The Best Classic Cars and Future Classics

The Best Classic Cars and Future ClassicsThe Best Classic Cars and Future Classics

The Best Classic Cars and Future Classics
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Who Knew Health Tracking Could be Fun/ How can a smartphone app help you lose weight?

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A hot wife, two fabulous kids, 14 Rwandan sons and daughters, a cool dog and a crooked federale sent to kill me kind of makes up the Saddleback story. And here's how it happened.

  Part 1 : The BullfighterCrooked Federale

I got my first exposure to real tough leather at a Mexican bullfight... and I was the one fighting the bull. I didn't understand much Spanish then, but from what I gathered, they said to shake this cape thing and the bull would go for it. What they didn't tell me (or maybe they did) was that if anything else were shaking i.e. my left leg, the bull might go for that instead. Well, he wasn't real pretty with one curved horn and one straight one, and he wasn't real bright either, but he was a fast learner. So the shaking thing worked... the first time.FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE OPEN THIS LINKThey’ll fight over it when you’re dead.

My long and promising 15 minute bullfighting career ended that day and shortly thereafter, Saddleback Leather began. It's been a fun ride filled with quite a few adventures. A crooked Federale was sent to kill me. I traded my black lab, Blue's, puppies for 100 tacos, two times.

Part 2 : Dave's Best Friend(s)Suzette Skins Deer

Dog, Blue, with rover

Blue and I lived in a $100/month apartment in Juarez, Mexico for a three years sleeping on the floor and with no hot water. My little brother, Jonathan, and I worked for a Mexican mafia family (we think). But the biggest adventure of all was when I met my hot wife, Suzette, on Myspace while I was in Costa Rica and Panama getting pics of my bags. When I saw that picture of her skinning a deer, my heart stopped. Way sexier than any lingerie for sure. Part 3 : More than a Little LuckSchool Dave

So, I had my first bag made while living in Southern Mexico as a volunteer English teacher to kids who needed a little help at a place called Centro NOE. I had looked everywhere for just the right bag to carry the school books, but with no luck. So I prayed for God to help me find the greatest bag ever, just like the one I had in my head. Well, as it turned out, He helped me to find that bag, but in a way I wasn't expecting. I walked into a little leather shop and met a fellow working leather in the back. I asked him if he could make me a bag if I were to draw it out. I told him that I wanted it to be made so well that my grandkids would fight over it while I was still warm in the grave. He said "Si" and I said "Bueno" and that's how it all started. God directed me to the perfect bag that didn't even exist yet. First Bag

I loved that thing and when I got back to the states, I found that a lot of other people did too. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I got 3 to 4 compliments a day on it. People asked me all the time where I found it and where they could get one too. The bag was actually fun to carry because I like talking to strangers. People crossed the street to ask about it and came out of their offices when I walked by their windows. Part 4 : A Great StartBlue dog truck

Three Sombreros

One of the more common remarks I heard was "I bet that bag has some great stories" and believe me, it did (hitchhiking southern Mexico with big sombreros (I'm the one on the right), surf trips, car crashes, jungle treks, countless taco stands etc.). It didn't take long to realize that I was onto a good thing. Well, Blue and I went right back to Mexico to have 8 more made. A month later, in Portland, Oregon, we sold most of the bags off the safari rack of my old Land Cruiser in about 3 hours. Well, I'm the one who sold them. Blue just sat there on the tailgate. Part 5 : Back to Old MexicoAcapulco

After that, I decided to move back to Mexico to get more bags made and get the company off the ground. I moved to Acapulco first. That didn’t work, so I ended up selling real estate around a golf course near Mexico City for a couple of years while I was getting a few bags made. They asked me in the interview if I knew how to sell real estate. I looked at the man, slightly rolled my eyes with an insulted look and kind of laughed and confidently said, “Of course I can”. Then I thought to myself, “How hard could selling real estate in Mexico be anyways”? But that’s a story for another time. The leather worker, who made my first bag, though talented, was to be trusted about as much as you’d trust a crocodile to protect a room full of two legged cats and so I started looking for someone else. I went to Mexico's leather town, Leon, to find a new craftsman. Arriving, I started asking strangers on the street, "Excuse me, do you know where I can find a leather worker?" Pretty much everybody pointed me in the same direction of Don David (The don of a family is the older and most respected patriarch in the family). So I started my search for his little workshop/storefront. When I walked in, I knew I was home. This gentleman had a big wide smile and gentle sparkling eyes that put me right at ease. I introduced myself, handed him the bag and asked if he could make it. Knowing what I know now, that was a really dumb question. He could've made a functional leather car engine if I would have asked him to. He shared his resume over the next several months as I sat in that little shop on an overturned 5 gallon bucket for hours on end (there was a cushion). I sat fascinated watching him work and listening to his story as he told me about how his father's father was a leather craftsman in that very workshop back in the 1800's. His grandfather trained his father who in turn trained him. Don David started as his father's full time apprentice in 1948 at the age of 10 and is now training his son to take his place. Using his vast experience working leather, he transformed my basic but great looking bag into an amazingly durable and highly functional work of art. He's truly a gifted man. Czech Republic



Part 6 : On the Road AgainBlue Wind

In 2003, Blue and I ended up living in Juarez, Mexico in a not so nice neighborhood and rented a $100/month apartment with no hot water. I saved so much money living there that I was able to send a little money for 5 more bags, then 8, then even a dozen at a time. Things were really starting to roll, but it wasn't long before I started to burn out doing everything myself. The lure of $17,000 USD a year just wasn't as attractive as it once was. I was longing for the good life on the road again. That's when I talked Dad into working with me “part time” to help with customer service and bookkeeping and shipping and quality control and sales on eBay and a bunch of other things. Boy was he a breath of fresh air. Well, part time turned into a full time in no time and all of his business wisdom and understanding really made a huge difference. And soon, the struggling company became a healthy company. Now I was able to get back to traveling a little more. Whether in Poland or Panama or the Czech Republic or Slovenia or in the Sahara or anywhere else, I was finally able to go more places than I could ever drive or hitchhike to. But after 3 years of living in Juarez, I got real tired of it. I was tired of wondering if my old truck would be there in the morning and leaving the glove box open so that my loving neighbors wouldn't break the glass to find out it was empty. I was tired of drug dealers and prostitutes on the corner of my street and ignoring the same old foot cop trying in vain to pull me over every morning to get a bribe and I was getting pretty tired of the no hot water thing too. It was time. So, in 2006, just after a trip through Costa Rica and Panama, I moved to El Paso, Texas, met my super funny and hot wife, Suzette, on and got married 6 months later. Sahara


Bora Bora

Part 7 : The Real Adventure Begins...Sela

Giraffe Manor

9 months and 15 minutes after the wedding, we had our gorgeous little baby girl, Sela (Honestly, she looked just like me, minus the goatee, when she was born, but she got really cute about 4 months later). Cross

I used to think that I’d have to do my traveling before I got married since no one really travels once they get married and have kids, right? Boy was I wrong. It’s when we got married and had kids that the traveling really got going. Bora Bora, Kenya, Australia, Scotland, Cayman Islands, Canada, Jamaica, Spain, Seychelles, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ireland, France, New Zealand and all over Mexico. Our kids have more stamps on their passports than my brother. Anyways, our brave and kind little boy, Cross, came around not too long afterward and here we are. Part 8 : ProgressScuba

In 2007, the business really started taking off and we were able to hire several family members to help us out. They were such a help, but it wasn’t long before we started to feel like we were going underwater. Shortly, Suzette and I began praying for just the right person to help us sort things out. We hired a local business coach who came in and taught me to delegate. He was a real blessing for about the first two years, but it wasn’t long before Saddleback had outgrown his understanding of business and starting sinking again. That’s when I started seeking the kind of wisdom that would take Saddleback to the level of our bags. Larry Briggs, a 25 year seasoned CEO trainer whom I had met on a recent trip to Africa, was the answer. He’s been amazing in how he has coached me to lead our team towards our vision and to understand how to be a CEO (still learning that one). They were things I had never heard before. I can't imagine where we'd be right now if God hadn’t introduced us and also surrounded us with the team we have right now. There are no slackers on this ship. We have REALLY great people. Part 9 : OnwardKangaroo

African Family

And now, like in the kangaroo picture, we're tough as nuts. A strong and healthy leather company, built to be able to take a lickin' and keep on tickin'. At the end of most every day, I lay down with Suzette and we talk about our new African kids and the different bag owners who we've been going back and forth with. Relationships are where it’s at. It’s been a long road and filled with loads of fun and learning. There have been some rough times too. I’ve made some major mistakes and disappointed a lot of people, but we’re learning and thankfully most people have been very patient with me. Part 10 : A Special ThanksBut I would be remiss if I did not give honor to whom honor is due. There have been many sacrifices in the growth of Saddleback, but none greater than that of the first cow, we'll call her "Daisy Bell". Her true identity is being protected out of respect for her friends and family. We stumbled upon this old photo of her in our archives. The spirit of "Daisy Bell" lives on today. She clearly did not die in vain. To put it simply, Saddleback's goal is this: To love people around the world by making excessively high quality leather designs. And now you know... the rest of the story.FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE OPEN THIS LINKThey’ll fight over it when you’re dead.

Justification to a Spouse: How to Justify Buying This / They’ll fight over it when you’re dead.

The Engagement Gift JustificationYou say to your wife, “Remember that Engagement present I bought you?” To which she responds, “What Engagement present?” Then you say, “Don’t you remember? I scraped and sacrificed and saved for a whole year to get you that $3500 ring to celebrate the day I committed my life to you.” To which she responds, “Oh yeah”. Then you say, “Well, I didn’t get anything. Do you think there’s a chance I could get this little $600 briefcase?”  FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE OPEN THIS LINKThey’ll fight over it when you’re dead.

