"Revolutionary Road" - a real life story drama

Today I finally got the possibility to go to the cinema and watch the "Revolutionary Road". I knew that it's a good movie from commercials and decided to see it. We went to Auburn, and at 1:15 PM me and my friends were there. We sat down into the watching room but nobody was there yet. Actually, didn't come too many people to watch, I don't know why. Finally, after over 15 minutes, the movie runs.

I knew before watching it that it is supposed to be a drama, and it was, for sure. I didn't like the end, it was too dramatic. But generally speaking, "Revolutionary Road" it's about a married couple who tried to live in love and friendship their life. They had two children. At the beginning they were happy, but after a while their marriage gets worse. April, the main lady character, wanted to go to live in Paris very much. She talks with her husband who soon accepted this but not suddenly. They already told to their friends their plans and he was supposed to get out of his job. But his friends advised him do not do that step because here he can get a lot of money. So, he decides not to. During this period she gets pregnant. She finds out about this only after 12 weeks when was too late for an abortion. She doesn't want to keep this child because her husband doesn't want him. She is really destroyed because of this situation: pregnancy and being ignored by her husband. One day, April tries to be very nice again with her husband and forgive him. Actually, they both tried to give one more chance to their relationship. In that day, after breakfast, he goes to work, as usually. At that time, April has the idea to perform an abortion by herself. She tried that and in a few minutes she began to bleed. After that incident she was admitted to the hospital, where she soon died. She left two kids in her husband's care.

The dramatic end of the movie, I think that teaches us something; that the abortion is not a good solution all the time, that you risk your life. You might die at the same time with the child which you are trying to kill. So, think about before doing something, because it might cost you your LIFE.

Source of picture: Flickr.com

2009-02-01 05:18:00


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