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Wake Up!

sorry guys…i just cant take all these things seriously…i mean….offices,degrees..meanings of life….all this stuff about goals or life without goals…thousands of interpretations.gods and paradises..and dreamjobs..and many other things that prevent from living the “now”. Offices – another form of slavery, degrees – ilusion that you know something, goals – probably created by some paranoid guy….live your life for a great dream…and when you achieve it take another one,  All these illusions…wake up…go to work…come from work….eat drink..sleep……..and dream about the life in chill and relax..on some mountains or beach…..there is also another illusion…those who leave everything and go to the beach…dreaming about life with no civilization..until something hurts…then a doctor with an X-ray is needed.

i am typing right now without even realizing how my fingers move…..mechanical sort of thing…

its almost 5 am….i didnt sleep because just got a cold….and there is terrible weather outside..in a couple of hours my dutch dream is gonna end…a country where life is perfect….the poorest guy actually has everything to be happy….but there is no joy out of this perfection….people have everything..but they don’t realize it. Western Europe is another great illusion..human rights nicely wrapped concept….of course its easy to live a life without worries after a couple of hundreds of years of slavery and exploitation of a huge part of the world and its people.  Exploitation which continues now..western people do not think from where the oil come from…..a beautiful lady with a diamond on her hand is rarely thinking about the “slaves” working in the mood to get those stones.  Well…sorry..i cant criticize europe…it would be one sided…let me be objective and say that colonization was actually civilizatory mission… How long can westerners live with this illusion of having a nice life? why all developing world is trying to become like west…we were sold an illusion..and we bought it.  European culture with no culture in it…probably roma people are the last ones to have a distinctive culture…everything else is a supermarket and a star contest…well…there are other small places too..but probably those ones are an exception that proves the rule.  Well, its even more dramatic when thinking of cultures in other parts of the world…which were destroyed by the civilizatory mission…people of the forest named “savages” taken from the forest and put to study european history….is that human? there is a great amount of resources needed nowadays to sustain this great western illusion….

sorry..i have to stop now…not to like western europe is not very popular these days..i might not get another Eu visa…..and i need to pack for Portugal

P.S there is no need to comment on that..or maybe i need to wake up?

2010-09-26 06:26:39


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