The Heirloom Justification"Honey, all my life I've wanted to own something nice enough to hand down to our oldest son and so I want to buy a $5000 pocket watch to show him as he grows up." To which she responds, "Are you crazy? We don't have that kind of money right now!" So that's when you say, "Well, then would you mind if I just got a $599 Heirloom Quality Leather Briefcase for the kid to remember me by when I'm gone? Which one do you think I should get?"The Early Inheritance Justification"Dad, you know how when you die, you're going to leave me some money? But that's going to be a long time from now and then you won't even be able to have the fun of seeing me enjoy it. What do you think of giving me a tiny bit of it now to buy this leather briefcase that I can enjoy the rest of my life and that you can watch me enjoy? And really, you'd really be buying it for your grandson since I'll hand it down to him one day. It'll give you twice the joy".Justification to Self A Bag Full of JoyBack in 2007,  my frugal brother-in-law and I were in my Toyota Tundra and I stomped on the gas taking off from the light. So he says to me, “You know, you just wasted a gallon of gas” to which I explained, “No, I just bought a gallon of joy”. You’re not just buying a leather briefcase, you’re buying a bag of joy.On your deathbed, do you think you’d ever say, “Man, I really regret getting that great leather duffle bag from Saddleback Leather back 50 years ago”?Justification of How Much is Your Life WorthDo you think any of the great explorers over the last 1000 years bought less than the best gear they could find? No, they couldn’t risk their lives or the lives of their crew with gear that could fail. They only bought things for if their life depended on it. Why don’t you? Isn't your life worth a few extra bucks?Justification of Quality is Good for EverybodyHaving high quality things in your life saves money, saves time, saves lives, extends lives, gives pleasure, gives social standing, gives peace of mind, gives security, brings respect, brings dignity, brings safety, brings joy, causes extra sleep, causes weight loss, causes others to want it, causes health, creates higher wages, causes efficiency, creates comfort, creates convenience, creates a better workplace, creates a nice environment, makes money, makes work easier, makes friends, builds confidence, is good for the Earth and creates demand for more quality products. And the opposite of these is also true of low quality. And it's contagious.Justification that It’s Actually a 50% Off BargainYou’re paying a really low price that is 50% lower than it should be. Here’s generally how they come up with retail prices in stores. It’s called Keystone Pricing. Everyone but the factory doubles their price. If a manufacturer makes a T-shirt for $2.50, then they sell it to the designer for $5. That person wholesales it to the retail store for $10 and the store sells it to you for $20. It works that way with pretty much everything; coffee mugs, chairs, tires and briefcases. We own our factory 100% and so let’s say a briefcase costs $225 to make. Old Mexico Manufacturing sells it to Saddleback for $300, who takes that profit and pays taxes and reinvests back into the machines and people. And then Saddleback sells it to you for $600. If we were wholesaling it to a store for $600, then they would price the briefcase at $1200. This is why we’ve never wholesaled our bags to stores. We sell it directly to you at a fair price so that high high quality is within reach of the common man and woman. So really, it’s like getting a very high quality bag off of the department store shelf for half the price. What a deal!Justification that it's Functional ArtImagine you’re at The National Gallery in London, looking at some of the greatest paintings of the world and the curator offers to sell you an original Leonardo da Vinci painting to hang in your house for $5,000. But with the stipulation that it could never be sold, just handed down or given away. The joy you would get from possessing such a work of art would be justification enough to spend $5,000. In fact, it would almost be wrong to not buy it. To a far lesser degree, we sell art in the form of briefcases, backpacks, duffle bags and suitcases, that is highly functional. It's the right thing to do.Middle School Peer Pressure and Hard Selling from Dave  Please turn back now if you’re like me and don’t like to be hard sold on anything. I’m going to throw years of thinking about this at you. You may call me immature or a high pressure used car salesman, but so does my wife, so it won't bother me. If you keep reading and end up with a leather backpack or leather duffle bag that you didn’t mean to buy, then that’s on you.You’ll be more popular Respect is what comes when people see that you know what you’re doing or can perform at a high level. I know this because disrespected people always carry crappy average briefcases. Respected people carry quality briefcases and luggage. Deep and true respect comes by your actions, your words and surrounding yourself with longlasting quality things. Not opulence, but just solid quality.Everybody’s doing it There’s a reason that thousands of people have way more Saddleback Leather backpacks, briefcases and duffle bags than they need. Who needs more than one wallet? But they’ve got one of each. And there’s a reason we constantly hear that our leather is addictive. There are hundreds of people whose bedrooms look like our showroom. Of course, it’s not wrong to collect things if they bring you joy. Collecting our leather backpacks and briefcases is cheaper than collecting cars and a healthier addiction than drugs.  Just try a little bit Just get a wallet or something small to test drive and then give it away If you don’t like it. You can’t go wrong. Giving random gifts throughout the year goes a long long ways towards “Favorite Uncle” or “Favorite Coworker” or better yet, “Favorite Employee” of the year status. They’ll never forget that wallet and who gave it to them. And reciprocity usually comes back on you 10x greater. We have a 30 day return policy, no questions asked. If you don’t like it, send it back.You’ll have more friends You’re going to meet a whole lot of people you wouldn’t have met otherwise for three reasons.We hear bag owners say all the time that strangers always stop them to ask them about their briefcase. It’s an ice breaker and conversation starter. You’re joining a tight knit and passionate community of bag owners around the world who love quality and authenticity. Have you been to one of the Saddleback Leather Fan Groups where thousands of your people trade their duffle bags and backpacks and share pics of their briefcases?What’s wrong? You chicken? Bock bock boooooock!!! (Thumbs in armpits flapping my wings at you) Don’t be scared. Nobody ever regretted buying a quality thing, but if you don’t, you’ll always regret not buying it. Bag owners tell us all the time that they over thought buying one for too long and when they finally bit the bullet and got their briefcase or backpack, they kicked themselves for not getting it sooner. Just do it, but don’t go into debt for it.I’ll invite you to my birthday party Everybody’s going to want you to go to their birthday party. “And can you bring that cool leather backpack with?” Heck, maybe I’ll invite you to mine one of these days... if you’re an owner. It’ll help you be more successful Your personal brand is the feeling people get when they think of you or are around you. One of the ways to shape what they feel or think about you is to purposefully carry things or associate with brands that share with others what you are about or value. If they are innovative, create quality or enduring things, then that’s what they’ll feel about you too. If they like your personal brand, they’ll buy from you, pick you, promote you, do business with you and rule in your favor way more often. Everyone has a brand. What’s yours?Mature Reasoning That's TrueIt’ll Give You Confidence I used to drive an old FJ55 Toyota Land Cruiser and it was always the coolest looking manliest rig in any parking lot. When I would go out to play pool, if I drove that Land Cruiser AND wore a of pair of tough black square tipped boots, I played better and ran the table more often. It was all in my head, but it worked. What we wear, dress, drive and carry all contribute towards how we carry ourselves and the confidence we emanate. Carry a nice leather briefcase and it will change your performance.  It’s Good for the EnvironmentBuying quality is good for the environment. If everybody bought quality shoes, wallets, toasters, backpacks, garden hoses, briefcases and floor fans that lasted twice as long, there would be half as many of those things in landfills. If people used half as much plastic or bought half as many synthetic bags, half as much oil would be used up for the manufacture of them. Buying quality is a way you can do your part.It Preserves the ArtsThroughout history, a mother would weave on the loom in her kitchen and teach her daughter the art as she went and they would sell their wares in the marketplace. Then her daughter would teach her daughter and so on down through the generations.But the demand for her art has gone. The super looms of India can weave 1000 times perfectly in an hour what she can weave in a week. And for cheaper. So the daughter of today’s weaver goes to work at a hotel or internet cafe because the demand is gone for the art. And so goes the art of the potter and the coppersmith and the shoemaker and the leather craftsman. If you say you value handmade craftsmanship and the imperfect signs from an imperfect person, then support it.You’re Just the First OwnerYou’re just the first owner of this briefcase. Do a favor to someone who probably isn’t even a sparkle in your son’s eye yet. Break it in for the next guy and pass it along.Lifetime Cost of OwnershipBuy the best, cry once. If your briefcase costs $500 and it lasts for 100 years, then it cost you $5/yr. or $.41/mo. If your briefcase costs $240 and it lasts for 4 years before the handle breaks as you’re walking into an important business meeting and your coffee spills all over your boss’s wife, then the briefcase costs you $60/yr.  This is one of the cheapest briefcases you can buy.Understated Quality is Key. Flashy is BadThis goes for all industries, but especially lawyers. They tell me that they don’t want the jury to see them pull up in a $165,000 Porsche wearing a Rolex, carrying a Louis Vuitton briefcase. They want to be seen in a quality Toyota Land Cruiser, wearing a good looking suit and carrying a solid respectable and relatable everyday man’s leather briefcase. It helps them be more relatable and win cases and contracts, without saying a word.Justification to a Really Religious and Judgmental Mother-in-Law WARNING: TO INTOLERANT PEOPLE WHO HATE ALL PEOPLE AND BELIEFS OR OPINIONS THAT DIFFER FROM THEIR OWN AND CAN'T EAT THE FISH AND SPIT OUT THE BONES. PLEASE TURN BACK NOW!!! I don’t want to shove anything down your throat. There are quotes from the Bible and talk about God ahead. THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING!!! PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!To the really religious person who was wrongly taught that owning nice things is a sign of spiritual immaturity or materialism. This one’s for you. If you often say and do things for the purpose of people talking about how spiritual you are and you reject joy or material possessions in your life because you think that it pleases God, then keep reading. This is a very common unspoken teaching among Super Christians. It’s called asceticism and is a form of spiritual pride on most of the lists. And I know this because I’m still coming out of that bad theology and spiritual pride myself.Near the end of his life, here’s what King Solomon, the wisest man that ever lived, wrote about wealth and owning things. I’ll sum it up and then let you read exactly what God inspired him to write… for you.Basically, he said that it’s a shame when you work hard and then die and then, before long, everybody forgets your name and that you even existed. And then someone who didn’t earn or deserve your money or the fruit of your labor is going to get the joy of spending it or giving it away. And you didn’t.He also says that God doesn’t need your money. He gives the “donating” money job to the ones who don’t follow him and then he takes it away from them and gives it to those who please him and who are generous to the poor.He also says that riches and possessions are a gift from God and not to reject them. They are your reward. How would you feel if you wanted to give a nice gift to someone special and they told you they didn’t want it or need it? Grace is a free gift that we don’t deserve or earn. The reason God gives gifts is because he is full of grace and therefore just loves to give gifts. To responsibly own a nice thing is not bad or sinful, if your heart is right. It is your reward from God and is the fruit of your labor. It is something that represents your hard work. The trouble comes when you are consumed with more and more things for the purpose of people thinking highly of you.Here’s what King Solomon wrote in one of my favorite books called Ecclesiastes.In Chapter 2 King Solomon said, “So I loathed all the fruit of my effort, for which I worked so hard on Earth, because I must leave it behind in the hands of my successor. Who knows if he will be a wise man or a fool? Yet he will be master over all the fruit of my labor for which I worked so wisely on earth! This also is futile. So I began to despair about all the fruit of my labor for which I worked so hard on Earth. For a man may do his work with wisdom, knowledge and skill; however, he must hand over the fruit of his labor as an inheritance to someone else who did not work for it. This also is futile and an awful injustice.”“There is nothing better for people than to eat and drink and to find enjoyment in their work. I also perceive that this ability to find enjoyment comes from God. For no one can eat and drink or experience joy apart from him."“For to the one who pleases him, God gives wisdom, knowledge and joy, but to the sinner, he gives the task of amassing wealth - only to give it to the one who pleases God. The task of the wicked is futile, like chasing the wind.”In Chapter 3, he said, “I have concluded that there is nothing better for people than to be happy and to enjoy themselves as long as they live, and also that everyone should eat and drink and find enjoyment in all his toil, for these things are a gift from God.”In Chapter 5, Solomon said, “I have seen personally what is the only beneficial and appropriate action for people; to eat and drink and find enjoyment in all their hard work on Earth during the few days of their life which God has given them. For this is their reward. To every man whom God has given wealth and possessions, he has also given him the ability to eat from them, to receive his reward and to find enjoyment in his toil. These things are the gift of God.”Then in Chapter 6 he lays it out and says, “Here is another misfortune that I have seen on Earth, and it weighs heavily on people; God gives a man riches, prosperity and wealth so that he lacks nothing that his heart desires, yet God does not enable him to enjoy the fruit of his labor - instead, someone else enjoys it! This is fruitless and a grave misfortune. Even if a man fathers a hundred children and lives many years - even if he lives a long, long time, but cannot enjoy his prosperity - even if he were to live forever - I would say, ‘A stillborn child is better off than he is’ “.Don’t feel guilty about or reject a gift from God. It’s your reward. Of course, there’s a healthy balance. God warns a lot about only caring about living your life totally for your own pleasure and building up your image of your own self while neglecting others in need. And, by the way, if you have to go into irresponsible debt to buy something nice, then it’s probably not God rewarding you, but rather you rewarding yourself.*Scripture quoted by permission. Quotations designated (NET) are from the NET Bible® copyright ©1996-2016 by Biblical Studies Press, L.L.C. All rights reserved.FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE OPEN THIS LINKThey’ll fight over it when you’re dead.


