! All I can say is that this city is wonderful! Soon, I'll post some pictures, hope you'll like them!

2012-06-27 22:48:00


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