Misha and Vova

Misha:  Hello Vova, how are you doing?

Vova:  Things are going really well.  The referendum failed, the communist party is ascendant and within 6 months I should be running the country again.

Misha:  I'm glad to hear that.  Being president is a demanding job and I'll be glad when it's over.  And in any case, it's not really that important a position.

Vova:  What do you mean it's not an important position?!

Misha:  Well, Moldova's only got 4 million people and at some point in the future it will probably be absorbed by either Romania or Russia.

Vova:  Moldova absorbed by extremo-Romano-righto-fascist Nazis?  Never!!!

Misha:  Well if you don't want that to happen you need to act now to reduce Romania's power?

Vova:  Yes, absolutely.   Er.....how?

Misha:  Well, remember how last year you said there were ten million Moldovans trapped in Romania...

Vova:  Yes, that's right.  Everyone living in the former principality of Stephen the Great.

Misha:  I think you also said that the Republic of Moldova is the successor state to Stephen's principality.

Vova:  Absolutely.  That's why we have a Moldovan ethnicity and a Moldovan language as distinct from Romanian.

Misha:  Would you agree with me that all those living in the lands between the Carpathians and the Prut are just as much Moldovans as those living between the Prut and the Nistru, and should have all the same rights and duties?

Vova:  Absolutely.  Blood is thicker than water.

Misha:  Would you also agree with me that we need to do something to save them from the tyranny of Romanian occupation and oppression.

Vova:  Yes, it's our sacred duty.  After all it's not their fault that they were occupied by Romano-extremo-fascisto nazis in the nineteenth century.

Misha:  What say we give them citizenship of Moldova?  Wouldn't that be a great way to respond to Base's efforts to turn our citizens into Romanians?

Vova:  What a great idea!  How come I never thought of it?

Misha:  Let me just draft up a quick decree to that effect. (scribbles away on a serviette)  By the way, would you like to be co-signatory?  Kalman will be ever-so-pleased to see us working together.

Vova:  That would be tremendous, thank you very much.

Misha:  OK, just sign here and here then.

Vova:  (Signs).

Misha:  Now, what say we go have a beer and think about how our new citizens are going to vote on November 28th?

2010-09-30 20:50:35


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