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With Net Nanny®, parents can monitor their family’s online activity and customize filters for each user. Our dynamic filtering technology blocks inappropriate content in real-time and provides the option to block, warn or allow users when viewing websites. Families can use Net Nanny® to protect users from pornography, online predators, cyber bullying, and other threats that compromise online safety.For more information please open this link Example: Net Nanny is the most-trusted parental control software parents have relied upon since 1998.

Net Nanny's award-winning technology is able to filter the Internet, monitor your child’s online activity, and block unsafe materials while still allowing kids access to safe websites. Unlike other parental controls that simply block a list of websites, Net Nanny's dynamic filter scans and analyzes each website to determine if it is appropriate for your child, based on the settings you customize for their profile.Why Net Nanny® Is The Best Parental Control SoftwareNet Nanny® is top-rated parental control software that parents have trusted since 1996. With the #1-rated Internet filter that can scan webpages and filter inappropriate content every time a page is loaded, you can be sure that your family is protected from mature and adult content.Net Nanny® also features a powerful porn blocker and flexibility for parents to adjust their children’s profiles to be uniquely customized. Parental controls are taken to another level with Net Nanny’s screen time scheduler, which allows parents to manage and balance their child’s Internet use.Which Annual Net Nanny® Package Is Right For My Family?Net Nanny® offers a variety of product options, including a Single Device package for Windows desktops or laptops, as well as an option to bundle licenses for multiple devices and device types with Family Protection Passes for 5 devices or 20 devices.Choose The Package That Fits Your FamilyNet Nanny® is only available for Android, Kindle Fire and iOS devices with a Family Protection Pass.Single Device package for WindowsFamily Protection Pass for 5 Devices (including Windows, macOS, Kindle Fire, Android and iOS)Family Protection Pass for 20 Devices (including Windows, macOS, Kindle Fire, Android and iOS)Note: The Net Nanny® Family Protection Pass is available for consumer and home use only. Organizations wishing to purchase Net Nanny® should contact Sales at 1-484-856-2789 for commercial and volume pricing on ContentProtect.How Much Does Net Nanny® Cost?The annual retail price of Net Nanny® depends on which package you purchase. If your family needs solutions for multiple devices for your family, consider purchasing a Family Protection Pass for either 5 or 20 device licenses.The Family Protection Pass can offer your family significant savings over individual Net Nanny® pricing. In fact, 20 individual licenses of Net Nanny for Windows or Mac purchased separately would normally cost over $799.99, but with the Family Protection Pass for 20 devices, you can save $700!How Do I Download Net Nanny®?You must have a Net Nanny® account before installing Net Nanny® on your child’s device. Once you have a Net Nanny® account, go to from your child’s device and follow the instructions. No matter what type of device you install the Net Nanny® Child software on, you can administer and manage all of your child’s devices online from the Net Nanny® Parent Dashboard or from our iOS or Android Parental Control apps.For more information please open this link Example: Net Nanny is the most-trusted parental control software parents have relied upon since 1998.

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Built Bar is truly a standout among protein bars. With its exceptional nutritional profile and so many delicious flavors, Built Bar is the favorite bar of discerning fitness trainers and fitness enthusiasts alike.Built Bar is truly a standout among protein bars. With its exceptional nutritional profile and 13 regular flavors, Built Bar is the best protein bar out there!for more information please open this link  Protein bars that taste line candy bars Get 12% OFF your first order plus FREE shipping

Built Bar has the best protein bar on the market (don't believe us, just try one of our delicious 13 regular flavors, and our limited-time offerings).  Our bars are marketable* not only to fitness and health enthusiasts, they taste so good, they appeal to anyone wanting to appease their appetite with a tasty treat.  (When is the last time you called your protein bar "tasty" and a "treat"?). THE SCIENCE BEHIND BUILT BARThere are currently many nutrition and protein bars available to the consumer. However, to paraphrase a statement made to me by a US Olympic athlete, they all taste about the same, like nut flavored cardboard. He confessed that, regardless of this, he continued to eat such bars. A primary objective in designing Built Bar was to make a bar that was high in protein, low in carbohydrates, had clean ingredients and would actually taste good.The Basic Nutritional Science of Built BarLuke T. Tolley, PhD.7 July, 2018

WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATEThere are several sources of protein used in protein bars. Three most often are whey, egg whites and products from soy beans. Whey protein isolate was chosen for the bars because it is a complete protein, which means it has all the essential amino acids, it has high digestibility, and a mild taste.The isolate version we use does not contain casein or lactose, which are the components of milk that some people are allergic to. Very few individuals are sensitive to whey protein isolate. On the negative side, whey protein is more expensive than some other proteins and it is not vegan.After research, we eliminated soy as a possible protein base. Though it is a complete protein, it has an unpleasant, beany taste that must be masked. Second, and possibly more important, is that soy contains various enzymes that inhibit the digestion of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. These anti-nutritional enzymes actively prevent you from getting nutrition. Soy protein is flexible in its texture and has a low cost, but the other attributes make it a poor choice for a general protein bar.We researched using egg white, which is a widely available, complete protein and has a digestibility almost equal to whey protein. A major problem with egg white is that the sources of egg white protein process their powder in different ways. One batch might absorb a certain amount of water while another will absorb much less. It was this inconsistency that led me away from egg whites.

FIBER: MALTODEXTRINWe wanted to include a source of fiber in the bars to help with the texture and add to the health benefits. The two main categories are soluble and non-soluble fiber, which has to do with whether they dissolve in water. For textural reasons, we use a soluble fiber for ease in making the Built Bar.A second issue with fiber is the manner in which the body processes it. Some types of fiber are processed by the bacteria in the large intestine in ways that can cause ‘intestinal distress.’ Inulin, for example, is a fiber that is processed by bacteria in the human gut, and generally causes a lot of gas in many individuals. Although there is evidence that, over time, bodies can adjust to inulin in the diet, and subsequently experience less distress, we excluded these types of fiber when designing the protein bar, because you don’t want a customer’s first impression to be a negative one.There are many different types of maltodextrin. Most are fairly easily digested, so are often used as a ‘slow carb.’ However, ADM/Matsutani came up with a way to process the maltodextrin that would change the ends of the maltodextrin chain enough that neither your body nor the intestinal flora and fauna could start breaking it down. Thus, your body doesn’t actually digest it. This non-digestible, water soluble fiber, called Fibersol, is the source of fiber used in Built Bar. It is readily available and has no negative effects. It is extremely well tolerated, reasonably priced and stable in recipes.

