Russian Is Not ALWAYS Impossible

I have repeatedly cursed the difficulty of learning Russian.  Today, however, I sing it praises for stealing words from English and thereby making my life much easier.  The infinitive form of the following words are pronounced as they are listed below with a “ovat”  or “erovat” tacked onto the end to make them “clean” Russian verbs.  Incorporate a few of these verbs into your daily vocabulary and you will be speaking fluent Russian in no time!  Don’t forget your strong Russian accenta!!!!  There are also countless English words, chips, computer, printer, telephone, lunchmeat, etc. that have become incorporated into Russian vernacular, but here I will stick to verbs. 

 My 17 Favorite Russian Verbs Stolen from English

17. to nationalize
16. to integrate
15. to recommend
14. to laminate
13. to start
12. to finish
11. to annul                                         
10. to applaud
9.  to criticize
8.  to ignore 
7.  to park
6.  to analyze
5.  to evaluate
4.  to adapt
3.  to train
2.  to practice
1.  to copy

For those of you who are completely fascinated by this process (I don’t anticipate that there will be many of you), here is an example of how to conjugate Russian verbs:

English: to ignore                                           Russian: ignorearovat
I ignore             We ignore                                Ya ignorearovau           Mwe ignorearevau
You ignore         XXXXX                                 Tee ignorearovaeash     Vwe ignorearevyeate
He/She/It           They ignore                             On/Ona/Ono                One ignorearovaut
   ignores                                                              ignorearovaeat

Russian is just so much fun, isn’t it?  See you on the flipside kids! 

2007-10-02 06:54:11


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