23rd is a charm! | My Freaking Birthday

I'm not happy, I'm not sad, kind of indifferent, I don't care, keeping acting cool like nothing special is happening or going to happen today. Birthdays are for those who have aims and objectives, I don't have any of that. Birthdays are also for those who have a lot of significant achievements by the time they're 23, for instance. I have very few with questionable significances at best. For one day I'll put my self-pity on hold, not going to regret anything, tomorrow is another day, I'll have enough time for self-pity.
This day barely stared but I'm already wishing it to end, not going to visit facebook or any other social network (just for today, don't make any assumptions) just planning a little gathering of few people I like seeing and who will make me feel normal, not asking for too much, just for some normality.
Today, for the first time I'm going to blow twenty-three birthday candles, and if it's not pathetic enough I bought them myself. You might wonder what kind of parents I have, well don't. It's going to be good, I feel it's going to be a birthday to remembers, to recall it when I'm gonna be old and tell it to my grand kids, and that's if i ever decide to have kids, it will be a miracle considering how much my parents messed up. But enough about them, today is about me, and about my friends, don't like to be in the center of attention, that's why I'm gonna drag them in the center of attention too.
What my birthday wishes are ?

  1. Less misery in the next twelve months.
  2. Meet new people who will be there for me to stay.
  3. I'm wishing for a wake-up call when I'm going to say to myself "oh screw it, I'm gonna do it and I don't care if I don't have the moral support from the people I once cared about".
  4. I'm wishing for less misery for others too.
  5. I'm wishing for others to change their mentality and not be so careless of their peers.
  6. I'm wishing for wars to end, for Syrian kids to enjoy their childhood until it's not too late.
  7. I'm wishing for all dictators to fall and pay for their sins, for the pain they caused to ones who did not deserve it.
  8. I'm wishing for less poverty and hungers in the entire world, not just in Africa, and not just in my country.
  9. Wishing for dreams to come true, good wishes,  all wishes, not just mine.
  10. Wishing for good people to be appreciated for what they are, be appreciated for not pretending to be someone else, be appreciated for being themselves.
  11. Wishing for good people, talented people,'cause we all have talents, to be discovered and serve as good examples for other to follow.
  12. Wishing for less pain, self-inflicted or whatsoever.
  13. Wishing for all people to be equals and treated as such, kind hate it when some people want and demand to be treated as equals but they're not doing the same or feel themselves more equal than others.
  14. Wishing for people to benefit from the same good living conditions as I've seen in Western Europe, where some people don't have any ideas where to invest their money, kind of ignorant and refusing to think of others in need.
  15. Wishing for all to be loved by at least one person, it's not too much to ask.
  16. Wishing for all to have at least one best friend, with whom to confide whenever they feel the need.
  17. I'm wishing for astonishing discoveries to occur, especially those in medicine, wishing for all diseases to be treated so we all could enjoy each other.
  18. Wishing for all to feel secure, in their own privacy, their homes, in their spaces, or wherever they are.
  19. Wishing for true works of arts to be created, wishing for new versions of The Beatles, Queen, Celine Dion, Beyonce and Whitney Houston to be born, some of them left our world way to early and left a giant whole in our souls.
  20. Wishing for great movies to be filmed as well as great actors to be born, and not just actors, painters, engineers, doctors, paleontologists (aka Ross Geller) and many many other needed people.
  21. Wishing for all to enjoy life, they way it was meant, no hate, no violence, no disgust, nothing negative.
  22. Wishing for all to age with dignity and with no regret, wishing them to say "I lives my life to its full potential, I lived my life the way I wanted and I have no regrets.
  23. Wishing for all to wish these wishes and I promise you we will changed the world!
But that's not going to happen, is it ?
This is it for now, if I come up with something in the next 6 hours I'll let you know.
I appreciated all of your kind wishes and I'm grateful like crazy.
As Ellen DeGeneres says at the end of each of her shows: "Be kind to one another"
Will come later with some pictures from my birthday, at least I hope I'll find a camera to borrow.
So, be kind to one another.

2012-07-06 12:39:00


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