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Moldova Presidential elections 1st round
Moldovan elections - a background, the conspiracies behind the split between the former partners on the center-right, results and expectations   By Vlad Lupan, November 1, 2020   This is an overview of the Moldovan elections, “built” from my live thread on twitter on the election night and will be presented here in a modified form and in bullet points.   <!--[if !supportLists]-->·        
Grebla politica moldoveneasca - recoalizarea cu Dodon
Discutiile despre anticipate in Republica Moldova sunt o unealta politica, nu scop in sine In urma discutiilor cu cei de la Chisinau (vedeti video de mai jos) as vrea sa mentionez ca, desigur, sunt de acord ca lui Plahotniuc pot sa nu-i fie convenabile alegerile anticipate din Republica Moldova. Oamenii lui ar putea pierde locuri in Parlament. Asta era si ramaine clar. Insa cel mai probabil,
Another Eastern European Nation Gets Tangled in US Politics - Moldova
About the latest scandal related to Vladimir Palhotniuc, the Republic of Moldova and the USA - read the my linked editorial in English about this case, about the importance of appointing a non-professional in the position of US Director of national intelligence, taking into account upcoming elections in USA and from the perspective of anti-corruption and of the need to limit the role of
Butina’s release seen as US weakness
October 27, 2019 On October 26 media reported that Maria Butina, a Russian citizen convicted for working for the Russian government, was released from an US jail, deported and returned to Russia.<!--[if !supportFootnotes]-->[1]<!--[endif]--> She walked out smiling, escorted by the Spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and was met with flowers from the interviewing Russian
Ukraine starts the UN - why is it silent about US
By Vlad Lupan, former Ambassador to UN September 24, NY Wednesday, September 25 at UN starts with Ukraine, the #1 country in US news 1. Ukraine at UN - most probably will not speak of US issues Following up on yesterday's post, let's have as look at UN on Wednesday that start with Ukraine, a country dragged(!) right into the middle of an electoral and ethical US scandal. There are even
This year expectations for UN General Assembly high level segment - Tuesday
By Vlad Lupan, former Ambassador to UN September 23, 7.43PM EST, NY UN on Tuesday, September 24: As the Climate Action Summit is closing at the UN, it’s hard to say that tomorrow the UN will start its high-level segment of the General Assembly (UNGA). It’s already there. The 74 session actually started earlier. It doesn’t start with the Heads of States, it does it earlier with
Returning Russia to Council of Europe lacking arguments. It will be seen as a Western weakness.
Regarding the voting on the right of Russia to return to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) and the European Court for Human Rights. 1. The argument of "return to dialogue with Russia" by Germany and France is severely lacking because: A. Russia does not recognize that it has annexed Crimea through an armed "referendum", ie on the basis of an occupation, even if
Moldovan Socialists confirm Dodon's plan for Russian language in Republic of Moldova
By Vlad Lupan New York, April 9, 2019 Today's press conference of the Socialist Party of the Republic of Moldova, informally led by the Moldovan President, Igor Dodon,<!--[if !supportFootnotes]-->[i]<!--[endif]--> supports the suspicion that his undeclared and denied plan to place the country under Russian control exists and is still in motion.<!--[if !supportFootnotes]-->[ii]<!--[endif]--
Main scenarios after Moldova elections
Moldova elections - 99.35% polling stations reports counted, but results are clear, if Agora's math is correct: PSRM 18+17=35 PD 13+17=30 ACUM 14+12=26 Sor 5+2=7 Independent 3 Scenario 1 - PD+Sor+Independents would again "buy" missing MPs from other parties. The quantity is high & therefore such an action seems problematic for now. Scenario 2a & 2b (disingenious PD negotiations with ACUM that
Moldovan elections with a kompromat twist
Moldovan elections 2019 A new “idea” to get rid of the governing oligarch, Vladimir Plahotniuc, is flawed – there are simpler ways. Instead this idea looks like a kompromat construct. By Vlad Lupan, February 23, 2019 Moldovan Parliamentary elections will take place tomorrow, February 24, 2019. The battle is mainly taking place between three actors - the governing Democratic Party led
Moldovan pro-Russian President secret plan for Transnistrian conflict settlement leaked
Moldovan pro-Russian President secret plan for  Transnistrian conflict settlement - leaked by Vlad Lupan, New York, February 20, 2019 According to a number of private discussions with Moldovan experts, we knew that the pro-Russian President Dododn was preparing a set of documents for Transnistrian conflict settlement. Moldovan media reported about my previous information on his plan
This is a blog entry in Romanian  regarding my personal view on the vote  in 51st Electoral District of the Republic of Moldova  (for USA and Canada) for  24 February 2019 Parliamentary elections* February 19, 2019 *apologies for typos CU CINE SA VOTEZ IN ALEGERILE DIN 24 FEBRUARIE? Am auzit sau citit aceasta intrebare de mai multe ori in circumscriptia 51 SUA si Canada. Voi
Russian MFA accuses USA of interference in Moldova, just like in Syria (sic)
The Russian MFA accused today the US of interfering in the domestic affairs of the Republic of Moldova, "as in Venezuela” and ”Syria" - the US Ambassador was accused of that today, though without a clear indication of the cause, except for a vague explanation of the behavior it. What is relevant is that this declaration of "MID" actually came after Putin first declared interest in the
Venezuela and Macedonia?
