Tax avoidance

I assume approx. 10 million people everyday in Sweden are considering the idea how to avoid and if possible to escape not paying incredible high taxes in order to survive from the salary - which basically after the tax deduction looks like a student scholarship :evil: .

Why not joining the ARMY*? Army is cool and is like a big parade :lol: ! If you join the army and become a Scout Trooper, you get paid, you get a cool gun and of course you don’t pay tax!

You get free training, free food, free accommodation, and a free funeral (how encouraging) for the entire period of your service, and a military pension afterwards (if you don’t die).

You can then spend the rest of your life with two cats and talking about the huge sacrifice you made to your country. You also get to tell civilians that you know more than they possibly can about the complexities of defence policy. You can also make fun of the Navy because they are a bunch of pansies who have it so much easier than you, (because the Navy is for pansies)

So how about to become a Scout Trooper :razz: :

As you can I was trying to avoid taxes as well in Denmark and Norway :wink:

*The term ARMY is a backwards acronym for Yes. My. Retarded. Ass. or Aren’t Ready to be Marines Yet. This term ARMY is also known as the ASSKICKERS - a large collection of brave men (but not brave enough), women and others who defend any country from such hazards as “armies” which are evil organizations of trained killers which exist in foreign countries.

2009-03-01 22:26:43


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