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We live in a world called paradox. It's well known that each of us wants to live longer, but many from our actions do have a negative influence on our lives. We eat unhealthy food, we use mobile devices (yet unrealising wich are exactly the bad consequences on our health), we are addicted to computers, I mean here not only PC's, but all the machines from the supermarkets, organisations and different institutions. Imagine what we can do when something get's wrong with all of these... No shopping, no credit cards, no money transfers, NOthiNG! And here is the interesting part - whom do we call when our PC, for example, is broke? Of course an IT-specialist. Now, the next question is - who make all these go wrong??? Me, a simple student, that learns Freud theories? Or maybe, my mum, who is an accountant?? Sure, not. The answer is simple, but very sad. IT-specialistS. Also known as hackers.
While writing this little article I remembered myself a discussion with a boy that have studied Information Technology. The topic was about the ethics code of different professions. Me and our common friend (who was a lawyer) were defending the statement that every profession must have such a code, because it's about people, their interests and so on. The boy with IT had at least no idea what was the main idea of an ethics code. Paradoxal in this case means nothing to say. But.. they are those who made all these mail systems, on-line communities and so on, not thinking in the same time about the privacy, protection of us in this network.

Don't think I managed to organize my thoughts as I wanted, but the main idea though, can be understood. A pesimistic view of nowadays. In the same time a realistic one. I like how once of my teachers said: "I rather prefer to be a XIX-th century man". (80˙21˙71 uo pǝʇɐpdn)

2009-01-22 13:27:47


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