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Travel overview: what to visit in USA in 30 days?
With no regrets I now remember our summer trip to US. It was so well planned and with so many beautiful places to remember. 30 days, 5 major cities visited and 7 flights.  

1. Washington.  The landscape of DC is relatively flat which is either a good thing or a bad thing depending on who you ask. You also won’t find any really tall buildings in DC so you don’t get that big city feel. The good thing though is that there are some great monuments and things to see outside such as the White House. You basically have to walk in a line and visit all the monuments. The idea is that the line is soo long, you will need several days to consciously visit all the monuments. Basic things to visit are the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, the United States Capitol, the Washington Monument, different sorts of museums, all part of the National Mall. 

I liked that all the museums are free to go to and there are certainly plenty of them to visit. I was impressed by the National Museum of American History, National Museum of Natural History and the National Air and Space Museum.

2. New York.  After Washington we took a bus (it takes a night) to get to NY. We stayed for only 2 days and it was blow minding, very intense and active.  We took a metro card for 7 days and used it for our 2 days and it was very helpful. In the first day we went to the Empire State Building and then to Times Square where we spent the evening and night. We also took a night bus tour (relaxation for our feet). Very impressive by night.

When you are in New York, you have to see Times Square to take in the spectacle of it; however it is the loudest, busiest and smelliest spot I have ever been to in my life! It is impressive! In the night you get the full impact of the publicity signs and the lights. It is as bright as daytime at Midnight. You realize it's nigh time only because the blackness of the sky above the lighting of the sky scrappers.

The Statue of Liberty and the Liberty Island  Visiting the Liberty Island is one of the most rewarding experiences of any trip to New York city. We went to the grounds only (which took us around 2-3 hours), but having more time, you can visit the pedestal and the crown. You also enjoy a boat ride to get to America's symbol of freedom, but if it is summer, be sure to protect against the sun and heat.

The Love Sculpture is one of the most famous pieces of pop art and just happens to be sitting on the corner of Sixth Avenue at 55th Street in midtown Manhattan.

The metro terminal named the World Trade Center Transportation Hub, or World Trade Center for short. On the place of the destroyed 9/11 buildings, it has symbolically the shape of a as a bird being released from a child’s hand.

The Bull and the Wall Street -a metonym for the financial markets of the United States as a whole, the American financial sector (even if financial firms are not physically located there), or New York-based financial interests.

Perfect spot for the end of our NY visit was the Brooklyn Bridge for a evening walk and the sunset which offers a safe and scenic passage to millions of commuters and tourists, trains and bicycles, pushcarts and cars.

3. Chicago. 

The Famous Bean or the Cloud Gate, located in the Millennium Park, reflects Chicago’s famous skyline and the clouds above. Inspired by liquid mercury, the sculpture is among the largest of its kind in the world and perfect spot for great pictures.

Also in the Millenium Park - the Crown Fountain is a major addition to the city's world-renowned public art collection. The fountain consists of two 50-foot glass block towers at each end of a shallow reflecting pool. The towers project video images from a broad social spectrum of Chicago citizens, a reference to the traditional use of gargoyles in fountains, where faces of mythological beings were sculpted with open mouths to allow water, a symbol of life, to flow out.

Offering spectacular views spanning up to four states, a one-stop Chicago experience full of interactive exhibits and…The Ledge, a glass balcony extending four feet outside the 103rd floor of Willis Tower!

Navy Pier is an adventure whether you’re a two-some or a ten-some. Great place for children and adults or maybe a brunch cruise on a boat.

The '90s blockbuster hits "Home Alone" and "Home Alone 2" are synonymous with the holiday season. That red brick house, located at 671 Lincoln Ave., in Winnetka, Illinois, is easily recognizable  decades later. The Home Alone house!

The Coldplay concert- A Head Full of Dreams 2016 Tour- on Soldier Field! The football stadium has a capacity of capacity of 61,500, which is truly massive. The A Head Full of Dreams Tour boasts extensive laser light and pyrotechnic visuals. Highly recommended anywhere you catch a Coldplay concert.

4. Las Vegas.  Our next stop was the city of lights. First impressions came already in the plane. 

The Bellagio Music Fountain.

The Cirque du Soleil Performance. 

5. Grand Canyon- The South Rim Amazing awe inspiring incredible breathtaking bucket list experience. Very impressive view, as well as hot and dry air. Compared to the North Rim, the South Rim is more accessible and visitor friendly, and closer to Las Vegas. I wanted to include in our tour the North Rim as well as the impressive Waterfalls: Havasu Falls, Navajo Falls, Mooney Falls and the Navajo Bridge, but we were too limited in time. You need at least a full day to spend at Grand Canyon National Park, and if you want additional guide tours, helicopter tours or walking tours, you have to find accommodation nearby.  The South Rim was accesibile because there is a free bus service (included in the Grand Canyon car entrance free) to take you to around 7  stops and perfect photography spots. 

6. Los Angeles.  California is different from what I previously ever visited. Maybe because we saw it more in movies, maybe because of the best suitable climate and so may other reasons. To catch a glimpse of stardust, stroll the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where more than 2,400 figures from the entertainment world are immortalized in pink terrazzo with symbolic gold lettering. If you're a film buff, look out for the famous hand and footprints at the Chinese Theatre.

Organize yourself a half day walk in Beverly Hills. No need of a tour, the region itself is so beautiful, you just need to enjoy it. Walk through the residential areas surrounding the Golden Triangle and see if you can identify the trees planted on each block. From Queen Palm to Pink Cedar to Southern Magnolia, each street has their own designated variety.

Rodeo Drive. Photos speak themselves better than any word. In the heart of Beverly Hills, three blocks of Rodeo Drive are home to the epicenter of luxury, fashion and lifestyle.

For many visitors to Los Angeles, there is no more coveted photo than a shot of the world famous Hollywood Sign. Though it is visible from all over the city from its lofty perch on Mt. Lee, it can actually be surprisingly difficult to get a well-angled shot.

Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier. Both places request your attention. Venice Beach, California is a desired destination for travelers from all over the world. It is unlike any place on Earth, well known for its artists, street performers and funky atmosphere.

A Merry Christmas post.
Crăciunul este sărbătoarea sufletului şi a familiei, a dulciurilor, a vinului fiert, a cadourilor, a împachetărilor originale, a decorațiunilor, a bradului de Crăciun şi a prietenilor. A mâncărurilor pentru toate gusturile, a surprizelor, a fulgilor de nea, a ski-urilor şi patinelor şi a serilor la cămin. A răcelilor, a ceaiurilor cu lămâie, a filmelor, a cuverturilor împletite şi a ciorapilor de lână. A bucuriei, a dimineților împlinite de somn şi a colindelor.   Pentru că Crăciunul este cea mai feerică sărbătoare a anului, am adunat o selecție de fotografii din diferiți ani şi diferite metode şi locuri de a petrece sărbătorile de iarnă.

