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For several minutes I've been staring at page thinking about whether to start a cause in my own name or not, trying to decide of whether it's good that I want to help myself or that is rather pathetic. I've tried so many things and have failed so many times, life is hard, life is not for softies, life is not easy for those who are alone but even though I'm alone I have never stopped trying though at times it is damn hard to get out of bed and make myself a cup of tea, metaphorically speaking, I don't drink tea. I drink tea only when I go visit my neighbors or want to have long discussions with my friends, or as I like to call them "people I happen to know and have couple of things in common".
Often I think that I have so much to say but there is almost no one to listen, I'd say that there is no one but I'd be lying and it wouldn't be fare to some of you guys. For almost a year now I've struggling living my life and not that I have not struggled before but the last twelve months have been particularly difficult for me, struggling making a choice that would suit me and my parents who later would support me but I've realized that there is no such thing. It's either you follow their orders exactly or you go to hell. I chose the second one.
Life is not worth living as long as you don't live it the way you want it best, is not worth living it as long as you are not free to make your own choices. I've been asked why not get the hell away from them and live independently but that's not as easy as it sounds. Not everybody is strong and up for taking risks, not everybody is easy going and ready to go through hell all over again, not everybody is socially adapted and talkative to total strangers, I know I'm not, very few have given me credit for being brave and up for taking risks but I won't be one of them. People who I wanted to support me and have faith me have disappointed me and looked at me, and said to me that I'm a worthless piece of crap. Well, try and be positive after that.
Many of us need a friend, the ones who can't trust in having a friend needs a therapist then, either way we need to have some time when we freely can victimize ourselves, we all have been wrongfully accused of doing certain things, we all have been mistreated, we all have issues. Sometimes we feel like we're at a crossroad and in need of choosing a path, well, I feel the same way only there are no paths to choose from.
What is the cause about ?
With your help I would like to reach 1 000 Facebook Likes that would represent my starting audience who would inspire me every day to write articles to help each and everyone become better people in their communities. 
Why joining my cause ?
With one one simple mouse click you'd helping me exist, breath in air easier, get up from my bed quicker, eat better, engage in more activities, helping more and more people outside my reach. Yes, it's that easy, by helping me you'd be giving me the chance of helping others, more and more. With every time I go to sleep I will know I have a reason to get up for - you. Give me the chance to be more optimistic and think that not everything is lost. Give me the chance to think that I'm not alone in this world, not anymore.

The tragic thing is that I'm not alone, there is one more friend of mine who is exactly in my situation, I would like to help him but I can't. I'd like to get away from this place where I am this unhappy and give him the same chance to do so. After helping myself, helping him I'd like help other friends of mine who deserve a better life, better than what they have.

If you any other question, please ask. I'd later update this request for help with more info and prove to you that I'm worthy of your help though most of time I'm not feeling worthy of anything.

To join the cause click on the image.

 I am deeply thankful to every one of you who decided to join the cause. Thank you. 
Below you have a musical dedication from me to you.

2012-07-01 18:17:00


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