Happy Birthday Dear Cancerians

Today I'm gonna take some time and congratulate all the cancerians I know and the ones I would have liked to know by saying a few nice words in their address and defending my title of Mr. Originality in terms of bringing the most original congratulating messages, of any kind, not just the birthday ones.
For an average human life is hard, for a cancerian life is ten times harder, a keen observation made not only on my own experience but on others' too. With that being said I wanna wish them to have enough valuable people in their lives, the kind that will help them with what they need, the kind to say a few nice words everyday that will bring a bit of comfort and feel that one more day can be classified as a successful one, one that was not lost in vain. Cancerians are special people with magical abilities, they can heal everything by giving a kind touch charged with kind feelings and a pure heart. That's why they deserve to be surrounded by the same kind of people and that is what I wish them.
Cancerians will always be hunted by their pasts and what I wish them is to learn to live with it, wish them to find a coping mechanism and not let it affect them, I wish them enough self-confidence and ambition to see only the good memories. I wish them to be understood the way it was meant for them to be understood, they're different, they're seven rays of a rainbow. The cancerian is a man of many talents, one can be whatever one wants, but for some of the cancerians it's hard to do it alone, they're people of whom you say "But there are some born to shine who can't do it alone/ So protect them and take special care/ Take care". I know for a fact that they can succeed in a lot of aspects, social, economy or politics, what they need is some will, hard work and a good support system formed by people they love, parents and best friends. I wish them to succeed and be lucky 'cause one thing they lack and that is not their fault is luck. I still haven't met one cancerian that never had any problems on terms of luck.
I'm used to say that cancerians are the most intelligent people, intelligence and cleverness are some qualities that are not achieved along their way but inherited from their ancestors, one way of saying it, qualities that they get while being born, just imagine a fairy godmother in the delivery room blessing them with qualities, and the cancerians are the ones that by default get intelligence and cleverness and many other adjacent qualities. I wish them to use everything they were blessed with for an endless number of successful outputs, I wish for their artistic endeavors, written or canvas, to allow them to channel their swirling emotions into productive outputs. 
 I wish them to be taken care off the way they deserve, they're kind, empathetic and with pure hearts, they'll be the ones to help you when you'll be needing the most. 
As I said in my previous article, many dreams never get to come true I wish them to be surrounded by people to make their dreams come true for them, or to be helped to make their dreams come true on their own. I want to believe that the definition of luck is having best friends, carrying parents and being accepted for what you are, being respected and treated as an equal.
Ending my message to every cancerian on the earth I would like to wish them fewer rainy days, and by rain I mean sadness and tears, I wish them lots of sunny days, as many as possible. I want them to be loved 'cause you're nobody until somebody loves you. 
A few friends who happen to be cancerians are:

If you're curious to find out more about cancerians you may want to read this "Lindsay Lohan and other Cancerians". If you're curious to find out about celebrities born cancerians look no more. Full article find here "Friends with Celebrities".

And last but not the least is wishing you ...

2012-06-28 14:28:00


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