Alte postări Read, Dress / Travel despre Crăciun, le puteţi găsi aici şi aici. Craciun Fericit şi sărbători frumoase!
The Taste of Travel- Estonia

11 months after coming back from Estonia, I decided to post my photos about the 9 months experience in Estonia in the 2014-2015. Estonia, Tallinn, was and is my second home-country. Sometimes, when you know you'll be living for a longer period, you fail to visit all you could. But no regrets now, only best memories are in my head. Estonia is a fascinating Baltic and Nording country. It is the Sillicon-Valley of Europe, mother of Skype, mother of first start-up ideas, owner of the most highly-developed national ID card system in the world. Yes, E-Estonia is a separate subject. The national Estonian ID card includes all-in-one a national health insurance card, proof of identification when logging into bank accounts from a home computer, instrument of digital signatures, instrument of i-voting, instrument of accessing government databases to check one’s medical records, file taxes, etc. Life presumes to be so easy, ha? Literally, this means less bureaucracy, while adding more transparency and efficiency in some vital sectors such as healthcare and education. One of the least religious countries in the world and least densitly populated country in Europe (with a population of just 1.3 million but a territory larger than Denmark and Holland). That means you will not meet hundreds of people walking along the same streets you do. Nevertheless, it is homeland of most literate people per capital. Estonians tend to be at least bilingual and according to recent studies, are among the best English speakers in Europe. The list of the cool facts can continue, including the specific sense of humour. „Which of nations are the richest in the world?-Estonians!-Why?-Because they are not fast enough to spend their salaries!”

When in the Old City and if you have kids, pay a visit to the NUKU Puppet Museum or catch a theatre performance (but only in Estonian). The museum offers a good overview of puppetry starting from props and costumes up to exciting technological solutions. There are also different types of puppets from all around the world that can be manipulated via touch screens. Check their website for more information when in Tallinn.

Another interesting museum is the KUMU Art Museum. This giant museum resembles a supervillain's lair. If there's ever a nuclear apocalypse we know where we're heading! Simply exploring the building is an experience in itself. The museum also hosts the annual “KUMU ÖÖ” – a mini festival of sorts where the building stays open all night as guests inside dance until sunrise. They have large scale great exhibitions. I was impressed to visit the death and beauty exhibition/ The Contemporary Gothic in Art and Visiual Culture in March 2015. Take a virtual tour and be sure to go visit KUMU to enlarge your creative and visual thinking.

If you are still curious to know more about estonian inventions consider the Estonian Museum Of Applied Art and Design, also located in the Old City. In the Estonian yearbook I discovered the orange estonian ticket validtor created in 2010. By the way, public transportation in Tallinn is free for Tallinn residents. This measure was undertaked by the Government to release the city of cars. They also, raised the parching prices, but offered a very comfortable alternative instead.

Kadriorg Park in Tallinn is a must. If you plan your visit during September, be sure not to miss the Lights Festival. The aim of this annual festival in Kadriorg Park is to celebrate the end of summer and beginning of autumn. Thousands of candles are lit all over the park and light installations installed. Traditionally, the festival goes hand in hand with a programme of concerts by local artists and a light show to end the evening.

If your trip to Tallinn is in May, inform yourself about the Kalamaja Neiboorhood Annual Street Festival. During one day locals of the Telliskivi creative quarter open their gardens to strangers and organize workshops, open-air fairs, various self organized cafes or bike tours. Don't miss it.

And finally organize yourself a half-day walk to the Pirita beach and go for lunch at the St.Patrick's.

Waterfalls. Jagala is a waterfall in the lower course of the Jägala River, approximately 4 km before the river flows into the Gulf of Finland. The waterfall is approx. 8 metres in height and more than 50 metres in width. It is the widest natural waterfall in Estonia. The waterfall is a peculiar sight to see in winter, when the water mass frozen in cold weather becomes a glistening ice wall with large icicles. A tunnel surrounded in both sides by ice may be formed in between the ice hanging down from the edge of the waterfall and the wall of waterfall. Interesting to know: - In terms of fishery the lower course of the Jägala River from the waterfall to the river mouth is one of the most valuable ones in Estonia – large trout and salmon resources can be found here.

Manors. Estonia boasts more than 1000 castles and manors dating back as far as the 13th century. Once a home to German and Russian landlords, many of these estates now serve as galleries, luxurious spa hotels and gourmet restaurants. Whilst touring Estonian countryside, visitors encounter elegant and historical architecture in all styles with dominant motifs featuring renaissance, baroque and art nouveau. While many castles and manors have crumbled in time, some have been beautifully restored and remain open to the public. Check the Palmse and the Sagadi Manors in photos.

Viru Bog/Viru Raba is one of the most accessible bogs in Estonia. Marked and signposted, the 3.5-km trail passes through the forest and marsh landscapes typical of Lahemaa National Park. Very impressive and photogenic landscapes can be captured. While on the go, you can learn about the flora, former sand dunes, ridges and heath woodland. A boardwalk winds its way through the bog passing a viewing tower proving a scenic overview of the bog landscape.

The Islands. Another cool fact is that Estonia has over 2000 islands!! The wild Estonia is outside Tallinn, in the islands and forests. If you want to find peace, breathtaking landscapes go to one of Estonia's islands, rent a perfect cuntry-style house and prepare yourself with a bio lamb meat, exactly how we did. I visited Hiiumaa, but unfortunately didn`t suceed to visit Saarema.

If you have aprox, 1 week in Tallink I recommend going for a cruise to Stockholm. It will take aprox. 2 days, but the experience is unforgettable. The ferry is enourmous and holds various entertaining places. Buy a cabin and go for the dinner on bord (preferably on the way from Stockholm).

Thanks to the Estonian School of Diplomacy for the experience!

