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Here it goes...

1. I usually ignore that kind of notifications.
2. My parents divorced when I was 4.
3. I joined AIESEC only because I thought it would be cool to have an international organization in the CV. Never knew where it will lead.
4. I think math is an art. It’s just that you have to love it.
5. I’m dreaming about starting my own training company...
6. My favorite football club is Real Madrid.
7. Love to travel.
8. Integrity is one of my main values.
9. I hate to wake up in the mornings.
10. I am selfish but there is a number a people that will be more important to me than myself.
11. I have been in a coma.
12. I’ve been playing water polo for 7 years.
13. I have a notebook with over 100 poetries.
14. I fall in love fast but to love i need time.
15. I always hated to go to school, although i had good marks. I think it’s just that I’m lazy.
16. I am disappointed with the politics and politicians in my country.
17. Generally speaking I still hate politics.
18. I like Stephen King books.
19. Family is extremely important to me.
20. My fist training was a Team Building for the EB :)
21. I have double citizenship.
22. I plan to get married in 4 years.
23. I am still confused about the definition of leadership.
24. I think that there is more than one person that can match you. It’s just about making the right choice and stop searching
25. I didn’t drink vodka until I was 18 years old, but I smoked my first cigarette when I was 4.

over and out

2009-02-01 20:18:00


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