Outlines for Climate Change and Economic Impact

Estimation Cost: 10 Trillion Dollars
· Positive Argument
· Accepting Circumstances and Believe We Could Do Something
· Challenges (Nobody Wants to Talk About It)
· Book to Read: Hot, Flat, and Crowded
· If 1 American must Face A Russian or A Eastern European who are mostly University Graduates with Multiple Certificates when World is Melting Away at the Polar Regions to “Avoid Direct Conflicts” Due to Shortage On Resource Sharing, Every U.S. Citizen Must be Trained with Intensive 2 Years Mandatory International Climate Crisis Management Training on Top of College Education to Specialize in One Field that Keep the “Green” Going with Hands On Experiences. (People can Complete the 2 Years.

· People in U.S. Must Reverse the Current Economic Policies of Borrowing Endlessly when You have no Cash Deposit “At All” because You have NO SKILLS to survive with proper training to Earn Initial Savings When You Become a Citizen.

· People in U.S. Must Realize It Is Impractical to Keep Investing “Artificial Money” to China and India when the Local Regulations and Infra-structures are Fractured. 300 Million Americans with 8 Hours Working Days Can Not Support the Weight of 6.5 Billion People Who Believing American Dollar Could Change the World Structure because you are buying their GOODS on “Credits” from Future Options. One could not just produce U.S. M.B.As to manage a total chaos on earth.

· Job Creation in “Green” Sectors should be A Priority, because 25% of the International Transportation Sectors on Petrol Fuel Economy Will Be Altered in Less than 15 Years if We Were to Slow Down the International Crisis in Melting Poles. Perhaps, we should consider installing high speed trains all over the world rather than promoting insane competitions to sale more cars from Ta-Ta Earth Project!

· By Delaying the Process of Possible Pole Shift, we have more CHANCES to Help and Reach More People to Avoid Accidents like the Tsunamis and Sars.

· Negative Argument

· Deny the Entire Argument and Wait For Peak Energy Risks

· Challenges (No One Knows For Sure How To Handle It)

· Book to Read: No News is Great News!

· I have spent a year in China, every single Chinese is looking forward to get their hands on a car. It means we have 700 million Chinese who would have cars in 15 years with peak demand of petrol.

· India and Pakistan will follow the trend in 25 years with peak demand of petrol.

· At mean time, China, India, and Pakistan will proliferate in nuclear power plants according to plans together with Middle Eastern Energy Agenda.

· In 25 years, 1 out of 4 earthlings will demand a car, which is 25% of 9.8 billion people. In order to assure the supply of fuel on demands. Every American would be mandatory to stay in Middle East and Russia forever to secure the supply chain.

· Most countries in the World currently duplicate the U.S plans for future developments which mean the entire world will be living on Credit that Doesn’t Exist.

· The Security Council of the World will be having high alert on terror attacks daily in every parts of the world due to high pressure in suppress various groups of people to keep order.

· Most importantly, we will have pole shift much faster. In 30 years, all coastal regions will suffer from massive tsunami daily due to massive drill of petrol that cause gas bubbles underneath the ground that is support the land structures on earth. Many parts of earth will be shaking frequently on top of human crisis.

· Most people will be relocated as well internationally with increasing frequencies of terrors and climate tissues.

What do you think?

People, any wonderful suggestions as terminators?

For course 101 and 499

  • Ruth Waung

2009-02-17 19:55:50


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