Read, Dress & Travel recommends: go for a luch or dinner at the Kohalik cafe (Tallinn). You would feel like being at an Estonian's home with gramma's spoons and plates. The menu is not big, but everything you will order will be original and delicious.  Links that might help you in organizing your trip: 1.  2.
Stockholm travel diary.
Stockholm is a fascinating city. It might be far in the north, it might be expensive and it might be cold and without sun, but it has become part of my top 3 favorites. 5 days are enough to discover Stockholm's islands and visit some unusual places, but be prepared with comfortable shoes. There are 3 reasons why I found Stockholm fascinating. First, it is the place where you can see parking for baby strollers, many fathers walking with their children and generally many people being so much into sports and healthy lifestyle. People jog all day long and everywhere. There is also very much attention drowned to the equality of rights for women and men and the social system is very developed. That is why the state imposed mandatory paternal maternity for fathers, allowing the employees a payed one hour of sports, encouraging active health style. Second, it is a city of design and style. The laconic Swedish design. Honestly, it is a pleasure to walk around Stockholm. People are well dressed and well mannered like they are all going to fashionable events. Not that it would count so much, but generally people are the face of their country. And I have to admit Sweden (Stockholm) has such a beautiful face! And third, as a tradition already happening almost every year, Stockholm hosted my 25th birthday! And these memories will always stay in my heart. This post covers my 3 visits to Stockholm from March to May. I must say that Stockholm was still cold in May as it has been in March and even more beautiful in April, with all those pink blossomed trees around. It's recommended to discover Sweden during summer.  (visited in Spring 2015)

Gamla Stan  As well as being home to the Stockholm Cathedral, the Nobel Museum, and the Riddarholm church, Gamla stan also boasts Kungliga slottet, Sweden's baroque Royal Palace and plenty of other places. It has become a tourist attraction as the charm of its medieval, Renaissance architecture and later additions have been valued by later generations. There are plenty streets to walk along this historic island.  Tip: go to the Stortorget square and enjoy a coffee right there.  Tip: the iconic buildings no. 18 and 20 are positioned in the same square. Juuuust perfect for family photos!!

1. The Vasa Museum was our first visited museum in Stockholm and is a local must. It was the first time experiencing a visit to a museum where you can observe an only item, but what an item! The Vasa is a ship which sank in 1628 and was brought to surface after 333 years. Entirely preserved as it looked in the 15th century, the Vasa is interesting to be observed as it was fully recovered to initial state, object by object, and was afterwards moved to the preservation museum. Start your visit with the documentary screening about the history, building and exhavating the ship for a better understanding.  

2. Fotografiska Museum  The Swedish Museum of Photography has become one of my favourite museums in Stockholm. We have visited the Ewa Stackelberg Photograms and the provocative exhibition of Andreas Serrano Redemption. It is a place of exhibitions proving creativity which goes beyond limits. Even for non-amateurs of photography, depending on the exhibitions, it is an unconventional place. The 'Best of the year' exhibition was impressive and eye-opening. Plus it has a cafe/restaurant giving fantastic views over the Swedish capital. Worth paying a visit for around 2 hours.

3. The Nobel Museum is definitely a must! Being impressed by the captivating interior, I think it is a place for broadening the general culture about the well known Nobel prizes and Nobel laureated together with their inventions. The audio guide is this sense will make the visit be logically organized and help with lots of information. The Exhibition presents Alfred Nobel as a person, inventor and idealist and not only sponsor to the international perspective of Nobel prizes. Beside this there is a behind the scene small exhibition presenting some of the most genius inventors and a thing belonging to the, which either describe, belonged or imitates the creation of the inventor. There is also an overview per decades of the inventions in all the domains of the Nobel awards. The Nobel Museum opened in 2001 and is situated in Gamla Stan, in the most beautiful location, near the famous colorful buildings no.18 and 20-the symbols of Stockholm. You might take the chance, as we did, and visit the museum for free on every Tuesday from 5 to 8 pm and be sure to come with a full battery on your phone for the online audio guide. Unfortunately my camera discharged to the moment visiting the museum, so no available photos from inside.

4. The Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde (or Prince Eugen’s Waldemarsudde). You will not find this recommendation in any place. A local recommended us and I found this place to be the most romantic park in Stockholm. the museum itself is not worth, I guess, we didn't even entered, but who knows? Read more on their site.

5. Sodermalm is the creative part of the city. It is full of people and it's very trendy everywhere. This neighborhood offers a myriad of vintage stores, eclectic shops, Swedish fashion, galleries and design stores, mixed with an abundance of places to eat and drink. Södermalm was ranked as the "coolest" neighbourhood in Europe in Vogue magazine in September 2014. Convincing?

6. The Royal Palace.  The Palace is open to the public and offers no less than five museums. The Palace was largely built during the eighteenth century in the Italian Baroque style. It is not for sure that you meet the royal family here, but the change of the guards are very popular, and it is located in the city center, so it is hard to avoid to at least see it.

Where to eat?  Eating in Stockholm is more expensive in any way. But there are some places which I liked and I think I should recommend. If you are a fan of Jamie Oliver, pay a visit to try some Jamie Oliver Bar's food. The food itself might not be as delicious as one could imagine, but I liked the interiors and the personalized details, all these marketing stamps "Jamie Oliver" on every detail. Intriguing thought.

Definitely try the John Chris coffee. The location is right on the tourist spot, so it's very convenient to go for a morning coffee, a breakfast or a salad (with free re-fill for salads, how cool is that, ha?).

Try the espresso house or the local networks of coffee, both which I liked. Having a long fika is a local must, so enjoy long discussion with a large latte (and it's really large).

Taking the cruise boat from Riga or Tallinn to Stockholm, it is a must trying the morning and dinner buffets on the boat. It is also quite convenient to take the breakfast on the cruise. Do not forget to enjoy the view over the Stockholm islands in the morning, the view is fantastic! And the evening buffet... mmm... it is simply enormous! So many types of food in one buffet I have never seen in my life. To see and die :)

From Tallinn we took a cruise ferry to get to Stockholm operated by Tallink, which is an unusual experience. The huge ferry is providing a cruise night with entertainment for all ages and tastes and also provides a cabin for sleep

Location in Stockholm is as usually very important. Stockholm is a very big city and the metro or any kinds of transportation have their costs. Better invest in your living. You will have a proper view from the balcony and a pleasant walk every morning to your tourist destinations. We were lucky to be hosted at our friend's house and we mostly walked and used the metro extremely few times.

.  Ah, already missing Stockholm!
Paradise on earth. Lefkada. Greece.
You know what Europe does well? Wine, food and vacations. But also beaches. Lots and lots of beautiful beaches. Honestly, Lefkada surprised me. I always thought that photos on pinterest or google images are saturated of colors. But they aren't. Colors seemed artificial!  The incredibly blue or cristalic green waters are Lefkada's most important sights. In the following rows I will make a personal top of main atractions.  Let's get it started. (visited in September 2015)

1. Porto Katsiki is the No.1 destination in Lefkada. In 2015 it was part of the top beaches in Europe. Keep in mind that there are no facilities on the site. One of the advantages of Porto Katsiki is that its really out of the way. Unfortunately that means that infrastructure has not reached it yet. Porto Katsiki beach looks truly fascinating surrounded by incredible hills which make it accessible only by 80 steep steps descending along the cliff. This is one of the most favorite beaches and it is considered to be one of the island’s major attractions. Porto Katsiki owes its fame to fascinating landscape and most of all, crystal clear blue sea. Golden sandy beach adds a beauty to the overall impression of Porto Katsiki.