SWEETENERSErythritolAn easy way to make ‘sugar free’ food is to add sugar alcohols. A sugar alcohol is a sugar molecule where the aldehyde at one of the ends of the molecule is replaced by an alcohol. The molecule retains much of its sweetness and physical attributes, but it’s not officially a sugar molecule. In addition, these alcohols are metabolized differently, making it possible for diabetic individuals to ingest these sugar alcohols without experiencing a hyperglycemic (high blood sugar) spike. Sugar alcohols are fairly common in protein bars, with names such as maltitol, sorbitol, xylitol, etc. Though they aren’t sugars, they still have the same caloric value, so the main nutritional benefit is modification of glycemic spikes and the claim for “low sugar.”A problem with sugar alcohols is that they are digested by the bacteria in the intestines, and can cause ‘intestinal distress.’ For this and other reasons, many people have a negative view of sugar alcohols and try to avoid them.Erythritol is chemically related to sugar alcohols, but has fewer carbon atoms. This puts it in a unique position. It is a small enough molecule that it passes into the blood stream rather than stay in the intestines, but it’s big enough that the kidneys filter it out. This means that almost all of it is passed out in the urine undigested. Because of this, it effectively has zero calories and yet it’s extremely well tolerated, unlike normal sugar alcohols. It adds sweetness with few side effects, other than a cooling sensation when it dissolves. It’s a naturally occurring compound present in several foods such as pears, watermelon and grapes, and is widely sold in health food stores.GlycerinGlycerin is similar to erythritol, but has one less carbon in the molecular chain. It’s a sweet, syrupy liquid that forms the backbone for many important biological molecules. Used with erythritol, it also adds some sweetness while reducing the amount of available water which increases the shelf life of the product. Unlike erythritol, glycerin is digested and so does add nominally to the calorie count.In addition to supplementing the sweetness of erythritol, these two molecules, erythritol and glycerin, used together form a sweet syrupy liquid that is resistant to crystallization, much like corn syrup. Consequently, the protein mix containing these has a moist texture that is retained longer than use of either of these sweeteners individually would provide.ChocolateBuilt Bar is coated with a high quality dark chocolate which is the source of all the actual sugar in the bar. This chocolate is more expensive than chocolate compounds which are commonly used in nutrition and snack bars. These compounds typically have more carbohydrates and chemicals which we consider undesirable.This use of this high-quality chocolate could be considered one of the ‘secrets’ of the bar. The finished bar, without its chocolate coating, has a somewhat odd taste. Our perfectly tempered dark chocolate mixes with our naturally flavored protein base to produce a flavor combination reminiscent of high quality candy or dessert. The lingering chocolate aftertaste – the customer’s last impression of the bar – is in sharp contrast to other protein bars which have quite negative aftertastes. Though our choice of chocolate does contribute a small amount of sugar to the bar, we have found that the fiber and protein present greatly decrease the rate of sugar absorption, giving no noticeable blood sugar spike in either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetics.

USE OF GELATINThe gelatin that we use is an animal protein that is used in our protein bar to stabilize the foam structure. Its two major drawbacks are i.) it is non-vegetarian and ii.) it is not halal or kosher. Gelatin is an essential ingredient in our bars and currently there are no good alternatives for the kind of texture that gelatin provides, though some try to use combinations of modified cellulose with locust bean gum with limited success.

NATURAL FLAVORING AND NO COLORINGCustomers generally prefer natural flavors and colors. There are particular concerns about artificial colors, which has led to many food manufacturers abandoning them altogether. The protein bar we designed uses only natural flavors and no coloring.

PRESERVATIVESBuilt Bar has no artificial preservatives. To obtain a reasonable shelf life the bar was designed so that the water availability is low. Microbial and fungal growth requires water. However, if the water availability is sufficiently low, such growth cannot initiate. Though there is significant water in Built Bar, it is tied up with various molecules so it’s not available for the growth of any spoilage organisms. The combination of erythritol and glycerin, noted above, was helpful in attaining this goal.for more information please open this link  Protein bars that taste line candy bars Get 12% OFF your first order plus FREE shipping

Protein bars that taste line candy bars Get 12% OFF your first order plus FREE shipping

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Practice Tests for your Certification is an industry leader in online test preparation offering exam practice tests that help you be as prepared as possible to pass your certification exam. No matter how niche your field of interest might be, we’re here to help prepare you for test day.Our online practice exams simulate the actual test by covering the required competencies and incorporating content and application of skills necessary for you to be successful. We want you to walk out of the real exam feeling confident, and knowing that your time preparing with was a success!for more informationa please open this link  Shop Now Online practice exam in over 20 industries, including healthcare, teaching, and international exams.

We take great pride in our tests and their ability to help you pass your certification exam. We know how expensive it can be to register for exams. That’s why we offer sample practice tests online that are completely free! While they say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, there are free practice tests!Structured Test Preparation for your CertificationThere are many different ways to study for the big test, but using every strategy in the book can lead to confusion. Preparing for your certification exam does not need to be like throwing darts at the wall blindfolded. Let Exam Edge guide you through the study process. Our industry-leading approach simplifies the process of getting you prepared to pass your exam. Combine the study skills you've picked up over your lifetime and add in our helpful certification practice tests and you've got a combination that can't be beat. Exam prep can be easy with the help of Exam Edge!One of the most difficult aspects of standardized testing is time management. Even with a watch on your wrist, getting into a rhythm of answering questions on a limited time basis can be incredibly difficult. Allow Exam Edge to help. Just like the real certification exam, our prep tests are timed. However, one advantage of our practice exams is that you can pause the test and come back to it later. It will resume at the same point where you left off, and with the correct amount of time remaining. This will help you to build up your stamina and speed as you gain familiarity with the test format. It's just one of the many advantages of studying using test prep questions!After you complete one of our practice tests, we'll let you know how many questions you answered correctly. We will also estimate the score you would be close to on the actual exam, so you'll know how much more practice you need. These test results can help you create a comprehensive study guide that focuses on your weak areas. Practice tests online offer this unique insight in ways other forms of studying cannot. As helpful as your notes might be, when was the last time your scribbles directed you to the exact problem areas in which you need extra help? Bring your study strategies into the 21st century with certification prep from Exam Edge.You're in Control!Our unique exam practice test environment is the closest thing you will find to the actual test, with one exception: We tell you when you're right and when you're wrong, and most importantly we explain why! Our tests provide you with step-by-step explanations in an easy to understand format. Imagine how much more thorough your notes will be after reviewing your answers with Exam Edge!We realize that everyone likes to study differently, so we give you three different ways to take your exams:Timed - Timed tests are just like the actual certification exam. They help you feel the pressure of completing the exam in a strict timeframe. The system defaults the test time to the same time limit per question as the actual exam. This is a great method of practicing your timing, especially if you're concerned about having enough time to complete the test.No Time Limit - With this option, you can sit back, take your time and really think about the question before answering. This rush-free option is recommended for those just dipping their toes into studying. It's a great way to test your knowledge and highlight blind spots you'll need to come back to in your studies - one of the many advantages of taking International practice exams!Explanation - Not sure where to even begin with your studying? Try a practice test in explanation mode. The questions act as a study guide, giving you the option to see the answers as you take the test. Study guide mode is an effective way to review the test subject matter before you take the exam in a timed format. Taking notes on explanation mode is truly the best method of beginning test prepRemember, standardized tests are not simply an examination of your knowledge of the subject matter. They are also testing your ability to perform well under pressure. It's easy to psych yourself out about this aspect of the exam. All the studying in the world can't prepare you for what it will be like to actually sit for the test. Get the test-taking experience you need to perform well under pressure. By taking exam practice tests through Exam Edge, you'll gain the confidence necessary to stay calm on the day of the real test.There's a lot riding on the results of your test, especially if it's the only thing standing between you and a certification. No matter how confident you might feel about the exam, practice exams can give you that extra competitive edge to feel as confident as possible on test day. Take our certification practice tests and walk into the actual test with your head held high!for more informationa please open this link  Shop Now Online practice exam in over 20 industries, including healthcare, teaching, and international exams. 

FITE: #1 MMA, Wrestling & Boxing Live Streaming Site

Product featuresLive and on-demand MMA, pro wrestling and boxing programming7,000+ supported TV models - FITE is the easiest way to stream on TV over WiFi with just a tapSharing of personal videos - upload your training & sparring sessions, technique demonstrationsChat during live eventsTons of free contentProduct descriptionWATCH COMBAT SPORTS LIVE!Stream MMA, Boxing and Pro Wrestling - free and pay-per-view - on every device using just the FITE app. Download now!For more information please open this link Watch select WRESTLING matches for FREE!FITE streams live:- MMA events from UFC, BAMMA, Professional Fighters League, RIZIN MMA- Pro Wrestling shows from ROH Wrestling, Impact Wrestling, WCPW, New Japan Pro Wrestling- Boxing matches from Golden Boy Promotions, Star Boxing, Sauerland, Main Events- And hundreds of other combat sports promotersWHAT'S THE FIGHT TONIGHT?Check out our live schedule and start watching: CAST TO TVUse the FITE mobile app to cast all the action to the big-screen TV. To start, open the app and play a video. The FITE app discovers automatically and streams to:- Smart TVs by Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG, Sharp & Philips- Xbox One, Xbox 360, ROKU players, DISH Hopper, Chromecast, Fire TVFITE is your #1 choice for combat sports video:- 1,000+ live events stream per year- 10,000+ hours of on-demand programming- 7,000+ supported TV models - FITE is the easiest way to stream on TV over WiFi with just a tap- Free programming added every week- Latest news feed and community chat featureDOWNLOAD the app now to watch your favorite shows and discover great new free content.FITE is the premiere digital network for combat sports.FITE streams many of the best live and pay-per-view events, and tens of thousands of hours of on-demand programming to millions of fans around the world. With 2,000 flawlessly delivered premium live events to date, we have the unprecedented fight record of 2000-0-0.FITE is the leading digital distributor for the industry’s marquee events, including Canelo vs GGG 1 & 2 GBP / HBO PPVs, Crawford vs Khan Top Rank / ESPN PPV, and many others. Our patented TV streaming technology supports 7,000 TV models by all major manufacturers, in addition to Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV and Android TV. Beyond viewing, we offer fans the opportunity to chat live and share video content and experience with other fans, fighters and celebrities.At FITE we are a group of passionate MMA, Pro Wrestling, Boxing and Kickboxing fans and practitioners who’s goal is to bring the best of combat sports to like-minded people around the world while providing an unmatched experience with unmatched simplicity.For more information please open this link Watch select WRESTLING matches for FREE!

