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New Year Gongs

It's almost new year and everybody seems to be handing out awards and writing top tens.  As 2009 has been a truly incredible year, I thought I would join in.  Here are my awards:


The first recipient has to be the youth of Moldova, who, belying the stereotypes normally attached to their generation, changed the course of a nation through their protests and sacrifice on April 6th and 7th, and through their work to bring about a liberal-democratic victory on July 29th.  Moldova will have a terrific future if this generation is allowed to bring it about.

The second recipient must be the AIE's parliamentary deputies, who stood firm on June 3rd and refused to elect Zina 'Carabina' Grecianai as Moldova's president, and who have remained more or less cohesive up to the current date.

A third gong goes to the free press - Vocea Basarabiei, Timpul, Jurnal, Unimedia, ZDG, ProTV, TV7 etc, who refused to succumb to communist intimidation and threats to physical security, instead giving a voice to the opposition parties and promoting democracy and human rights.

The fourth award goes to Vlad Filat and his government, which is probably the most professional outfit that Moldova has seen since independence.  The speed with which they have moved to improve the lives of Moldova's citizens has been a joy to behold.

Finally, awards must go posthumously to those who are no longer with us but who have become symbols of  the fight for democratic change and national awakening - Valeriu Boboc and the other three young men who lost their lives in the aftermath of April 7; the national poet, Grigore Vieru and other leaders of his generation who passed away in 2007.

Honourable mentions go to

  • The European parliament
  • Pro-democracy bloggers
  • The IMF
  • Leading Romanian politicians


First place getter is the 'Taliban' group currently leading the communist party and doing their level best to rob Moldova of its future so that the kleptocracy of the last eight years can be returned to power.  Scumbags such as Tkaciuk, Misin, Petrenko, Postoico and Voronin come to mind.

Another recipient of a big juicy raspberry were the EU officials responsible for relations with Moldova (Javier Solana, Kalman Miszei and Benita Ferrero-Waldner).  Their 'enchantment' with the fraudulent April 5th election, their refusal to recognise the full extent of communist-sponsored violence and their weasly attempts to cajole the opposition into submitting to communist rule made me sick to the stomach.

The Communist media holding needs a big raspberry between the eyes as well.  Over the last eight years and in the lead-up to the April 5th and July 29th elections, this public broadcaster, Teleradio Moldova became cheerleader in chief for the communist party, manipulating and twisting the news agenda to the detriment of the liberal-democratic opposition.  Omega has to be the worst news agency I have ever had the misfortune to come across, unparalelled in its ability to twist information for propaganda purposes.  I won't even mention NIT and Constantin Staris.

Russia merits an award, both for supporting the communist dictatorship and for doing diddly squat to end the Transnistrian impasse.  The raspberries in this case would be best placed down the 14th Army's gun barrels and in the mouths of Igor Smirnov, Vladimir Putin and the legions of Russian 'policy experts' that spout garbage in the interests of the Kremlin.

The final and largest raspberry goes to Gheorghe Papuc, Artur Resetnicov and the police and security services of Moldova and Transnistria, who failed to protect the presidency and the parliament and who subsequently unleashed a wave of terror, hunting down protesters and journalists in broad daylight, detaining, beating, raping and murdering opponents of the communist regime.  See you in court.

Dishonourable mentions go to:

  • Gheorghe Gorincioi
  • Vladimir Socor
  • Dumitru Pulbere
  • Valeriu Gurbulea

2009-12-30 11:18:45


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