Take a cruise ship from Nidri for 1 day to visit the beaches by boat. Later we reached individually every beach by car.

2. Agiofili. You can reach the beach by water taxi from Vasiliki or on foot through the forest and you'll have to walk down the stairs. Access can be fairly difficult by car, plus it is about 20 minute walk. If you want to enjoy alone this beach, probably you need to arrive early morning. Very picturesque scene, especially from the hill, very clear, smarald waters. Beach itself is small and narrow and gets very crowded with every stop of a new one-day cruise ship. Nevertheless, it is truly beautiful.

3. Mylos Beach. Agios Nikitas as a region is a good spot to search for accomodation or for tavernas. The beach is accessed from the village by a footpath with amazing views through the olive and pines trees. I found it the most relaxing beach. You'll have to bring your own umbrella and even some snacks or fruits, like in the old times.

4. Egremni Beach. We only accessed it by boat because 350 steps were way too much for us! Huge, virgin beach with way too little tourists. Words are useless, you have to see it!

5. Ithaka waters seemed pure definion of beauty for me. We swimmed or jumped dirrectly from boat, not reaching the beach itself. Modern Ithaca is generally identified with Homer's Ithaca, the home of Odysseus, whose delayed return to the island is one of the elements of the Odyssey's plot.

6. Mikros Gyalos Beach. Located in the eastern part of the island, this beach was the only one I saw with green water. Sailing boats often visit and make for a very scenic and picturesque place to stop for the day. The water is very clear and no waves. The beach is well served by the few bars and tavernas that back on to the beach.

7. Lefkada is a very colorful city. Doors, walls, windows, cafes, all are painted in joyful colors. It is a true pleasure to walk around Lefkada, though it seemed to me there is no much to wonder around, besides the main street.

8. Keyfalonia. The largest island of the Ionian Sea, Kefalonia is a very charming place. Although it has developed over the last years as a family destination, beach places in Kefalonia island never get crowded due to the large size of the island. Unfortunately, we arrived to see only the port and enjoy a lunch there.

9. The sunset at Rachi is a local must do and see. In the southwest of lefkas, at a height of 600 meters you can visit Exanthia, a traditional village located in a mountainous region.. High up on the mountain top the restaurant “Rachi” makes its presence in absolute harmony with the surroundings, built and decorated in a tasteful manner reflecting its simplistic style. The pleasantly cool balcony welcoming the visitor is an unquestionable asset. The blue horizon offering an exquisite view of the Ioanian Sea is really enticing. Be sure to be there at least two hours before the actual sunset to catch a table in the first rows (no reservations are possible). I would name the sunset at Rachi -"the most romantic sunset ever"!

What and where to eat in Greece? Restaurants and tavernas are spread all over the island. Most of the places exceeded our expectations. Those which we tasted and really liked were: Seven Islands in Lygia (certificate of excelence on Trip Advisor), 12 gods in Sivota (certificate of excelence on Trip Advisor), Pardalo Katsiki in Karya (certificate of excelence on Trip Advisor) and Nikitas in Agios Nikitas. Mostly we went for fresh fish (sword fish, tuna, shrimps, calamares and other local fish), but the local Gyros are delicious. And don't forget about fresh greek figs! Yummy!

On the way back we decided to go to Kalampaka, the city under the rock towers of Meteora. The thing that makes Meteora so special is the monasteries on the top of the rock towers. The monasteries, the amount of peaks to climb and the paths for hiking brings in Meteora  the whole year many tourists. The Metéora is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Be sure to arrive there in the morning because around 4 or 5 in the evening access to the monasteries is closed.

Very recommended for accomodation- Hotel Florena in Episkopos. On, they sometimes make big discounts. Can't wait for Greece again!
Travel Diary. What to visit in Bangkok?
Thailand is a very exotic country. For my first time in Asia, the fact that I had winter at home and summer in Thailand was overwhelming.  As I always advise: the key to the best travel is getting informed. Research and inform yourself in advance about the best sights, ways of transportation, food and local rules. For example, a strange thing seemed to me the fact that at 18:00 sharp the national hymn is heard around in the city center right on the streets, and the city freezes. People dignely hear the hymn, not even moving. Second interesting thing is - bargaining is the rule for tourists in Thailand. You have to bargain for a travel with tuk-tuk, buying souvenirs, flowers, fruits… mainly everything. The city is very big, and with huge traffic jams. Though the Thai authorities tried to improve the situation building an underground, sky train and BTS, cars, taxis, tuk-tuks and motorcycles which are also used as taxis, they are all over-charging the city. Such big traffic jams I never saw anywhere so far. Google says Bangkok is the 5th city in the world dealing with it.  So, if you have just 1-2 days in Bangkok I advise to go to the main sightseeing: the Grand Palace. It deserves at least a day to see everything, walking all the corridors and picturing main temples. Best way to access the destinations is via the Chao Phraya River by boat. Two options are available: the tourist boat (a ticket /day costs 150 Baht) or the simple line boat (a travel costs 15 Baht). In addition to it comes Wat Pho and Wat Arun. If you have like me more time to spend in Bangkok, as I did, take your time. Allocate half a day to the Flower Market (open in the evening/night), an entire day to the Bangkok National Museum and the Dusit Zoo. Outside Bangkok you can visit the floating markets and the elephants.  Recommended: Make a tour of the Jim Thompson House. I did not have the chance but locals advice it. 1. Wat Pho

2. Wat Arun

3. The Flower Market Many cities have flower markets, but what I saw in Bangkok was different. It is an interesting place even for those who do not love flowers. Prices and amazingly cheap and the images of hundreds of fresh cut orchids bunches is impressing. The industry of yellow flowers is very developped as it is dirrectly connected with religion. Every day, Thai people buy fresh yellow flowers and deposit it near a Buddha statute, or in their car, in their working place... as a sign of respect and gratitude to Buddha.

4. The Chatuchak Weekend Market is one of the world's largest weekend markets covering area of 70 rai altogether divided into 27 Sections, contains more than 15,000 booths selling goods from every part of Thailand. It is enourmous and the perfect place for finding interesting authentic things. It is also the cheapest market very accessible to tourists. Vendors come from local factories, like antique wood carving, clay handicrafts, local souvenirs from every parts of Thailand, Buddhist amulets, wooden funitures, hand made decorated flowers, plant, ceramic wares, dools, Thai Bejarong, Chinese wares, plants, stones, textiles and silk, outfits and even animals. Of course, lot of food also. A day is needed to visit.

