Syndicalists examined problems of countryside women with Minister of Labour

Representatives of Women Organizations, within the National Federation of Agriculture and Nutrition Trade Union „Agroindsind” , examined Friday, October 25, 2013, with the Minister of Labour, Social Protection and Family, Valentina Buliga, the problems of countryside women, for finding out solutions.

The meeting took place after representatives of „Agroindsind” produced last week the authorities a series of claims, emphasising the problems faced by women from the districts of Republic of Moldova.

So, the syndicalists referred, within the business meeting, especially to problems related to health, dignity, education, unemployment, informal work, labour protection.

„I’m glad that the women’s activism is on rise, because the problems we face every day, especially in the rural area, must be settled amicably and resulting from the limits of the budget. I understand your concern, but we’ll further do all the best in order to support women to have a better life and to remain in the country near their families”, the Minister of Labour, Social Protection and Family, Valentina Buliga, mentioned.

The Minister stated that, at present, it is to be launched the family assistance service, which will be offered to families with children, for preventing and/or overcoming the risk situations in order to ensure the raising and education of child in the family ambiance.

Daria Bostan, President of Women Organization within the „Agroindsind” Federation, specified that it is necessary to take specific measures in order to help the countryside women to have a decent life. She drawn the attention of Valentina Buliga to take into account the claims included in the Appeal sent on October 18, 2013, by representatives of Women Organizations within the „Agroindsind”  Federation, to the parliamentarians and to respect their execution deadline.

The meeting was also attended by representatives of the Women Council within the National Confederation of Trade Unions of Moldova (NCTUM), being motivated by Daria Bostan to support them in this activity.

In its turn, Liuba Rotaru, President of the Women Council within NCTUM, guaranteed that all syndicalists will get involved and will participate in the activities organized by the countryside women. „We must be united and go to the mat in order to obtain the wished result. In case it is necessary, we’ll make protests too”, Rotaru added.

In the same context, Mihail Hîncu, the NCTUM’s Deputy-President, declared these discussions will also continue with the Prime-Minister of Republic of Moldova, Iurie Leancă, for making the woman’s voice audible, the state officials taking the necessary measures till the adoption of 2014-year budget.

We remind that the syndicalists claim within the Appeal for the establishment of the child’s birth allowance in the amount of 5000 lei; the non-admission of the increase of medicine insurance contributions up to 1%; the increase of the minimal scale of pension till the level of living wage; the insurance of the countryside women access, especially of the pregnant and elderly ones, to qualified medical services etc.

Representatives of Women Organizations offered the state officials a 1-month term, till October 20, to satisfy the claims of the Appeal. Otherwise, they will recourse to protest actions.

Trade Unions Informational Centre

2013-10-28 10:38:04


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