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Current Status of the Project

Here’s a small update to the upgoing PerfectRAW project.

I copied it from PerfectRAW Forum

“Current status of the project:

  • We have the version 0.65 (which I update weekly with small changes and the final code and Paul Coffin), with a very high stability and very fast. Recent changes (I have not yet uploaded) allow open large images on computers with little memory.
  • Egon said that by mid-February we will have interface OpenGL / C + + / wxWidgets incorporated in this version. I remind you that many of the interface functionality was not included in the version 0.65 for not having to repeat it then, but the OpenGL version carried view items, cookies, complete histograms, etc…

  • Emil Martinec is finalizing its own tune interpolation algorithm and the results are much better than anything seen before in pictures with and without noise. Soon we will start porting to C Paul Lee and I both. Since its implementation, Paul, will be completed soon, it will be faster, consume less memory and will have a more compact code and style Coffin …as you can imagine what version eventually implemented perfectRAW .
  • We also have the implementation of the AFD Paul (just to improve floating point calculations will be somewhat slower but exact numbers, but especially important in the shadows) as an alternative rapid and mixed interpolation AHD / VCD Paul.
  • Virtually 100% of the functionality is already incorporated in dcraw perfectRAW and the little that remains is a matter of adding more controls biting code.
  • We are able to update your code within hours of Coffin have done, and that is something that few developers can assume (and one of our key objectives).
  • Desmis Jacques has done a great comparative (link to the translation of Google Translate) in which it is clear that dcraw with the changes we have introduced to perfectRAW and he has done, is unbeatable in the quality of the resulting image . The only thing that is passed by a developer is in the quality of the diagonals (as with the current interpolation algorithms dcraw / perfectRAW toothed leave too, but it is something we are working for their own algorithm Emil).

Therefore, I think it is clear that the project is reaching a high degree of maturity, and that in a couple of months (DM ) . Will have something looking RC, or so I hope and pray fervently.

Furthermore, as you know, William and Egon have made good progress in obtaining a raw, DNG format, virtual zero noise, which is the first step towards Zero Noise RAW perfectBLEND or whatever they finally call it. Since much of the reuse of code for this project perfectRAW in reality is little more than mix it all to take this project very well advanced.

From the technical point of view there are only three pitfalls.

Incidentally I did some cleaning in the forum closing obsolete items and moving them to a specific Sub Mauro kindly created for us.

A greeting to all“

I suggest you to check Desmis Jacques comparison on different revealars. Here is the Translated link

His comparisons presents PerfectRAW as a high quality revealar among the others based on true examples.


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