5. The Dusit Zoo

They say food is delicious in Thailand. However, I was quite disgusted about the way Thai people cook and eat in the streets. Street food is at every 2 meters and local people eat a lot directly in the streets. No hygiene at all. Definitely go for fresh fruits which are delicious and hydrate yourself with fresh coconuts. As Thailand is the biggest exporter of shrimps, I mostly ate them in any way possible; outside the city there are many places where you can observe how they grow shrimps directly from the road. Shop at local markets for vegetables and fresh fish and better cook at your rented apartment (I was lucky to live at my friend’s house). In the restaurants for tourists, the food tastes not so strange and spicy, but prices are high. Generally speaking, Bangkok is a city of clearly traced contrasts: very poor people and the extremely rich layer. Just go for a walk in the commercial center to see how people shop Louis Vuitton, Chanel or Valentino.  Back to the food discussion, I advise to surpass your disgust and try at least once the Thai food with spicy soups and black rice. Black wild rice is considered very healthy and is more expensive than the usual white one, it is worth trying.

Sausages dirrectly on the street on that heat!

Some snakes for dinner?

Coconut sugar

You can see other posts about Thailand- here, here and here.
What to see in Chumphon?
Chumphon is a southern province of Thailand on the Gulf of Thailand. I have to mention it is not a typical tourist choice, because the range of hotels is not as big, instead- the beach is mostly wild. The region is under-explored yet for tourist development, but tourists do go there in search of wild beaches and peace. You can easily connect this region from Bangkok, which is approximately. 500 km distance. Planes and buses circulate everyday. Generally speaking, Thailand has a very good infrastructure, one of the best in South-Eastern Asia, sometimes even more developed than in some parts of Europe.  It is a good region to explore the tropical jungle and meet locals, see how they live and what are their daily activities. During weekends locals come with their families in the trucks and stay all day long under the shades, breathe the air and play with their children in the water. The view is truly familiar.  In addition to the beautiful islands and beaches, there are also a number of waterfalls, caves, parks, temples and markets which are worth a visit. During the 10 days we explored and saw some places around, as follows. 1. The number one rated place was to discover a fantastic wild beach. "The bounty beach" is a combination of words that firstly came to my mind when I saw the impressive view: white sand and blue water. Besides the public beach in Chumphon (Thung Wua Laen Beach) we went by motorcycle to a private property beach in Chumphon, where there is not a single person, no human influence around and everything is as the nature created it. I did not think these beaches still exist. The truth: go and explore for beautiful beaches in Thailand, they still exists and you can be more lucky and explore even more beautiful places!

2. The Chumphon View point. As I was said, from there you can see 3 islands at once in different directions.

Please notice, while we were celebrating the 2015 New Year, they are already in the 2558 year, more than 500 years ahead of us.

3. Wat Pa Yang. This is probably the most beautiful temple after the Grand Palace in Bangkok. It is unusual because it has a line of bells around the statute of Buddha and you have to ring every bell for 2 times and finally, after you finish, you should think of a wish and pray for it. At the top, there is another golden temple, also with many bells surrounding, impressing as well, with the view to the jungle.

4. Wat Pradoem. This temple is the archeological site in old Chumphon, at Tambon Tak Daet. It is located at the foot of Rap Ro Hill- used to be the port area in the ancient time. The view to the hill is absolutely amazing. There are beautiful stalactites and stalagmites inside Tham Sai. Buy some bananas and feed the monkeys around the temple, they are many and very friendly.

5. To be honest sometimes I got confused between all those strange names and I do not remeber how this place is named. All I know there is a cave and monks permanently live in the area. It has a beautiful view and inside the cave there is a big statute of Buddha (as in general the Buddhas statues are everywhere).

On the way, we stopped to add gasoline to the motorcycles and found a big family of locals. While waiting, they served us with fresh coconut, dirrectly from the coconut tree. They are very hospitable and curious about europeans. 

And finally choose a good place for rest. Although many tourists I met on the beach, at the market said they were renting a room with just 100 $/per month, if you go for only 10 days, it is not worth it. We went for the option  to rent a villa at the Armonia Village Resort and Spa.

The Damnoen Saduak Floating market and the ride with elephants
The Damnoen Saduak Floating Market and the Elephant Village are located outside Bangkok. We rented a car to get there, though I think there might be tourist excursions and transportation organized. We also visited a Coconut farm, a carving workshop and store on our way.  I was reading about the Damnoen Saduak on TripAdvisor before visiting and the tourists’ feedbacks were not very encouraging. However, I think the Floating Market is worth visiting. Yes, you have to see that market, even if prices are excessively high, you can always bargain, or simply enjoy the ride on the narrow boat, without even buying anything… even if the appearance of the water is not inviting. They sell everything there: national clothes, paintings, souvenirs, fruits, hats, useful and unnecessary things. I found the ride an interesting experience, it is colorful, beautiful, loud, exotic and my personal attitude is that you can't miss the only floating markets in the world. Of course, there are local markets where more locals and less tourists go, but time schedule is different for them (they are open mostly in early mornings and only on weekends) which does not always happen to coincide with a tourist's charged program. Other markets are: Taling Chan Market, Bang Ku Wiang Market, Tha Kha.  You can find cons and pros but places are designed to be seen, consequently it’s a pity to fly 8 hours from Europe and don’t get to see the unique floating markets and have a ride with an elephant and see the jungle.   Recommended: be informed that the market does not operate as it used in the past and be ready to bargain the prices for boats.

Bangkok Travel Diary. The Grand Palace.
The Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaeo (in translation the Temple of Emerald Buddha) deserves a special post and description. It is the most beautiful place in Bangkok, unmissable. Its size and architecture tells about the riches of Thai Royalty and its culture. It's an extremely big and crowded museum, as it is a popular tourist spot- a day is the least you can allocate for the exploration. But if you get to visit the Grand Palace, nothing else will impress you as much as this place in Thailand. Intricacy of the design, the elaborate decorations, the multitude of statues, pavilions, lots of gold leaf and color, the grandeur of temples, the roofs, the gardens, the courtyards... every angle you take pictures at is a great catch.  The compound was build during 200 years, in period of successive reigning kings. To mention that the Palace is still a working place for some governmental institutions and royal offices. It is divided into several quarters: the Temple of the Emerald Buddha; the Outer Court, with many public buildings; the Middle Court, including the Phra Maha Monthien Buildings, the Phra Maha Prasat Buildings and the Chakri Maha Prasat Buildings; the Inner Court and the Siwalai Gardens quarter.  Museum of Textile is the latest addition. It displays the current queen’s dresses and demonstrates the way she transformed the dress style for the Thai women. Generally noticed many tourists missing this museum on their walk, although entry ticket is included.  Recommended: while visiting dress adequately. Make sure you do not wear flip-flops or shorts, for men a long sleeved shirt is required, and for ladies covered shoulders and knees.

