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Well I'll be damned!

I just read this article on whether or not it's a good idea to Google a prospective date and, despite only turning up an honor roll listing the last time I checked, I decided to give the old self-Google a second try. Well well well! I found my Linkedin and Facebook profiles (eek, these things are Google-able? How did I not know this?), photos of myself at a Moldovan orphanage, an article in which I was interviewed when was 17 years old (!), and....my squirrels article!

About a zillion years ago, you see, I attended a conference in Moldova against domestic violence where I was part of a small group. For the assignment of promoting diversity, we came up with a story of two squirrels, big-eared and little-eared (based on my fascination with poofy-eared Moldovan squirrels, though I should say squirrel, singular, since I only ever saw one), and how they came to understand each other's different cultures. Well, time passed, I submitted an essay on the experience to the seminar's funder, and....nothing. Here I'd had visions of fame, or at least my name in the credits on a website, and nothing!

Then I left the country and up until now I'd forgotten about it entirely. So imagine my surprise to see my article, "A Tale of Two Squirrels: A Creative Approach to Gender and Peacebuilding", posted at long last! The only problem now is, it doesn't appear to be a link, just an article title. Bloody hell. The tease continues.

Well, it was really awesome, I can assure you that.

Go on, now, Google yourself.

(A few minutes later)

WOOOOO! I kept digging through my search results and there it was, a pdf of the article! Click here to enjoy it in all its glory, my grand debut as a writer. Well, actually it's pretty different from what I remember writing, so maybe it's more Sergiu's article than mine at this point, but there's a picture of me working on the squirrels story and you can see my trademark spoon ring which I still wear! Hee hee.

2009-01-21 11:13:30


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