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 all about ...

 all about ... all about ...

Sentimente,gînduri la miez de noapte,impresii și căldură :3
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It has been a long time since I last wrotethis period of time I thought about this , and today I decided to write somethingI think that no one is reading and no one knows about this blogbut I don't careI write for me , for the person that lives in my headand maybe for that person who will discover this one  dayin this period of time all the things changedbut I'm still that little girl that likes rain and silenceI still dream about travelingand leaving this cityI'm tired of all of itof this stupid standards ...of this peopleof this streetsof allI need a break_____________sorry, I knowis not a good post

emotional pain
The feeling that I can't control myself, destroys me.I just can not control my mind,my thoughts and my life..Don't undersand who I am ,what I want and who I want to be.Everything is so banal and meaningless.....I lost all my desires and purposes.

some "porridge" about life ... (motivation)
I'm a big dreamerall my life consist of dreams                   -I dream more when I'm awakeI think that dreaming is escape ...escape from cruel reality.escape from my troubles ,problemsI forget my problems_________________________in dreams life seems to be easieryou have a perfect worldand all your dreams come true                    -but dreaming has also a negative side,named :         " returning in reality"                    -that moment when :all it's perfectyou live in a amazing worldin paradiseand after all ,you realise that all is your fantasyyou're just dreamingand all problems and worries come back._________________________but...I never saddened of thisthis is life...and we must accept it ,the way it is                    -yeah,I knowlife isn't so easythere're million troubleslike :diseases ,death of loved ones,broken hearts,problems with parents ...and other hard problems...but we must fight themfight them all !be strongdon't give updon't wait for sadness to kill youact,move,do, make it!sunny and beautiful days are coming._________________________justdon't give up!                                        DK.

in love with rain...
oh,how I love this...evening.smell of the rain,dark cloudssad music.hot and tasty teaand blogsitting in a room ,with light turned off .it's amazing !____________________________people,please ...don't turn on  lanterns on streets                           -how I want to be far from the city nowfar from the lightsfrom supermarketscarsand other things that disturb the silence.____________________________I love rainy days .                                                       DK

Obsession ...
roses are redviolets are blueI like tumblr.more than I like you                                                 DK.                                                       

Calling of the river...
the endless river asked me for a kiss.he promised me eternity and heavenly kingdomhe manipulated me by the whispers of souls                         -I known his voicehe had the sweetest voice I ever heardI was hypnotizedand I kissed him ..._____________________________suddenly I got satisfiedall my sadness and worries disappearedwarm surrounded meand I felt a cold breezelike someone, were breathing behind meit was him ...lord of the river ._____________________________he was beautifulno ...he wasn't beautifulhe was perfect.he looked like an angelbut without wingsI've never seen anything (anyone) more beautiful in my life._____________________________we stood there all nighttalking and talking ...... about nothingandbetween us formed a bond._____________________________shortly before the sunrise,he said that he had to go.I wanted to go with himbut he stopped meand said only :-Wait !and embraced me.then he disappeared ..._____________________________since then i'm waiting for himto see him again ...and go with him...... in his kingdom.                                                                       DK.

waste ...
I planned to wake up this night at 3am (or at 4am)this is my favourite timeearly morningwhen you wake upand find silence______________________in this silence you find "YOU"the real youyou seem to be a different person ______________________often I think :"how happy are persons,wich can see sun rise   in a house,far from the city  near a forest   tasting a coffee(tea)  covered by a warm blanket  and waiting for loved persons to wake up from sleep "how I wish to be in their place ______________________I'm tired of the citycity that never sleeps noise of carslights big buildingsetc.______________________I'm lucky that I live in a quiet part of the citynot so quiet, but ...anyway______________________early morningnatureteatumblrand silence       _it's so perfect.                                                                                                                              DK.

beginning ...
 You don't know me. Also ,I don't know me ... And ... I don't know you. So ...     Welcome !!!

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