Best of 2014. The Year's Review.

I must recognize the horse last year brought me a lot of luck. I was running all the year as a horse and worked a lot, but how many beautiful memories I have in my mind now. At the beggining of the year leaving Winrock opnened new doors- a new job, the amazing trips to Barcelona and Bremen, the Flower Power project, lots of beautiful events, concerts, weddings, moving to Tallinn, the ESD School, the student life, meeting so may new people and finally closing with my ongoing trip to Bangkok and the Indian Ocean was truly a beautiful year to spend. I wouldn't change anything, 2014 was my inspirational year and maybe one of the best. Unfortunately, during 2014, the Read, Dress & Travel became a frogotten platform, but I know 2015 will improve that.

Unusual Christmas Eve
This year Christmas was not snowy, cold and without Santa. It was a hot Christmas celebrated in a hot city, which felt totally opposite down. I never could imagine it so unusual celebrating Christmas Eve at roof of a building, setting a table at the pool, moreover with that view of Bangkok. Too exotic with those dozens of orchids and a fish focused special menu. Me- impressed? Yes.

Barcelona- city guide in pictures
Booked well in advance, this trip was planned months and months ago, being worth the effort. I will start by saying that Gaudi has left a trace in Barcelona. Almost all touristic attractions are Gaudi's masterpieces. I recommend reading more about Gaudi before coming to Barcelona because there are many interesting facts to discover. Being prepared is a key to a successful trip. Gaudi’s Basilica, Sagrada Familia is the most wonderful construction I’ve ever seen. There is a sort of peaceful aura inside the Basilica maybe because of the amount of light running through the colorful mosaic. It is truly a very photogenic building from inside, out of habit for the interiors of Basilicas or Churches. Climbing the tours is also impressive, but not overwhelming. The narrow stairs and limited space at the top of the tours does not offer a free view adown.   La Pedrera/Casa Mila is my second touristic focus-point in Barcelona. The unusual facade and the round 360 degrees small Patio offers just a segment of what Casa Mila incorporates. Shame the exterior was under wraps at the moment of our visit. Inside the apartment Gaudi planned, does truly not have corners and the interior is old but modern. I would live in a house like that! And the roof is also worth seeing. Generally, all Gaudi's masterpieces have all the same principle and same remarkable elements: doors, handles, windows, chairs, lofts, paving. Apparently, Gaudi was original and innovative at everything. I already mentioned in the previous post that there are 4 most important museums to visit in Barcelona using the Art ticket- the Museu Nacional D`Art de Catalunya, the Museu D`Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA), Museu Picasso and Fundacio Juan Miro. Museu Antoni Tapiera is also included in the Art ticket, but we did not visit it. Go for this choice, the Art Ticket is somehow a sort of "cultural obligation" once you've paid the cost.  Spend a mid-day in Park Gaudi, spend a day or more in El Born, El Gotico, El Raval. Lose yourself in those streets with hundreds of shops and bars. El Born was my favorite area, so inspirational. It's like you want to remember all the interesting ideas and you want to see everything. There is also a beautiful Cathedral which you can wonder around in. The beach is also just a 10 minute walk away so you can have both a beach holiday and a city break in one. Plus you are quite close to the Parc Ciutadella which is a relaxing place to sit in the afternoon or rent a boat and have a walk on the small lake. El Born is the cultural part of the city with a vibrant café culture and bar scene. And finally, do not forget to have a long walk on the Placa d'Espanya and the the Magic Fountain is a free music and light show based around the fountains. For us, the Magic Fountain was a beautiful place to finish our travel.  Hope these recommendations of the main focus-points in Barcelona will be useful for tourists entering this post; all in one, do not forget to plan your days very precisely on paper and always re-adapt to the situation.

La Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia Tower

Sagrada Familia corridor

Casa Batillo

Casa Mila/La Pedreira

Casa Mila/La Pedreira-el Patio

Inside the Casa Mila

Casa Mila/La Pedreira roof top

On the rooftop  of the Casa Mila people people tend to make Sagrada familia subject of their photographs

Camp Nou

The football match was an incredible experience with such a score- 7:0

With an Art ticket like that you have access to 6 museums in Barcelona. Price: 30 euros

Museu Nacional D`Art de Catalunya




View from Montjuc

Google maps saved us many times even with no wifi connection. Genius !

Park de la Ciutadella

Park de la Ciutadella


Use the site to search for apartments in Barcelona. We used it and it worked quite well. Visit other Read, Dress &Travel posts about Barcelona: here, here and here.
Barceloneta & La Boqueria impressions
A walk around the Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta is simply a must. Barcelonian people are very lucky. The city has seven kilometres of golden sands, running from the bustling Port Vell to the upscale Port Olímpic and beyond to the Fòrum. I think 9 months /per year people enjoy the sun on the beach, even if the water is not properly warm. I would spend my time in Barceloneta for a run in the mornings or a walk with the bike on weekends, reading a book on the sand, enjoying the sun or even observing how people gather in groups and freely enjoy the time together. On the other hand, I assume Barceloneta is transforming on weekend nights in crazy night life adventures with that number of clubs and pubs on the shore. I can imagine Barcelona would be an amazing place to live. There is so much to do in the city, and such an inspiring setting. Living in cities that do not have exit to water, you probably appreciate more the sea at the edge of your city. It's like you're being on vacation every single day of the year.

Boqueria is heaven for stomache's desires. I have seen quite many markets in different cities, bur nothing comepares with Boqueria. Apparently there is nothing special, just a market in the heart of the city. But the way fruits and vegetables are arranged, the assortment, the colors- it looks so attractive, even if smells less attractive. Recommended: Try the fresh juices, every color is even better that the other one! We even payed a visit at la Buqueria on evenings after dinner just for these fresh juices. And please, don't go there hungry, prices at la Boqueria are much higher.On Sunday, Boqueria is closed, on weekdays it works till 21:00.

What to eat in Barcelona?
All kinds of shops and bars make your choices hard when it comes the time for lunch or dinner. Sometimes your hunger can disappear if you become too exigent to your research of restaurants. More than that, unattractive pubs from outside can impress you with their menu del dia, in a good sense. The Catalan-Mediterranean cuisine is delicious, but these kinds of restaurants are prevailed by a sort of fast-food cafeterias at every corner, better ignore them! I would recommend trying the Tapas, following with Paella with seafood or vegetables and a Sangria for beverage. Or better-a menu del dia will make your choice easier and you will have a complete lunch for less money for that quantity. If you are an exigent gourmand, food in Barcelona is so diversified, from sea-food to home-made fast-food- a tourist is just forced to try everything, even with the fear of gaining some kilos extra.  Recommended- Restaurante Japones Wok Arc de Triomf, Opium Mar, La Poma, Pijama Restaurant.

