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Long Time, New Stories

Heya, sorry didn't post anything for a while, was kind of saving up some stories to retell so here is my latest one.

Last night i went with my brother in a club, was the first REAL club for me because apparently, where i was going up until yesterday was nothing more that some cheap crap hole. Awesome music, strippers, even more awesome bartenders and simply an amazing crowd.
There were 5 of us (my brother, his gf, a friend also with his gf, so i was kind of the only "available" one :D ). We started by ordering some drinks, three of us took the same drink, while waiting i lit up a cigarette, wrote a Sms, and then comes the bartender with no drink and tells the 3 of us who order the same cocktail to come with him, 1 of us didn't want to go (the friend :D ), so it was up to my brother and me to see what that guy really wanted. He sit me up in the middle of the bar, right next to a pole-dancer and told me to wait (Nooo problem maan :D ) and after a minute or two a "bartenderess" tells me to get up on the bar, and sit down, she put my hands on her ass and told me to relax (it was half complicated half really really easy to relax  :D, I mean, awesome girls shaking their asses 5 inches away from me, a even more awesome girl right in front of me...) so i had no choice but to reaaaallly relax :D . She explained something in my ear which i didn't quite understand, all i got was this : 'Relax', 'Let me do everything for you, don't move','after i say drink you drink then take the lemon out of my mouth'. Cool :)
I had 2 tries, first one was a fail because i didn't take enough air before she filled my mouth with tequila and sweet sweet liquor. Second try was better, i was able to hold my breath during the entire process ( she poured the drinks, shook my head so the drinks get mixed up really good :D [shook her ass]) and said drink, the taste was freaking awesome, the drinks mixed up together and resulted in something very sweet and in the same time, throat burning, the came the lemon part  xD . I wanted to bite a piece a little bigger so i had to like "kiss" her, but she only gave me a little piece, said that  if i bite more it will ruin the taste of the drink. Anyways, i don't complain, it was after all AWESOME :) , I mean, my first time in a real club, and i got that as my first drink, A M A Z I N G.  Later i also drank a 'tequilla boom' (also tasted pretty neat).
And then followed the dancing part, my first partner was an all-out girl who gave me a lap-dance i won't forget for a while, she did it while standing up but who really cares, she allowed me to do whatever i wanted, and i didn't back off for a single bit (now here is the part i don't really get, why give money to a pole dancer so she will strip a liiiiiiitle bit in front of you, when the girls on the dance-floor are like THAT? ). We only about 3 hours because 'the friend' had some serious back-pains and my brother was kind tired too, i think. I would have danced all night long.


2009-12-27 09:10:11


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