Snapshots from Robert A. Reeder's presentation at the Arts Academy

Robert A. Reeder is a former Washington Post photojournalist residing now in Moldova. Today he offered a short presentation to students of Arts Academy of Moldova. The following pictures are placed here only to document the event. We had the opportunity to meet a professional photojournalist whose experience includes years and years of front page stories in American home politics.

Robert A. Reeder

I enjoyed the calm discussion in dim light :( and the most memorable quote was:

Remember the picture with the woman having a tear on her cheek at the memorial? I took that picture and then waited till she calmed down and approached her. I presented myself. I said that I saw her moved by what was happening and that I presumed that she is somehow affected by the place. She said that she had her son killed in Afghanistan. Then I told her that in that moment when she was crying I made a picture of her and that I believe that that picture can really explain to our readers what was happening there today and that this may be very important. And I asked her permission to publish the picture. And she agreed.
(I haven't recorded the discussion so this is not an exact quote, but the idea is there.)

This was his answer to the question: "Don't you feel yourself a paparazzi sometimes?"

Moldovan photojournalist Nicolae Pojoga

Most of the presentation comprised Reeder's coverage of US home politics

Moldovan film director Vlad Druc

Since I don't use flash light, I try to steal it from others :)

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