Barcelona highlights
Oh, Barcelona is a city of inspiration and movement. There are many places to see and if your feet feel comfortable walking for hours and hours, don't hesitate to cover Barcelona's streets all by foot. At first I felt confused about all those tourist attractions I have read about, but in a day or two it all cleared up. The location of your accommodation is very important, you can arrange your sightseeing almost by not using the public transportation, mostly if you live right at the corner of the MAC BA museum (as we did) at 5 minutes from the trajectory of the La Rambla, Place Catalunya, Passieg de Garcia.  9 days in Barcelona are relatively enough to have a more or less relaxed stay, but with tense schedule in specific days because of the location. Must-sees are : La Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila/La Pedreira and the roof-top view, The Camp Nou for a football match, and the 4 most important museums for a cultural "enlargement": the Museu Nacional D`Art de Catalunya, the Museu D`Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA), Museu Picasso and Fundacio Juan Miro, using the ArtTicket BNC. I strongly recommend visiting the Museu Nacional D`Art de Catalunya. Even for non-connaiseurs, this is a touristic location worth seeing from inside and outside as well. Stay there till it gets darker and on't miss up the Magic Fountains show. A walk around Barcelonetta and some hours spend on the beach is simply mandatory. If you succeed to rend a bike, that will save up your feet from pains. Offering a half a day spend in the Park Guell is more than enough if you have a tense holiday.  Barcelona in pictures seems a bit different, maybe pictures do not show the city architecture's "grandeur" but for sure my pictures will generate a burning desire to buy plane tickets and fly directly to destination <Barcelona> :)

The winter vacation memories
Exactly 2 years ago my winter vacation was different than this year's. We had a family trip to Austria for ski. Of course it was a dream vacation even if it was my first experience with skiing. The Kreischberg Lodge, located in St. Georgen ob Murau was the best accommodation possible with sufficient space for 9 people and with only minutes away from the Kreischberg lift station. The "bunny house" completely made of wood was fully equipped with everything necessary, even with many board games hidden in trays and drawers (a fact which we discovered in our last days). Best memories of that winter? The inauguration of the snow man outside the house. The delight of watching the white snowflakes through the window. The challenge of equilibrium, panic and control on skis. The walks through the wood and all those trees incredibly covered by fresh snow. And those friendly evenings. All these images are still in my head right now. But it's winter in Chisinau! Time to make new memories!

The house looks modest from outside, but inside it's the most comfy and warm house especially for winter vacation. The view from the window is splendid both by day and night.

Click  here to find & book the amazing woden chalet house. 

Best of 2013. The Year's Review.
Here again, I am writing the review of my 2013. My diary survived the 2013, even if I did not post too often. Daily activities make impossible to show interesting posts and photos. Basically, the routine is not attractive to anyone. Meanwhile, this 2013 passed away soooo quickly. Important events happened this year, this kind of events you have always in your heart. An eminent event full of responsibility and maturity happened to me in this 2013. Afterwards, there was I  getting a new job, this summer. Yeah, you never have too much time to relax. The other half of the year vanished in the speed of many deadlines, activities, events, work, work and work. So, reviewing, every year has its charms and every year has its own impact on your personality. This year made me understand some things for myself, grow up and assume risks. The end of the year surprisingly brought me many pleasant surprises, professionally speaking. I only wish next year, my 2014, will be even more fruitful and even much more brilliant. And you, did you check your 2013 list and did you write your list of expectations for 2014? I did, and this 2014 is promising to be just wonderful.

10 Things to do before/on Christmas
1. Reinvent your Christmas tree. Old or new, think about giving another garment to it by using different colors or hand-made details. Or, create a book Christmas tree, a bottle Christmas tree; you can find plenty of ideas. 2. Finish all your planned activities on your working calendar, otherwise the magic of holidays will be overlaid with work, work, work and you don't want that. 3. Find your downloaded Christmas songs folders and move them on the desktop. 4. Create a hand-made Christmas wreath from natural cinnamon, berries, dried fruits and pine-cones. Put it on the table or hang it on your entrance door. 5. Write your letter to Santa and buy presents!  Think about this in advance and wrap them differently than the previous year. Use name tags. In case you have time, send Christmas cards to your friends abroad, I am sure they will be surprised. 6. Buy yourself a new knitted sweater Christmas themed for the evenings at home. 7. Fulfill the Christmas stocking with candies and sweets for the little ones coming to your place. 8. Prepare home-made Glühwein with fresh oranges.  9. Help a child, a family in need or simply a gramma begging on the street.   10. Have a splendid Christmas near your family and friends.

Christmas mood & inspiration
Sărbătorile de Crăciun se apropie cu pasi rapizi, cît ai clipi din ochi o sa fie curînd şi Revelionul şi apoi o să ne trezim noi, muritorii de rînd, devastaţi sau încîntaţi de ideea unui nou început de an. De fapt, în fiecare an se intîmplă acelaşi lucruri, sărbătorile rămîn aceleaşi. Contează însă schimbările din viaţa ta, locuinţa ta, realizările, eşecurile şi, cel mai important probabil, scopurile pentru noul an. În fond, oamenii dragi noua sunt cei fac sărbătorile de Crăciun memorabile, deosebite şi altfel.  Aşadar, anume pentru oamenii dragi nouă propun să începem cu decorarea locuinţelor, împodobirea bradului şi pregătirea meniului pentru sărbători. Tot ce inspiră nuante de alb-cald, galben, roşu şi miros de brad îmi trezeşte dorinţa de a meşteri ceva nou pentru Crăciun. Optez însă, pentru un brad artificial, că totuşi numărul brazilor taiaţi anual este usturător de mare. Mai jos gasiţi cîteva linkuri cu inspiraţie şi idei utile pentru decorarea locuinţei. Eu am colectat cîteva fotografii din arhiva mea personală din anii trecuţi care sa inspire căldura feeriei de Crăciun pentru fiecare din voi! p.s. Ahh, ce-mi mai place mie mirosul de vin fiert şi gustul de ghimbir!

