He becomes the villain Bolaños consented ‘Rafaela’

Jorge Alberto Bolaños closes with Rafaela cycle of villainy and evil, because his character turned into the antagonist from the telenovela.

“It’s a significant chance of me, this took my seventh soap opera villain, strong, using the variant on this shall be a watershed important since it were built with a definite history consequently turned into the villain with the story,” said.

His final scenes with Tiare Scanda were very intense, filled with professionalism, trust , using a plot that kept the target audience captive.

“Without any doubt assist Tiare is really a haven, can be a splendid actress, is someone I’ve recognized for 2 decades, we wish much, we had arrived good friends, had never worked, but she actually is cautious within the scenes, is extremely professional, “he said.

The of ‘Porfirio’ was crucial inside the race Bolaños , as much surprises kept him from start to finish, exceeding their expectations as a possible actor.

“First I saw him married to ‘Rosalba’, i quickly saw him imprisoned, then saw him dead, however saw him in the long run attempting to Balak ‘Rosalba’ and ‘Carlos Luis’. ‘Porfirio’ is often a crazy combination of feelings, of emotions, a personality with whom folks are very good with him, hate him, are interested in him dead, in jail, well, so violated. Undeniably, became more violent, mean, everything is basically He pulled it, this love sick, this madness can be a sick, obsessive, these dyes murderers, is terrible. Personally it’ll be an excellent memory, “he confessed.

Some tips i most enjoyed within this great journey and experience were his companions, as was well sheltered by great figures.

“Production loved to Nathalie deeply appreciate the means you happen to be wonderful in my experience, I needed the opportunity be alongside great players including Tiare Scanda , Harding Junior , Juan Angel Esparza , Jorge Poza , with all of these great actors, great talents, “he said.

Discussing new projects, the actor already has plans to get a new melodrama, while enjoying his family whilst the work permit.

“Do not say given it preys, however i take up a soap opera, well, actually I’m finishing per week of holiday with the children as they are truly gone mad, returning after that I actually do some programs which might be asking me to perform plus it started soap opera later in 2010, “he said.

2011-07-12 06:04:23


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