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20 Extremely Useful WordPress Plugins [part 2]


Hello everyone! I’m very glad that our visitors enjoyed “10 Useful Wordpress Plugins” article that I wrote  on november 19. I had many comments from our visitors on it, that inspired me to write another list of Wordpress Plugins. So today I decided to post it, and I hope you’ll enjoy it even more that previous.

P.S. Special thanks for Roland and Scott Benedict for contributing on this article!


This plugin adds cropping, resizing, and rotating functionality to Wordpress’ image upload and management dialogs. Scissors also allows automatic resizing of images when they are uploaded and supports automatic and manual watermarking of images.


This plugin improve your tupography with thing like:

3.WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is a static caching plugin for WordPress. It generates html files that are served directly by Apache without processing comparatively heavy PHP scripts. By using this plugin you will speed up your WordPress blog significantly.

4.WP e-Commerce

If you sell stuffs on your site, this plugin will help with this, it’s very easy to use. You simply download the plugin, copy it to your Plugins folder and activate it via your admin panel.

5.WordPress-Ready Contact Form v.2.0WP

This easy-to-install form has many accessibility, usability, and security features. This contact form lets your visitors send you a quick E-mail message. Blocks all common spammer tactics. Spam is no longer a problem.

6.WP PageNavi

WP PageNavi it’s a plugin that add a better page navigation to your WordPress site. It is very useful if you have a lot of posts on your blog, it allows visitors to skip from page to page.

7.Theme Switcher

Theme Switcher allows your readers to switch among installed themes. This plugin is useful if you offer WordPress themes and you want to let your users to preview the themes.


This plugin lets you use Gravatar, MyBlogLog, OpenAvatar, Wavatar, Identicon, monsterID or Favico.ico files with your comments. But thats not all, scroll down to see what else this plugin does for your site.


This plugin allows you to automatically post your new posts on the twitter website.


Adds an AJAX rating system for your WordPress blog’s post/page.

11.Automatic Wordpress Backup

Backup Your Entire Wordpress Website Regularly & Automatically.

12.Google Analytics for WordPress

This is a must-have plugin for all WordPress users who want to see the number of visitors, their entry, their exit, and bounce rate, etc. You can use this information to improve the surfing experience of your visitors.

13.Youtube Brackets

Insert YouTube videos in post using [brackets] method. Enables YouTube blogging to standalone wordpress setups.


Sociable fulfill the social needs of your WordPress blog. It helps you add links to social bookmarking sites in the posts as well as in the RSS feed of your blog. This plugin helps visitors share the posts with others. It supports 99 social bookmarking sites, which in my view is good enough. You are not going to need more than this many links in your post, and the social bookmarking sites that failed to make it into top 99 is not good enough. This is must-have tool for any WordPress blog.

15.Easy Contact Form

Contact Form 7 is a simple but very useful and functional contact form that allows people to email you. It includes Akismet spam protection and is easy to integrate.

16. Amazon S3

If you plan to serve a lot of images and don’t want to get your server overloaded, it’s a good idea to integrate Amazon S3 hosting.

17.Twitter Widget Pro

This plugin puts your Twitter stream in the sidebar.

18.WP Easy Uploader

This used to be more valuable than it is now since WP makes it easier to upload plugins and themes, but if you like to upload files without having to go to your FTP, this is great.

19.  Add to Any

No matter what your favorite way of letting people “share” or bookmark your site, just make sure they can and it is easily accessible.

20. Admin SSL

Secures your login pages, admin panel or anything else you wish to secure.

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