Is That Really English?

I posted pictures from picking grapes with my host family over the weekend- scroll down to view them.

My Host Mother’s Most Commonly Used English Words and Phrases (22)


While I am very excited to be able to speak English twenty-four hours a day and engage in normal conversations with people, I will miss my host mother’s hilarious attempts to speak English (correct and well, not quite).  She studied English at the university 28 years ago and I must give her credit for remembering so many things.  I can only hope I will remember as much Russian 28 years from now.  She knows more than 22 words and phrases, but I am forgetting the rest.  Oh Lubov!


22. Who is?

21. Come to the blackboard.

20. Window

19. One, two, three, four…..she can usually get to 14 or so.

18. I drunk.

17. Why? (When she means to say “because”.)

16. Because? (When she means to say “why”.)

15. Shit

14. My name is Lubov.

13. Please

12. Stop talking.

11. Flowers

10. Wit (I think she means “with”.)

9. My little dog.

8. YES!

7. National Geographic- I like.

6. Happy Birthday to you.

5. F*&k you!

4. Tomorrow

3. Hello

2. Sit down please.

1. Ohmigod! (She uses this one so frequently that I often wonder if she knows that it is English and not Russian!)


2007-09-27 03:57:36


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