La Fuerza Del Destino Capítulo 87

Farmers decide not to wait for John Cuthbert Jaime compose and Camilo proposed as the new president. Camilo talks and promises not to fail them.

Camilo gets drunk on farmers, despite Antolin is to prevent it.

Lucy learns that Buck is president, Lucrecia Lucy is afraid that if you divorce, I can sink Camilo.

Lucia Zavaleta speaks and explains the situation: the jealousy of Camilo and the appearance of Ivan, you want all is settled without scandal.

Arcelia scolds Camilo drunk, asked to behave according to their position, Zavaleta Camilo speaks to and informs him that Lucy wants a divorce from him, asks him to come to an agreement. Camilo refuses and says he will seek the highest office in Hermosillo to give battle.

Zavaleta called Lucia and tells her custody fight Camilo Perlite.

Camilo is presented with Mr. Torres as the new president of the Association, Torres also learns the state of health of John James and who is not aware of his dismissal.

Visit to John Saul Jaime, who does not believe him to be his son. Juan Jaime continues to believe that Ivan is in charge of his ranch and asked Anthony to get him out of there.

Maripaz meets Saul and invites him to his hotel, but invited him to make love, she says that she wants is Buck.

Lucrecia opposed to talk about the affair between Camille and Maripaz. Charlotte says she will testify in favor of Lucia.

Later, Ivan asks Lucy to have privacy, she asks you not tempted, Charlotte hears everything.

Carolina Antolin and dinner to celebrate that you can see and Antolin has work at the ranch in Cameron. He wants to marry her and tells her that you are moving home, but Carolina is opposed to sleeping together.

Ivan Anthony asked to pretend to be the son Juan Jaime needs, but he does not want to forgive him. While Juan Jaime wants to see Ivan, asks David to call you because he wants to talk business.

David asked Ivan to visit Juan Jaime, but Ivan can not pretend it does not feel but David has already forgiven her father.

Antolin gets to bed at Carolina alleging that just wants to sleep with her, kissing and caressing finish.

Carlota Lucia asks you ignore the lawyer and not be intimate with Ivan.

Carolina takes you breakfast in bed and tells him Antolin now they are getting married.

Saul is happy because Juan Jaime agrees to pay its operation and is quick to set things up.

Ivan Camilo asks what he intends, if he knows that he is the real father of Perlite. Ivan Camilo always say that abandons his children, Ivan replies that he will say that he was unfaithful to Maripaz Lucia. Camilo says he does not think going back.

Arcelia Antolin informed that you are getting married, going to live in the house they have inherited Gerardo and work as a ranch manager Galván.

Ivan Camilo tells Lucy that insists not to fight the divorce and wants custody of Perlite, asked that once and do a DNA test.

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