#IdeasChangeLives – Global Innovation Challenge 2020 by the British Council

 Application Deadline: January 10, 2020Eligible Regions: Open for all What is #IdeasChangeLives?#IdeasChangeLives is our global innovation challenge to find digital solutions to some of the world’s greatest problems.We’re looking for people with a fresh, entrepreneurial spirit and a big idea that has the potential to make a positive impact for communities across the globe.The winning pitch will get £20,000 to invest in their idea, as well as mentorship and support from the British Council for a full year.Our focus for 2019This year, we’re looking for ideas that help us to meet any or all of the targets within one of the three Global Goals for Sustainable Development below:Goal 4: Quality educationEnsure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.Goal 5: Gender equalityAchieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.Goal 8: Decent work and economic growthPromote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.Read more about The Global GoalsThings to think about...We’re looking for thoughtful, creative and unusual digital solutions. So, even if you only have the very seed of an idea, as long as you have given it real thought, applications are encouraged.To help, we recommend thinking carefully about the following before you apply:    The need your idea addresses - be clear about which one of The Global Goals you are focusing on and the problem your idea could help to solve.    How people will benefit - tell us why your idea matters to the people it is designed for and how it has the potential to positively impact thousands of lives.    Why it’s compelling - we need to feel that you really care about making a difference so tell us the story behind your idea.    The competition - show us you have a clear understanding and awareness of any competitors who may be working on similar products and tell us why your idea is different.    The tools and resources needed to turn it into a product - it doesn’t matter if you haven’t worked with technology before. What does matter is a clear understanding of how your idea will work in the real world.£20,000 in prize money to develop your product, no matter what stage you’re at.Support to help you succeedOur team of digital experts will help you to develop your idea at your own pace. We’ll give you the opportunity to connect with others and develop further partnerships through access to global networks, events and sector expertise.Mentorship for a full yearWe tailor our support to suit you. You’ll get access to on-going mentorship from the British Council plus advice from subject matter experts on how to potentially grow and scale-up your idea.Applications are now open until 10 January 2020In February 2020, we will announce our shortlisted applicants. They will be asked to make a short video and develop a business model to showcase their idea.In March 2020, we will announce our finalists who will then be interviewed by our judging panel. The panel will be made up of industry experts and representatives from the British Council’s Digital, Partnerships and Innovation team. Competition winners will be announced in March 2020.Apply hereClick below to take a look at the application questions and enter the competition.Enter the competitionWho can applyThe competition is open to anyone and everyone across the world. You can choose to apply as an individual or an organisation.We accept ‘early stage’ applications, meaning you don’t necessarily need a working prototype when you make your application.You don’t need to be working in the digital or technology sector to apply.for more information please open this link

 Application Deadline: January 24, 2020Funding provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities.The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Senior Research Fellowship supports advanced research in the humanities. Fellowship awards are for four to six consecutive months (i.e. you can hold the fellowship for four, five, or six consecutive months). Selected fellows are awarded $5,000 per month of the award.Important information about the fellowship competition:    Fields of study include, but are not limited to, history, philosophy, religious studies, literature, literary criticism, and visual and performing arts. In addition, research that embraces a humanistic approach and methods will be considered.    Applicants must propose four consecutive months of research in an American overseas research center in one of the following countries: Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Cyprus, Georgia, Indonesia, Mexico, Mongolia, Morocco, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, Senegal, Sri Lanka or Tunisia    Fellows may travel and carry out research for four to six consecutive months between the period of May 2020 to November 2021.    Selected fellows must work on their research full-time during their period of funding.    Fellowship awards will not exceed $5,000 per month.​Notification of fellowship status will be made available to each applicant via email by the end of April, 2020. Fellows are advised that it can take up to six months to obtain necessary research clearances and should plan accordingly.Application Information:​Applications can be accessed via You must sign up for an account to access the application. This will allow you to save and return to your application before submitting. Please save your login/password information for future applications.Project Description: In 1500 words or less, please describe the nature of your proposed project and your competence to carry out the required research. State your research question and the methods and procedures you will use to conduct your research. Be sure to describe the proposed methodology in clear terms. Give the reasons why your project requires your presence in the countries indicated, and note the facilities (e.g. libraries, museums, archives, field sites) that you plan to use while conducting your research. What relationship will you have with the host-country overseas research center? Finally, indicate the extent to which you have investigated other funding sources. Please note that those judging your application may not be specialists in your field. Please limit your narrative to 12-point font and 1-inch margins. Footnotes do not count against the word count.Project Bibliography/Literature Review: You must submit a one-page bibliography or literature review outlining your project resources. CAORC does not have a preference for one format over another. Please clarify primary and secondary sources, and – where applicable – locations of listed material. Please note that additional pages will not be submitted to the review committee.Letters of Recommendation: You must have two (2) letters of recommendation. You will be able to send a link to your recommenders via the online grant portal, Fluid Review, by entering their contact details, which will trigger the system into sending an automated email. Your recommenders will then be able to upload their letters. All letters must be in English. Recommendations letters will be confidential in the system. The applicant is responsible for checking in with their recommenders to ensure the letters are submitted in time. ​Curriculum Vitae: Three (3) pages maximum. Additional pages will not be submitted to the review committee. Please ensure that prior awards and language capacity are clearly noted.​Eligibility:    Applicants must be U.S. citizens or foreign nationals who have resided in the U.S. for three years prior to the application deadline. If you are a U.S. citizen living outside of the U.S., you are still eligible to apply.    Applicants must hold a PhD.    Funding is not available for research conducted in the U.S.    It is not required that you be affiliated with a U.S. academic institution to apply.    Minority scholars and scholars from Minority Serving Institutions are strongly encouraged to apply. ​​Deadline: January 23, 2020 (applicants are advised to submit applications well before the deadline in case applicants have questions for the CAORC main office).​If you have questions, please email​A few additional notes about the fellowship applications:    It is possible to apply for both the Multi-Country Research Fellowship and the NEH Senior Research Fellowship.    Applications in Fluid Review will lock at 11:59pm EST on the night of the deadline and it will not be possible to continue making edits.    Referees have one additional week after the applicant deadline to upload their recommendation letters into Fluid Review.for mor einformation please open this link
The McGraw Fellowship for Business Journalism

Application Deadline: February 1, 2020Eligible Regions: Open for allThe Harold W. McGraw, Jr. Center for Business Journalism, an initiative of the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at the City University of New York, began offering Fellowships to accomplished journalists in the summer of 2014. Nearly three dozen veteran journalists have since been awarded grants of up to $15,000.The aim of the McGraw Fellowship for Business Journalism is to support high-impact, ambitious coverage of critical issues related to the global economy, finance and business. In an age when many news organizations no longer have the resources to tackle complex, time-consuming stories, the Fellowships enable experienced journalists to do the deep reporting needed to produce a serious piece of investigative or enterprise journalism. You’ll find more information on our current Fellows and their projects here; our past Fellows can be found on the following pages: 2018 Fellows; 2017 Fellows; 2016 Fellows; 2015 Fellows; 2014 Fellows. The Fellowship Stories page contains links to all of the stories they have published.We generally accept applications twice a year. The upcoming deadline for Winter 2020 Fellowships is January 31, 2020. Applications for the Summer 2020 Fellowships will be due July 10, 2020. However, we will consider time-sensitive projects on a case-by-case basis outside of the deadline periods. If you have a project that might qualify, please contact us at  About the FellowshipThe McGraw Fellowship provides editorial and financial support to journalists who need the time and resources to produce a significant investigative or enterprise story that provides fresh insight into an important business, financial or economic topic. We accept applications for in-depth text, video or audio pieces, and we encourage proposals that take advantage of more than one storytelling form to create a multimedia package. This is not a residency Fellowship, however. All Fellows work from their own offices.The Fellowship provides a grant of up to $15,000 for each project. The exact amount will depend on the time it takes to complete the project and the expenses needed; freelance journalists may also use some of the funding as a stipend for living expenses during the Fellowship. We look for applicants with a proven ability to report and execute a complex project in their proposed medium; ideally, candidates will also have a strong background or reporting expertise on the subject of their piece.The McGraw Center provides editorial supervision during the Fellowship. We work with the Fellows to develop their projects during the reporting phase and frequently edit the completed stories. We also assist with placing the articles in established print, radio or digital outlets. The stories run on the McGraw Center website as well. You’ll find them on the Fellowship Stories page. EligibilityThe McGraw Fellowship for Business Journalism is open to anyone with at least five years professional experience in journalism. Freelance journalists, as well as reporters and editors currently working at a news organization or a journalism non-profit, may apply.How to ApplyApplicants should submit a well-focused story proposal of no more than three pages through the accompanying online form. Think of it as pitch, much like you would submit to an editor at a newspaper, magazine, digital outlet, or radio station: give us enough preliminary reporting and documentation to demonstrate that the story is solid. The proposal should highlight what’s new and significant about the story, why it matters and what its potential impact might be. The proposal should also note where significant stories on the subject have run elsewhere and how the proposed piece would differ. Applicants should also briefly outline a proposed reporting plan and a timeline for completing the story, and let us know if a media outlet is lined up to run the story.In addition, applicants should enclose three journalism samples. The samples should be professionally published work that showcases your ability to tackle an in-depth story in the proposed medium. Please also provide us with a resume and references from two editors or others familiar with your work; if that is a problem, please contact us to discuss alternatives.No budget is required at the time of application. Applicants chosen as finalists will be asked to provide an estimated budget at that time. for more information please open this link
The White House Internship Program in USA, Summer 2020

