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Ringer Genie Pro v2.1.0

Ringer Genie Pro v2.1.0
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Ringer Genie controls the ringer for ?Do Not Disturb (DnD)? moments.

***** Ringer Genie is in ‘Top’ apps of ?Business? category and most comprehensive Ringer app for Android *****
Ringer Genie controls the ringer for ?Do Not Disturb (DnD)? moments. No more ?Shh?, ?Shush?, ‘Quiet Please’ or ?Turn off phones? comments in meetings! You can get all your meetings from your calendars and direct Ringer Genie to make your mobile to stay silent/vibrate for that duration, allow selected few to contact you when busy, send SMS/Text to your family informing them of event end time. No Missed calls due to phone being in silent/vibrate mode for unintended period.
Some salient features of Ringer Genie:
- Set Ringer mode to Silent, Vibrate and Airplane for a given schedule
- Ability to start, pause, restart and stop Quick Event with One Click for instant and unpredictable meetings
- Get events from your calendar and auto associate a Ringer Profile
- Add events to your calendar
- Add Recurring event for Auto Silencer e.g. during night or school time
- Exception for important/emergency calls from selected few using a VIP Pass
- Auto Text / SMS with information on meeting end time
- Profile and Ringer restore
- Please visit us at ringergenie.com to see feature details, user examples, get support and new feature suggestions.
- Our BIG THANKS to valued customers who have appreciated Srijna team?s 1000+ hours of effort to bring this feature rich and intuitive app by providing positive feedback and rating. The success of your app has resulted in quite a few instances of lame comments and single star rating by competitors to bring down Ringer Genie. Please ignore such comments and help us by marking them spam.
- As you know Android phones are mushrooming, practically we test Ringer Genie app on few models including HTC Desire, HTC Nexus, HTC Legend and Samsung Galaxy S etc. We do see users using this successfully on variety of models.
- If you face any issue in using Ringer Genie, please contact us at feedback@srijna.com before a negative rating our app. Our developers will promptly work with you to resolve your problem.
- If you like our app, please support with a positive rating (we will appreciate a 5 star rating), spread the word through social media and by informing friends and family.
- Unrestricted event repetition
- Multiple calendars? sync
- Multiple VIP Passes and selection
- Custom SMS/Text
- Custom ring profile
- Customizable warning before start of an event
- Customizable warning before Ringer profile is restored at the end of event
- Many more customizations .
Ringer Genie is very useful during meetings, school, religious gatherings or any event where you want your phone to be in silent or vibrate mode. The phone automatically turns back to the normal mode after the event/meeting is over. All your events are synched from your calendar and displayed on the Events screen. You can associate a Ringer Profile to these events and even delete events from this screen. What is more, you can allow family members or close friends to call you during these meetings. They will get a SMS telling them that you are busy and your meeting end time. If you are in a hurry, you can use the one touch Quick event which will start an event with the default duration and VIP Pass associated with that event. You can also add events to various calendars such as Google Calendar, Facebook etc.
Recent changes:
** Updates for 2.1 **
-Events customization to ignore ‘All Day’ events during sync from calendar. This is turned ON by default.
-Issue with From/To button text color is fixed (Observed on certain handsets).
-Fix for setting up System Volume to normal after event ends
-Event time setting updates for events across night and day. e.g event from 10 PM to 6 AM
-New buttons for Play/Pause/Restart events with updates to the button area.
-Repetition allowed for more than 1 year
- Additional fixes …..

Provided by: -Market Militia-

More Info:

Code: http://www.appbrain.com/app/ringer-genie-lite/com.srijna.ringer.ad

Download Instructions:

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