Sneak peak of what’s coming next month

This June has been somewhat uneventful when it comes to new themes at Templatic. I’m afraid this won’t change in the next few days, June will stay theme-less :(
Education was supposed to be released this month but some nagging issues pushed it to July. The bad news end there because July is looking out to be one of the busiest months in recent memory! Along with Education we plan on releasing the first announced upgrade for our existing themes – Job Board. To make July even sweater we’ll be wrapping up a project started a few weeks ago – an all new docs center!


With Education we wanted to create a theme simple enough for anyone to use but also powerful enough to be used by smaller colleges and universities. Based on your input for the past week I’d say we’re pretty close to accomplishing both. Education will feature multiple taxonomies/post types to make content easier to handle. Along with standard posts and categories you’ll be able to create courses, add staff members, facilities and create galleries. To make all this manageable the theme comes with support for advanced custom fields (as seen in themes like GeoPlaces).

Job Board v3

Following suggestions you all left in our forums we made some great improvements to the Job Board theme. Inside Job Board you’ll fine many features available in some of our newer themes like Realtr, Real Estate 2 or GeoPlaces. Certain aspects have been improved even further. One of the most requested changes was the inclusion of a subscription model. In Job Board v3 you’ll be able to define whether to create standard price packages where users pay for each listing individually or subscription packages which will enable users to submit multiple listings at once. This time around job seekers and job providers will have a totally different experience. Instead of a “Post a job” button job seekers will be presented with an option to upload a resume instead. Job providers on the other hand won’t be able to submit resumes but they will be able to submit new jobs. This preference (seeker/provider) is selected while registering on the site

Support changes + Docs Center

In order to make support as painless as possible (both for you and us) we are continuously making small tweaks to our Helpdesk, forums, theme guides and the way we approach support. With this in mind, from now on our support forums will be the primary place to get support. Why the forums you ask? With over 30,000 posts forums are growing every day which means a number of problems can be solved by simply searching your theme’s forum. To make searching better we removed the overall search on the forum homepage (that searched through all themes) and modified searchbars inside each forum to search through posts only in that forum. All this will make finding that useful thread a lot easier (and faster).

If you were a big fan of our Helpdesk don’t worry, it will remain fully operational. Helpdesk will be used to handle more serious issues, problem where we need to connect to your site in order to fix it.

Wrapping all this together will be the Docs Center. It’s location (on our site) hasn’t been decided yet but it’s almost done and will feature all content published on our main site over the years. This includes theme guides, videos, various tips and tutorials, etc. Our WikiBase theme was used to make this docs center a reality. Because of it’s structure it will be very easy to spot new content making it a great destination for all of you who want to know more about the themes and WordPress.

All of this is coming in the first half of July and we are all super-excited. What about you?

2012-06-28 10:02:33


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