Deadline January 3, 2020The White House Internship Program’s mission is to make the “People’s House” accessible to future leaders from around the nation. The White House Internship Program is a public service leadership program that provides a unique opportunity to gain valuable professional experience and build leadership skills. This hands-on program is designed to mentor and cultivate today’s young leaders, strengthen their understanding of the Executive Office, and prepare them for future public service opportunities. The President, First Lady, and White House staff are committed to providing young leaders an opportunity to develop their leadership skills and serve their country through the White House Internship Program. This program was developed to provide hands-on experience and cultivate meaningful skills. A select group of young men and women from across the country dedicate their time, talents, energy, and service to better the White House and the Nation. These committed citizens become part of the White House team. The assignments given to an intern on any given day could include: conducting research, managing incoming inquiries, attending meetings, writing memos, and staffing events. While interns’ responsibilities and tasks vary by department, all interns are united through weekly events, including a speaker series and professional development opportunities. Most importantly, the internship experience emphasizes community, and interns participate in service projects at non-profit organizations in Washington, D.C. For questions related to applications for the White House Internship Program, academic credit requirements, or for any general inquiries about the White House Internship Program, please email If you are a college professor, college advisor, or career center representative interested in learning more about the White House Internship Program, please email more information please open this link
Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals (SISGP)

Deadline January 15, 2020 Do you have ambition, leadership experience and a strong professional background? You could study for a master’s degree in Sweden on a fully-funded Swedish Institute scholarship. Find out if you can apply.OverviewWe grant scholarships to a large number of master’s programmes starting in the autumn semester 2020. Check the list of master’s programmes that are eligible for SI Scholarships for Global Professionals (SISGP) for the academic year 2020/2021. To begin with, apply for a master’s programme at, between 16 October 2019 – 15 January 2020.Apply for an SI scholarship between 10-20 February 2020, follow the instructions below.An estimated 300 scholarships will be available for full-time master’s degree studies in Sweden starting in the autumn semester 2020. The competition for SI scholarships is very high. Usually 2-6 % of the applicants are awarded an SISGP scholarship. We recommend that you also look for other scholarship opportunities from your government, from organisations in your country, or from Swedish universities.What's includedThe scholarship covers:Tuition fees: pay directly to the Swedish university by SILiving expenses of SEK 10,000/monthTravel grant of SEK 15,000 *Insurance against illness and accidentMembership of the SI Network for Future Global Leaders (NFGL) – a platform to help you grow professionally and build your network while in SwedenMembership of the SI Alumni Network after your scholarship period – a platform for continued networking and further professional development* The travel grant is a one-time payment for the entire study period. The grant is not applicable to students already living in Sweden. The scholarship does not cover:Additional grants for family membersApplication fee to University AdmissionsScholarship periodThe scholarship is intended for full-time one-year or two-year master’s programmes, and is only awarded for programmes starting in the autumn semester.  The tuition fee will be paid directly to the Swedish universities in the beginning of each semester. The stipend for living expenses is paid monthly during the scholarship period. The scholarship period cannot be changed or extended beyond the awarded scholarship period, nor can the scholarship be transferred to a study programme other than the awarded master’s programme. Criteria Work experienceYou must have minimum of 3,000 hours of demonstrated employment. Read more about the criteria for work experience Leadership experienceYou must have demonstrated leadership experience from your current or previous employment. Read more about the leadership experience criteria Country of citizenshipYou must be a citizen of a country that is eligible for the scholarship programme. Read more about country of citizenship Master's programmesThe master's studies must be eligible for SI scholarships. Read more about the eligible master’s programmes University admissionsYou must be liable to pay tuition fees to Swedish universities, have followed the steps of university admission, and be admitted to one of the eligible master’s programmes by 3 April 2020. Read more about our criteria regarding University Admissions Other eligibility criteriaThere are also conditions regarding dual citizenship, previous residence and studies in Sweden, and more. Read more about other eligibility criteria Who we are looking forThe Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals (SISGP) programme is part of the Swedish government’s international awards scheme aimed at developing global leaders who will contribute to the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It is funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Sweden and administered by the Swedish Institute (SI). The programme offers a unique opportunity for global professionals to develop professionally and academically, to experience Swedish society and culture, and to build a long-lasting relationship with Sweden and with each other. The goal is to enable the scholarship holders to play an active role in the positive development of the societies in which they live. Ideal candidates are ambitious young professionals with academic qualifications, demonstrated work and leadership experience, ambition to make a difference by working with issues which contribute to a just and sustainable development in their country in a long term perspective, and a clear idea of how a study programme in Sweden would benefit their country. Priority will be given to applicants with a strong and relevant professional background and demonstrated leadership experience. How we evaluate and selectAfter the application deadline, we carry out a screening of all applications and disqualify those that do not meet the eligibility criteria for SISGP. In addition, if you fail to follow the instructions for required documents, such as incomplete application, wrong form, missing valid stamp, etc., your application will be disqualified. Reasons for disqualification are given in the instructions in the forms and here on the website. Therefore, it is very important that you read through all available information carefully. We will then evaluate all the eligible applications and take into consideration all the information provided in your applications. We will grade them according to the aim and purpose of the scholarship programme. We are looking for talented and active professionals with capability, a platform and ambition to contribute to international development. You will find more information about the kind of candidates we are looking for above. The evaluation is comprehensive and therefore you need to be outstanding in all aspects to get through the tough competition and be selected for a scholarship. We give priority to certain factors which you can read more about in the eligibility criteria section. When the admission results for master’s studies are announced at on 3 April 2020, we will do a further evaluation of the eligible applications which have been admitted (including conditional admissions) to a Swedish university and make the final selection from them. Your scholarship application will therefore no longer be considered if you are not admitted by 3 April 2020. The quality of the application is crucial in our selection. We compile a short list on the basis of the evaluation process described above. However, we aim at having all genders represented as equally as possible in the final list of scholarship recipients. We also want to include as many of the eligible countries and Swedish universities as possible, provided there is sufficient number of strong applications. We also need to stay within our budget. We may therefore make an additional adjustment in the final selection process in order to achieve the distribution we are aiming for. We do not have any quotas for specific countries, fields of study, Swedish universities, etc. The competition for SISGP is very high. We recommend that you also look for other scholarship opportunities from your government, from organisations in your country, or from Swedish universities. Required documentsYou should only submit the required documents listed below in your online scholarship application. We will not consider any other documents than the required ones. You must complete your application in English. Use our forms and templates provided below and complete them according to the instructions both below and in the forms, or else your applications will be disqualified. Kindly note the length limitation for your answers and the documents. A motivation letter: you must use the SISGP form for motivation letter 2020/2021. You need to fill in and upload the motivation letter as a PDF-file on the application portal during the application period. The form will be uploaded here by the end of January 2020.A Curriculum Vitae (CV): you must use the SISGP form for CV 2020/2021 and the CV should not exceed three pages. It’s up to you to decide which parts are relevant for your application. Additional pages will not be considered.Two different letters of reference: you must use the SISGP form for letter of reference 2020/2021. At least one letter of reference must be based on your work experience. It will be a merit if the second letter of reference is based on your involvement in networks or civil society organisations outside of your regular work. The letters should be signed by the referee and stamped with an official stamp of the referred organisation or a notary office. The form(s) should be typed, then printed, signed and stamped; and then be uploaded as one PDF-file. You can find more information in the instruction in the form and in our FAQ.Proof of work and leadership experience: you must use the SISGP form for proof of work and leadership experience 2020/2021. The work and leadership form should be signed by the referee and stamped with an official stamp of the referred organisation or a notary office. The form(s) should be typed, then printed, signed and stamped; and then be uploaded as one PDF-file. You can find more information in the instruction in the form and in our FAQ.A copy of your passport: your personal data including name, citizenship and photograph must be shown clearly. Copy of passport should be included together with the CV as a last fourth page. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a copy of your valid passport to include.Make sure you have a complete applicationA complete application must consist of: a completed motivation lettera CVtwo valid and completed letters of referencevalid and completed proof of work and leadership experiencea copy of your valid passportIf your application is missing one of the required documents above, it will be disqualified. If you apply to several master’s programmesYou should submit only one scholarship application for all the eligible master’s programmes that you applied for at It means, in one scholarship application, you can apply for SI scholarships for up to four eligible master’s programmes that you applied at However, if you have also applied for master’s programme(s) at Stockholm School of Economics (SSE), you should create and submit an additional scholarship application separately for the master’s programme(s) at SSE. If you only want to apply for SI scholarships for master’s programme(s) at SSE, you only need to submit one scholarship application for all the master’s programms you applied for at SSE. Each scholarship application should have only one of each required document attached, no matter how many master’s programmes you applied for. If you have applied at both and SSE, you should attach all the required documents in both the scholarship applications. Data protection and integrityThe Swedish Institute (SI) is a public agency. As such, all applications received by SI are in the public domain. We use the personal information you give us to process your application. If your application is granted, we will continue to use this personal information in order to handle your scholarship. We deal with this information in accordance with the Swedish Principle of Public Access to Information and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Your personal information is handled by SI employees as well as outside experts who have signed a contract of compliance. For more information please read SI’s privacy policy. How to apply 1 Apply for a master’s programme at Date: 16 Oct 2019 - 15 Jan 2020 2 Apply for an SISGP scholarship Date: 10 Feb 2020 - 20 Feb 2020 3 Notifications from University Admissions Date: 3 Apr 2020 4 Announcement of 300 successful SI scholarship recipients Date: 24 Apr 2020 1. Apply for a master’s programme at 2. Apply for an SISGP scholarship 3. Notifications from University Admissions 4. Announcement of 300 successful SI scholarship recipients Opens in FebruaryThe application period for SI scholarships for master's studies starting in the autumn semester 2020 is 10-20 February 2020. You are suggested to also look for other scholarship opportunities at more information please open this link
Equator Prize 2020 Call for Nominations

