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"If Only" - a model of a real love

I have always believed that we can learn a lot of good things from movies. There are all sorts of films, but we have to be very selective and decide what is better for us to watch. I won't say that you cannot get bad things, too from a movie, but a healthy mind will know to get only the good things.

If Only is the last movie which I recently watched. The story impressed me. That's why I decided to share it with you. The action takes place in London, England, where Ian Wyndham tries to show his love and appreciation to his girlfriend, Samantha, after he has a weird dream, seeing her dying. That nightmare scared him so much that he began to avoid many actions and events that should take place according to his dream. He knew that she will die if he will not show her his love. At a certain moment, Ian takes her away of London. He goes to the house where he lived when he was a child. It was a rainy day when they arrived there. Ian tells her that he loves her very much and he wants to make her happy. He even asks her what would she do if this would be the last day of her life, and she answered: "I would spend it with you, no matter what we would do". He seemed to be very happy and out of the danger. Samantha calms him down and tells that he doesn't have to worry about his dream because nothing is true. He believed her. After that they decide to go back to London where she was supposed to have a graduation concert. Ian comes there with a surprise for her. He brought her flowers and prepared for her a special program. After that concert she they went together in the city to have fun together. While they went into the street, it started to rain. Than, he decided that it's the perfect moment to tell her how much he loves her and that he doesn't want to lose her. She was very happy at that moment. She understood that the man who was staying near her body was her life's love and they couldn't live together. In a few minutes they take a cab, actually the same one as in his dream. During their trip through the city he was kissing her all the time and saying how much he loves her. He was almost sure that they are out of danger and nothing can happen. When the cab was at the intersection which he dreamed about, he covered her with his body because a car was coming into their taxi. Then the crash happened and he died in stead of her, as it was in his dream.

The unexpected end of the movie made me to understand that only if we would have a second chance after we lose someone, we know how to appreciate and keep our love. When he found out that he'll lose his girlfriend, he knew to love her and put her on his first place, in stead of his business as he was used to. His protection showed us the real love for her. Saying "I love you" wasn't enough, but after his dream he knew to truly love!

Source of the picture: Flickr.com

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