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In the past three, four years I was used often to go to the cinema. For now, I'm not doing this any more, because I would rather trink a cup of hot tea, sitting on my comfortable couch and watching a nice movie in english, than feeling that unpleasant smell of pop-corn and listening the russian translation of the original movie. How we often say in our country I catch more rabitts once: english improvement, physical and psychological fulfillment :) also being independent in choosing the time of the day for watching a movie. But the main protest against cinema remains the translation in russian. I understand that it's the only possibility for us to watch a movie, Moldova yet being unable to pay Hollywood for an official translation. It's sad, but it's true.

So, here are my last entries:

1. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - after watching this movie I became a fan of Brad :shy: and I loved a lot how Cate Blanchett played her role. Even if I knew it's fiction, some moments of the movie involved me so much, that I could hardly remember myself it simply cannot exist. The great feeling of love is also presented and I think it's a true love. Well, I appreciate the huge and nice imagination of the author.

2. Changeling - being a fan of Jolie, I just could not pass along with this movie. It's a movie based on a true story, a shocking story. Jolie appears to be a strong woman with a difficult life after what her son was kidnapped. We all, were used to see Anjie in actions movie, but here we can observe her playing a serious, tragical role. And she plays great! Thanks to this role she was nominated at Golden Globus 2008 in Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama. Unfortunatly, she didn't win, Kate Winslet was considered better in Revolutionary Road.

3. Revolutionary Road - speaking about this movie I really enjoyed watching Leo and Kate as a couple. Revolutionary Road it's the name of the street and it fits perfectly to the main idea of the movie: a young couple trying to change their routine life, fighting with thesameness. The times from Titanic have changed so much. I think they have grown as actors. The end is unexpected.. and sad.

4. Slumdog Millionaire - great, surprising, interesting, for me the best movie of the 2008 year. The soundtracks are also cool. You can find everything in this movie: true love, betray (tradare), ambitons, wisdom, friendship, hope, fights. Everything is well harmonized. This movie won in 4 nominations at Golden Globus.

5. Bride wars - if you have something else to do, don't hesitate (imho). Nothing but an another american happy-end story. Therefore, I expected that the presence of Anne Hathaway in this movie would make watchble, but I was so wrong.

3 movies for watching in this week: The Reader, The Wrestler, Mr. Books, In Bruges.

So, what movies would you recommend for watching?

2009-01-25 23:38:32


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