Deadline: 9 January 2020Open to: indigenous peoples’ groups from any country, operating in rural areasBenefits: each Equator Prize winner will receive USD 10,000 and will be supported to participate in a series of policy dialogues and special events during the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Marseille, France, in June 2020About the Equator Initiative and the Equator PrizeThe Equator Initiative is a United Nations-led partnership that brings together governments, civil society, grassroots organizations, and businesses to foster resilient communities by recognizing and advancing local nature-based solutions for sustainable development. The Equator Initiative creates opportunities and platforms to share knowledge and good practices, develops capacities of local communities and indigenous peoples, informs policy through convening multi-stakeholder dialogues, and fosters enabling environments to replicate and scale up community action.The Equator Prize 2020 will be awarded to outstanding local community and indigenous peoples initiatives that advance innovative nature-based solutions for sustainable development. The winners will join a prestigious network of 245 leading community-based organizations from 81 countries that have been awarded the Equator Prize since 2002. Each Equator Prize winner will receive USD 10,000 and will be supported to participate in a series of policy dialogues and special events during the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Marseille, France, in June 2020. Equator Prize 2020 Theme: Nature for Life This year’s Equator Prize will recognize innovative initiatives from local communities and indigenous peoples that demonstrate exceptional achievements in the area of nature-based solutions for local sustainable development. Winning initiatives will be honored for their successes in protecting, restoring and/or sustainably managing biodiversity for positive development outcomes. Thematic priorities include:  Nature for Prosperity. Protection, restoration and/or sustainable management of terrestrial or marine ecosystems, biodiversity, and/or wildlife that enables sustainable and green livelihoods, enterprises and jobs; including indigenous economies.Nature for Water. Protection, restoration and/or sustainable management of ecosystems for water security.Nature for Climate. Protection, restoration and/or sustainable management of ecosystems that help mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, and/or help communities adapt to the impacts of climate change.In addition, the activities of successful nominees should ideally deliver on several Sustainable Development Goals simultaneously. For example, initiatives may improve food security, reduce poverty and inequality, or provide access to clean water. Special consideration will be given to nominees working on ecosystem intactness and integrity, advocacy for land and water rights, social and environmental justice, and gender equality.Local nature-based solutions for sustainable development The Equator Prize 2020 nomination process will offer community-based initiatives the opportunity to share their work on the Equator Initiative’s web portal of local nature-based solutions for sustainable development. The platform connects communities around the world and shares local solutions that work for people and planet. Participation in this platform is optional when submitting nominations for the Equator Prize. Eligibility RequirementsTo be eligible for the Equator Prize 2020:The initiative must have existed for at least three years or the actions carried out must have taken place for at least three years.The nominee must be either a local community-based initiative, operating in a rural area, based in a country receiving support from the United Nations Development Programme (for a list of eligible countries, please click here); o una iniciativa liderada por pueblos indígenas en cualquier país, que actúe en un área rural.The actions taken by the nominee must be nature-based, and must deliver benefits related to two or more Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Selection CriteriaEquator Prize 2020 winners will be selected by an independent Technical Advisory Committee, which will assess nominations based on the following criteria:Impact: The extent to which the nominated initiative has resulted in measurable and positive environmental, social and economic impacts that deliver benefits towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals;Innovation: The extent to which the nominated initiative demonstrates new approaches and models that overcome prevailing constraints, and could offer fundamentally new approaches to adapting to and/or mitigating climate change, while advancing local sustainable development;Scalability and/or replicability: The extent to which the nominated initiative could be scaled up sub-nationally or nationally and/or, the extent to which the initiative can be replicated within the country and beyond;Resilience, Adaptability, and Self-Sufficiency: The extent to which the nominated initiative demonstrates adaptability to environmental, social and economic change, resilience in the face of external pressures, and improved capacity for local self-sufficiency;Reduced inequalities: The extent to which the initiative reduces inequalities in income as well as those based on age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion or economic or other status, in particular for the poor;Social Inclusion: The extent to which the nominated initiative includes youth, elders, indigenous peoples, and other diverse groups in the decision-making processes and the actions that affect them; Gender Equality: The extent to which the nominated initiative promotes the equality and empowerment of women and girls. Please Note: Nominators are encouraged to quantify results and include data that demonstrates positive impacts in their submissions.Nominations may be submitted either directly by the initiative or community, by a partner organization, or by any third party that is sufficiently familiar with the activities and achievements of the initiative or community.Nominators must indicate whether they agree to have the solution highlighted in the Equator Initiative web portal on local nature-based solutions for sustainable development.Nominated initiatives will undergo a verification process that may require nominees and/or nominators to provide additional information and/or materials.Nominations may be submitted in: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Indonesian, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish.Nominations must be submitted by 9 January 2020.Nominations may be submitted through our online nomination system. If you are having technical issues, please contact us at more information please open this link
Project Manager in ERYICA

  Closing date for applications: 31 December 2019Date of interviews: Mid-January 2020 in LuxembourgStarting date employment: End of March 2020  About ERYICA:The European Youth Information and Counselling Agency (ERYICA) is an independent European organization based in Luxembourg and composed of national and regional youth information coordination bodies and networks. It works to intensify European cooperation in the field of youth information work and services. It aims to develop, support and promote quality generalist youth information policy and practice at all levels; in order to meet the information needs of young people and to apply the principles of the European Youth Information Charter.We work intensively with the Council of Europe, with the European Commission as well as with institutional, private and public stakeholders active in the field of youth work and youth policy. We are a staff of four professionals committed to youth policy development in Europe.  We are hiring a Project manager!We are looking for an enthusiastic and committed person with a passion for youth policy, project management and international relations. Our new colleague will manage ERYICA’s projects and working groups, support the preparation of project outputs and reports, plan and implement our new projects, help with fundraising activities, liaise with member organisations and partners, and organise events.  Main duties include: Support the implementation of ERYICA’s strategy and annual work programmes;Be responsible for the Agency’s projects, working groups, initiatives and administrative tasks; Manage, supervise and report on projects and project outcomes, mostly within the Erasmus+ Programme;Coordinate the organisation of events, meetings, training activities and eLearning courses;Lead grant application processes (i.e. proposal writing, budgeting, contact with partners, meeting the administrative requirements, etc. );Support the dissemination and publication of initiatives and project outcomes;Foster the relationship with our members and ensure the successful delivery of services to our members;Design, execute and report on surveys and consultations;Collect case studies and good practices from the member organisations; Support the team in the day-to-day management of their tasks;Gather information on members’ projects and activities; Support ERYICA’s relations with its stakeholders and partners; and Attend external events across Europe as ERYICA representative when required. Requirements for the position:Essential EU citizenship or a valid EU working permit;Graduate or post-graduate higher education degree in relevant discipline (e.g. project management, business administration, social work, information studies, international relations, European studies, etc.);Prior experience in project management and event organisation in an international/European environment;Good understanding of the Project Cycle Management: planning, identification & formulation, project management, monitoring and evaluation;Perfect command of English and French (spoken and written);Knowledge of the youth field or proven interest or experience in the sector;IT literate: excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office; GSuite, content-management websites, social media, and project management tools;Familiarity with the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission, and preferably with experience of EU-funded projects;Very well organised and ready to work under pressure if needed, though able to distribute the workload in order to respect deadlines and agreed schedules;Independent thinker yet a team worker, willing to take and bear responsibility and to work autonomously; Ability to prioritise and work with several projects at the same time;Evidenced analytical skills and the ability to thrive when handling complex information and situations;Flexible, effective, result-oriented, attentive to details, and able to multi-task;Willingness to work with a small international and busy team in Luxembourg, with regular travel in Europe; andMost important of all: you are a fast and zealous learner.Desirable Good knowledge of the EU policy-making processes;Experience with a European/international NGO in the youth field;Familiarity with EU programmes other than Erasmus+;Proven experience as a trainer and/or facilitator;Experience in design/development of eLearning through Moodle;Command of one or more other European languages.Applications should be submitted to the ERYICA Director, Eva Reina: secretariat@eryica.orgE-mail subject: “Application Project manager 2019”Applications should include: A cover letter;Your CV;Details of two persons who can be contacted for references.We offer: A full-time contract (40 working hours / week) for a fixed term of 12 months, drawn in accordance and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in force in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, where the job will be based.A gross monthly salary of 2,550 EUR.The advantageous tax and social security system of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, applicable also if you are a commuter from neighbouring countries.After a first period, autonomy and trust in organising your work, according to the needs of the Agency and the team.An inspiring, friendly, and creative work environment in an international and dynamic framework.Many thanks to all who show an interest in this position. However, please note that only short-listed candidates will be contacted.for more information please open this link
ILRI Graduate Fellowship: (Graduate Fellowship: Veterinary public health – 2 positions (Nairobi, Kenya (one) Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (one)Closing date: 15 January, 2020)

Deadline: 15 January 2020Open to: experienced students in epidemiology, public health or related fieldBenefits: monthly stipendThe International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) works to improve food and nutritional security and reduce poverty in developing countries through research for efficient, safe and sustainable use of livestock. It is the only one of 15 CGIAR research centers dedicated entirely to animal agriculture research for the developing world. Co-hosted by Kenya and Ethiopia, it has regional or country offices in East, South and Southern Asia as well as Central, East, Southern and West Africa. Animal and Human Health program seeks to effectively manage or eliminate livestock, zoonotic and food-borne diseases that matter to the poor through the generation and use of knowledge, technologies and products, leading to higher farmer incomes and better health and nutrition for consumers and livestock. – About the position: The fellow will be hosted by the Animal and Human Health Program at ILRI. He/she will support a range of research project within the veterinary public health domain. The nature of the work will depend on the projects that he will effectively support, but these are likely to include: Data analysis for past projects: Safe food, fair food Cambodia; mPig; cow killer (multi-pathogen cattle exposure survey), and othersUrbanMarkets: pull-push project: value chain mapping (poultry and vegetable value chains) in Ethiopia and Burkina FasoTARTARE project: estimation of foodborne related health burdenA detailed plan of activities will be developed upon arrival to ILRI and revised every 3 months to accommodate changes in the ongoing projects.Key responsibilities: The fellow will be assigned specific responsibilities within each of the projects. These will include: Supporting design of research projectsData analysis and report/publication writingWork with national and international partners towards the achievement of the project objectivesGive seminars and presentations within ILRI as agreedSupport, within his capacities, the capacity development of junior research staff in the program.Deliver in all pre-agreed deliverables based on the plan of activities developed at the beginning of the fellowship.Required Qualifications: Currently pursuing a PhD in related field OR affiliated to a research institution, academia, national program.DVM and a MSc in epidemiology, public health or related field.Proven strong quantitative skills.Proven experience on organizing and conducted field epidemiological studies.Interest in working in low- and middle-income countries.Experience in qualitative data analysis will be an advantage Location: Nairobi, Kenya (one) Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (one) Duration: 12 months Terms of appointment and stipend: This is an appointment for 12 months. Start date will be agreed with the selected candidate, but ideally from February onwards. Benefits: ILRI will offer a stipend to cover living expenses in the project location, medical insurance and cover research expenses. The successful candidate will be required to acquire and show proof of travel insurance before the commencement of the fellowship, where applicable. Applications should be made to the Head of Capacity Development through ILRI’s recruitment portal on or before 15 Jan 2020. The position title and reference number GF/ILRI/AHH/11/2019 should be clearly marked on the subject line of the cover letter.for more information please open this link
Future News Worldwide 2020