Venezuela & the "precedent" at UN - could it perhaps be a zero-sum game for Macedonia's case & influence. #RFE writes "Pompeo To Urge UN Security Council To Recognize Venezuela's Guaido". While this is no longer an internal affair of Venezuela due to mass migration & impact on the region & I am glad things are moving in the, hopefully, right direction, there is one matter - a possible misuse of
President Trump at UN in 12 points
...or International Politics, US elections and how UN does not actually govern anyone Here are several ad-hoc observations about the President of the United States of America speaking at the United Nations high level segment of the UNGA 73rd session earlier today: 1. POTUS spoke later than protocol allowed. That gave Ecuadorian President Lenin(!) Moreno a chance to capture the attention and
Moldova call for Russian Troops withdrawal at UN
Moldova calls for Russian Troops withdrawal at UN by Vlad Lupan, New York, 16 June 2018 (all the references in this text can be found in endnotes) Moldova finally changes its mind and is prepared to file a draft UN resolution calling for foreign troops withdrawal from its territory. Still, in accordance with the governing Democratic Party power-sharing with the pro-Russian President,
Russian troops withdrawal "priorities" of Moldova
#UN Security Council debate on international peace & security was called by Poland's President today. What a chance for #EasternEurope #Ukraine #Georgia et altri to bring up conflicts in our region. Unfortunately #Moldovan Speaker of the Parliament preferred to spend either public or UN funds to come to a UN road safety meeting a month ago, rather than coming today. His leadership w road safety
Money, transports and exports - an investment frozen conflict by Russia
Editorial by Vlad Lupan: “Temporary tactics of the Transnistrian conflict” I wrote an OpEd for the Foreign Policy Association of the Republic of Moldova on the temporary tactics of the Transnistrian conflict settlement. Why tactics and not a strategy?  1. Tactics - under Confidence Building Measures, the Moldovan Government allowed the Russian investments in the Trans-Nistrian separatist
North Korean Precedent
H. Kazianis at FoxNews suggests President Trump deserves a Nobel Prise for a real #NorthKorea de-escalation, unlike Obama. Undoubtedly President Trump did manage to de-escalate. Yet it is harmful to present US president's actions as a contest over Nobel or for partizan reasons. Conflict resolution is not a partizan contest. The final goals are not there & unfortunately: 1. #KoreanPeninsula
Syria and Russian repositioning on April 10 2018
Here is another collection of quick thoughts to a question posed by James Sherr, from Chattam House (Royal Institute of International Affairs, UK) on purposes of Russian redislocations & threats on Syria. 1. I'm not going to say something new, but Russian interest to protect its sattelite Syrian regime is still valid  - it needs to protect its naval base,  - block potential gas routes (see
Why "free" Russians abroad voted for Putin
Another quick/ad-hoc collection of thoughts on why "free" Russians abroad came massively to vote & many probably voted for Putin? If you are familiar with the following Russian narratives, you'll understand: - Putin restored the "might" of Russia by responding to enemies of Russia/Russian people/Russian speakers (see the concept expansion) & invading the "fascists" (who all happen to be most
Rookie & UK
Very quickly about UK & Novichok - a collection of Eastern European style questions, plus old & new thoughts. 1. Looking at today's statement of PM May - there is always a lingering thought about her anti-pro Brexit position. Seemingly nothing to do with today's discussion, until one remembers about Russian involvement in Brexit, among other things. Not the best intro, yet... 2. Wasn't it
The testing ground of fake news – it’s in Eastern Europe
The testing ground of fake news – it’s in Eastern Europe by Vlad Lupan, February 8, 2018 Russian Ambassador to OSCE just complained to the Freedom of the Media Representative about Moldova’s anti-propaganda law that limits the use of fake news by Russia. Many voters around the world seemed to fall for populist agendas and Russian propaganda campaigns during last years. Where these
Natalia Gherman - The candidate of the Republic of Moldova to the position of the Secretary General of the United Nations
In accordance with the Article 97 of the United Nations Charter and the joint letter of the President of the General Assembly and President of the Security Council dated 15th of December 2015, the Republic of Moldova has the honor to presents the candidature of Her Excellency Ambassador Natalia Gherman, who held the position of the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and
Right of education in separatist eastern region of Moldova at UN
STATEMENT by H.E. Vlad Lupan, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Moldova to the United Nations during the general discussions under the agenda item 68 (b) and (c), Third Committee, 69th session of the United Nations General Assembly M Chair, The Republic of Moldova is fully committed to the protection of human rights and commends the intense work of the

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