Endless Laughing

I will forever associate my time in Moldova with watching hilarious clips from Saturday Night Live, Mad TV, and You Tube.  Some of the following quotes will only be understood by those who watched Celebrity Jeopardy, Lorraine, Stuart, and Christopher Walkin clips with me over and over again.  I apologize if you do not find the following lines to be as humorous as I do, but these and other lines are what kept me entertained over the course of the past 25 months.  You are a rock star if you can identify the source of the following

My 18 Favorite Lines from Clips That Kept Me Smiling in Moldova:

18.  “I’ve gotta a fever and the only cure is more cowbell!”
17.  “I want to prank him for hours in my basement.”
16.  “I have dual citizenship with the United States and Florida.”
15.  “Here’s the deal….”
14.  “I don’t wanna say it.”
13.  “I’ll take ‘The Rapist’ for 800.”
12.   I was never much of a fan of Colonel Angus myself.”
11.  “If Bruce Dickenson wants more cowbell, I think we ought to give him more cowbell!”
10.  “You know the tango, the two-step, a boot, scootin’ boogie, and your typical lap dance.”
9.  “Seriously Ted, cut the sound effects.  I mean, a man has died here.”
8.  “This side of the pool will be for lap swimming only.”
7.  “Are horsies pretty?  Yes or no?  We will accept either answer."
6.  “There you go with the questions again.  I don’t know.  What do most people say?”
5.   I noticed that you didn’t sit down during the commercial break.  “What’s a matter Trebeck; did you have a date last night?”
4.  “What did mama say about sliding down the banister?
3.  “The pen was too heavy.”
2.  “And you’re an idiot!”
1.  “I only work part time.  There are whole sections of the day when I do nothing but sleep.”

I also recommend the following YouTube clips to anyone who has an excessive amount of time and who could use a few laughs: Evolution of Dance, Candy Mountain, 80s Ladies, Jim Carrey as a lifeguard, Star Wars Kid, Rihanna’s “Umbrella”, Dima Bilan’s “Number One Fan”, and Ozone (Me-Ma Romanian singing guy).

Sarah Goldman: When I perfect my “Umbrella” dance movements after countless hours of practicing in my basement, I will mail you my improvised version.  Keep practicing yours until your COS date and we can choreograph a duet once you are accepted to medical school.  Deal?

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