Deadline: 14 February 2020Open to: students or recent graduates aged 18-25 years who are passionate about journalismVenue: 14-15 July, 2020, London, United KingdomAn international summit for the world's best young media makersAre you the future of journalism?Applications for Future News Worldwide 2020 are open NOW We’re looking for 100 of the world's most talented, motivated and passionate student journalists to attend an intensive media training programme. You’ll receive exclusive coaching from world-leading editors, broadcasters, writers and reporters, and see how publishers around the world are using technology to find stories and bring them to life like never before. Future News Worldwide 2020 will take place on 14 and 15 July at Sky's global headquarters in  London. The conference is free for successful applicants and travel and accommodation costs will be covered. You can apply if you're an undergraduate or postgraduate student or recent graduate and aged 18-25. Applications are welcome from anywhere in the world. What is Future News Worldwide?Future News Worldwide is a partnership programme between the British Council and some of the world's leading media organisations. The aim is to support young people to develop a wide range of journalism skills and to establish the UK as a global leader in the nurturing of young journalists and media figures.for more information please open this link
The Young Leaders Program – Global Center on Adaptation

Deadline: 8 January 2020Open to:  all students currently enrolled in a graduate program from a variety of fields in the social sciences and life sciencesBenefits: monthly allowance of EUR 500 with housing and travel expenses coveredThe Global Center on Adaptation actively supports students and young professionals to become leaders in climate change adaptation. As part of our commitment to build on, improve, and deliver breakthrough climate adaptation solutions, we have established two challenging programs for university graduates and young professionals, who are committed to make a difference: the Young Leaders Program and the 20/20 Adaptation Professionals Program YOUNG LEADERS PROGRAMThink bold and take action through our internship program The Global Center on Adaptation offers internships through its Young Leaders Program. Young Leaders work with our team on issues surrounding a new global climate adaptation agenda. Interns contribute to our policy, advocacy, and research efforts that help societies across the world become more resilient to climate-related threats. The internship takes place in the Netherlands at the premises of the Global Center on Adaptation, in Rotterdam and/or in Groningen. During the Program, Young Leaders work independently and with a team of experts on different assignments in an international and diverse environment. A tailored educational experience Each Young Leader receives an individual assignment matched with their existing skills and expertise. Young Leaders are individually responsible for the timely completion of their assignments, with the support of supervisors. All assignments are designed to support our vision and mission. Young Leaders can expect to enhance their understanding of climate change adaptation, and what it takes to drive forward a new global agenda. They gain experiences that enable them to consider a wide range of perspectives and connect different points of view, and develop interpersonal and leadership skills that are essential for excelling in challenging international environments. TestimonialsTake a look at what our previous Young Leaders have to say about the ProgramELIGIBILITY CRITERIAThe Young Leaders Program is open to all candidates currently enrolled in a graduate program from a variety of fields in the social sciences and life sciences. To be eligible for an internship, candidates must: Have an undergraduate degree (Bachelor’s or equivalent)Be enrolled in a graduate study program (pursuing a Master’s or PhD) or have graduated within 6 months of applicationHave a solid understanding of international development and climate change adaptation issuesHave demonstrable leadership potentialBe fluent in English. Additional knowledge of other languages such as Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese is desirable.We value diversity in our workplace and encourage all qualified individuals with a diverse professional and academic background, particularly women, to apply. Our aim is to attract and recruit the best talent from any region in the world. BENEFITSThe Global Center on Adaptation provides a monthly compensation of €500, as well as contributions to housing and travel (including to and from the Netherlands). IMPORTANT: Interns are entirely responsible for their own living costs such as groceries and health insurance. APPLICATIONThe Young Leaders Program is currently open for applications for the period of May - August 2020 (4 months total). Deadline for applying is January 18th, 2020, 21:00 (CET). Please apply via our form here. Only complete applications submitted with this form will be considered. Please note that the form does not generate an automatic response e-mail. Rest assured that when you click submit, we have received your application. Please note that applicants will receive an answer to their application within six weeks of the submission date. Applicants may be invited for an interview (also possible via Skype). Unsuccessful applicants will receive an email notification after a final selection has been made. Candidates may re-apply as long as they still meet the eligibility requirements. For questions regarding the application procedure, please contact: for more information please open this link
CFP: African Women in Media 2020 Summit (AWiM2020)

Deadline: 20 January 2020CFP: African Women in Media 2020 Summit (AWiM2020)Reimagining Futures: Women in Media, Peace and Technologies29-31 July, 2020. Johannesburg, South Africa African Women in Media (AWiM) is pleased to bring you our fourth annual conference, which aims to bring together media practitioners, researchers, policy makers and CSOs. With the theme Reimagining Futures: Women in Media, Peace and Technologies, AWiM2020 Summit takes place in Johannesburg, South Africa on 29-31 July 2020. ‘Re-imagining Futures’ reflects innovation in media industries, and the growing drive to change the narrative of Africa globally, particularly as African countries work towards achieving a dominant global position, and urgent objectives like Silencing the Guns by 2020, Free movement of people, and the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). Issues around movement, immigration, peace and security, and the lived experiences, roles and insights of women in media practitioners, policy makers, CSOs and researchers make the AWiM2020 Summit a timely focal point to bring these stakeholders together. AWiM2020 aims to explore three thematic areas: The prospects of free movement across the continent and the potential impact for female media professionals in Africa, and media and creative industries broadly;The lived experiences of women in media as participants of peacebuilding and conflict prevention; and,Emerging technologies and how Africa’s media might leveraging these to improve issues affecting female journalists.Calls on the media, and particularly women in media in Africa, to utilise their profession to both raise awareness and mediate in conflict, gives rise to pertinent questions around the effectiveness of media-for-peace initiatives, the lived experiences of African women in the media in security reporting, and policy provisions in this regard. Understanding the lived experiences of African women in media is essential to guiding policy and advocacy agendas towards ensuring that countries and media organisations create the necessary enabling environment for women in media to effectively execute their work. Part of this initiative to create enabling environments constitutes a reliable tool for monitoring how well countries and organisations comply with women’s rights, and a means of obtaining data that will support journalists to perform their functions. Safety is however indispensable for bringing about these enabling environments.  Technologies have contributed both positively and negatively to empowerment of women in media. On the positive side, it has contributed to closing the gender gap of media ownership, with female media entrepreneurs setting up online media organisations. Social media enabled women only groups has provided spaces for women to share their stories and challenge existing narratives around women’s rights and gender equality. But it has also presented challenges, with the Committee for the Protection of Journalists (CPJ) reporting that “online harassment was cited as the biggest threat by 90%” of female journalists in the U.S. and 71% in Canada. What is the outlook across Africa? As we consider how African countries will use the Fourth Industrial Revolution with emerging technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Realty (VR), Data Science, Robotics and Blockchain, how might we deploy these for women’s empowerment? How might we close the tech gender gap? How might we address cyber security?  Other questions for the Summit include: Movement and Migration How might easier movement between African countries improve the working conditions and opportunities for African women working in media? How might it improve economic contributions of media and creative industries, for example when we consider the flourishing music industries? What might we learn from examples like CariCom and the ERASMUS for journalist project? How might we reimagine journalistic conversations and representation of migration and displacement in Africa?  Peace and Security What are the lived experiences of women in  media reporting on peace and security in Africa? How might continental agendas provide for the participation of women in media? How might female media producers use their position and lived experiences to tell the stories in a way that empowers female survivors of conflict to speak out?  Emerging Technologies How are global media responding to emerging technologies of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Robotics and others? How can these technologies help the media better know and engage audiences? What can we learn about gathering, storage and access to data? What is the outlook for online safety of female journalists in Africa? What specific technologies can support specific needs of women in media in African countries?  In exploring these questions, AWiM2020 Summit welcomes paper, panel and workshop proposals from researchers, practitioners, CSOs and policy professionals in the following topic areas: JournalismGlobalisationFourth industrial revolutionMedia and film studiesIntellectual property rightsGlobal AgendasDiscourse analysis and global implicationsPeace and securityGlobal communication and technologyIntercultural communication and public policyInternational conflictFeminist studiesMigration and mobility Postcolonial studiesCulture and media policyParticipatory communicationAudienceCommunity mediaAccess and Citizen EmpowermentCultural studiesArtificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine LearningBlockchain, Empowerment and MediaCommunication and DevelopmentCommunities and NetworksDigital EmpowermentDiversity and InclusionEthics and TrustFeminism and Political ParticipationGender Mainstreaming and PoliciesInternational Law and Human RightsReligion and ConflictRepresentation, identity, ideologyTerrorismTransmediaSustainability and EnvironmentHuman capital flowEntrepreneurshipGuidelines for Submissions:  Abstract should be 150-300 words in English or French. Please include details about your positions, affiliations, and email addresses for all authors. All submissions should be sent to yemisi[at]africanwomeninmedia[dot]com with ‘AWiM2020 CFP’ in the subject line by 20 January 2020. AWiM2020 Summit Concept Note – 29-31 July 2020for more information please open this link

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