And now some ideas about what you can DIY for those you love:

Packing tips via casa di Falconi

Interesting arrangements and letter on the door via Our Unexpected Journey

Table arrangement via Isabella Smith 

Christmas wrapping ideas by Findinghomeonline

Via Cherry Heart

Via Pretty Handy Girl

Via 17 Apart  

Via Province Design

  And you, are you ready for Christmas? If you still lack ideas for wrapping gifts check out the ports made by How to nest for less. They have great cards for packing gifts here, here and here. This one below is my favorite :)

Some people collect magnets, some people collect cups, others- dolls, spoons or shoes. My collection counts a small number of ceramic and wooden souvenir shoes which mostly friends bring me from their travels. My mother bought the first pair of souvenir wooden shoes from Amsterdam more than 10 years ago. Since then, I started collecting them. Surprisingly, I also found and bought two unique pieces of these in Chisinau. Besides, collecting memories from travels, they are good for keeping small things like jewellery inside. And you, what are you collecting from travels?

From Corsica

From Yard Sale, Chisinau

From Amsterdam

From Paris

From Yard Sale, Chisinau

From Strasbourg
Pamukkale- a must see
Pamukkale is a MUST-SEE. They say if you didn't visit Pamukkale, you haven't been in Turkey.  True or not, Pamukkale is a spectacular place due to its breathtaking panoramas. First time in my life I have seen to much whiteness around. The bizarre calcium cliff bathing pools are the reason of the white surroundings which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Control regulations require removing your shoes before stepping on the immaculate travertines. This fact did not disturb me at all, because the real charm of the place lies in experiencing these travertines with naked feet. Some people even bathe into the blue water of the travertines. Actually there is also Cleopatra's thermal pool with mineral water. But if you have limited time, I would not recommend going to Cleopatra's pool as you will miss great places around. Don't be fooled into thinking you only need a couple of hours - you're right on top of a whole historic sight to rival any ancient city so take time to wander around it. We started our trip by climbing the hill to the the great Roman amphitheater of Hierapolis which lies just above the travertines. It should not be dismissed from visiting because later on, it becomes impossible to climb the hill in that heat. Afterwards, we visited Cleopatra's pool of course and tasted the mineral water from the source. But we did not bathe into the Cleopatra's pool,  instead- the travertines were our focus point and they were worth seeing! After several hours staying in direct sun, the Garden is a beautiful place to refresh, rest in the shade of pine trees and oleanders and admire the whole view. The Hierapolis Archaeology Museum remained, unfortunately, unvisited by us. The disadvantage of our trip was that it took us some time to drive by bus and then to walk around under the scorching sun. 4 bottles of water were not enough for us, we got sunburned a little bit.. The place was quite crowded, but on the other hand I do not remember any important monuments in the world which are not crowded by tourists, do you? 

Take a look also at the Vacation Recap post- here Thank you for reading! V.
Summer vacation recap
Turkey is a country of contrasts, of traditionalism and luxury, history and modernism, of rich culture and deception.  A vacation in Turkey is either the best you have, either nothing. Meanwhile, a traveler-explorer would feel himself uncomfortable in a country like Turkey because arrangement of excursions or visits seems difficult to organize by own. Travel agencies are at every corner, in every bazaar, near every hotel, offering the "best prices" and extra services, as a special offer especially for the best customer, as you are. The idea is that you pay for both without any special offers. The business is to sell as much as possible, to approach in a dozen the poor tourist and to definitely foolish him, using various sales-oriented strategies (...)   To bargain or not to bargain? Neither of them. If you start a conversation by asking the price, you will end up by bargaining and finally, buying useless products of the worse quality ever. I did not buy anything too much expensive, except an excursion to Pamukkale which included a hammam procedure, as a special offer of course:)) Pamukkale was worth the hours spent in the bus, the unbearable heat and those time- wasteful stops to shops (not included in the program, but which the guide took as obligatory) exhibiting wines, turkish delights, cosmetics, spices, souvenirs made of onyx, for example a tea cup made of onyx for 80 $, as a special offer, of course. All in one, the vacation target was accomplished. Now I miss the super clean Mediterranean sea, which btw - offered a fish spa for free, as small piranhas were everywhere in the sea waiting to bite you, brrrr. I miss the sunrise at 6:20 in the morning. I miss the delicious and fresh figs. Now I miss my entire vacation...

The tremendous Graduation Party
Hurray! I finally got these photographs I was waiting for so long! Four years of university are now history. So here there are the highlights captured during my (our) Graduation Party.  Today, after a month after, my thoughts have totally cleared away. I only know that we, obviously, organized the best graduation party, in the best way we could. Probably now, I would have added even more details, decorations and ideas. But then, organizing the Official University Ceremony, the party preparations,  in between-dance courses and jobs applications or interviews, it all- simultaneously overlapped.  They say that the best moments are during university, though I believe the best is yet to come.  To revise, it took us not so much time for organizing the party. In December, we searched for the party hall and found the amazing Eventus, that prepared our delicious food and also took care of the sweet buffet and cake. Other details were mostly discussed and arranged last minute. The white frames were super-easy painted with white spray, and letters were hand-made glued to the background surface. I prepared my own flower wreath, as well as the simple bouquets of roses for the professors.And of course, the Keiser Band musical quintet made our meeting time absolutely pleasurable. Later on, we danced some folk and then the DJ set fire to the dance floor. Apparently the color of the event was GREEN, no dress code was needed as by coincidence, majority of girls showed up in a shade of green. Haha, it still amuses me. I am sure different students have different memories of this event. For some, it was a chance to drink a bit more:), for others- it was a chance to put on the best dress and make-up. For me, it was a tremendous party that made my feet motionless in the end. Days after, I was still recovering:) Enjoy the next photos. More details and fresh impressions can be found in the previous Instagram post, in case you haven't seen it already.

Photo credits: Sergiu Bîrca. Thank you for reading! V.
Instagraming the Graduation Ball
Graduation is maybe the most remarkable moment in one's life. It is the time that people feel melancholia and relief in the same time. It is the time that people make confessions, express gratitude or remember strange and funny histories while dancing a slow song.  It is the time to realize that you never actually have spoken properly to your colleague that was sitting next to you during classes. It is the time you still feel like a student- free, happy, young and restless. Yesterday, my University Graduation Ball took place and I must admit it was truly unique, spectacular and impeccable students' party ever! We crossed the fingers to have a nice weather and it could not have been otherwise. The party hall was a chic location with entrance through a pleasant pavilion outside, fully decorated with pig pots of hydrangeas. The interior was fully in white, with orchids decorating the tables and several enormous white lamps.  All in one, the atmosphere created this event. We had fun, some moments were formal and other moments were extremely funny. I cannot find any drawback of our graduation party, except it was over so quickly. I still cannot realize, we prepared all details for long weeks before, and that day is finished now. Snapshots captured on instagram can reflect those moments (a small part of a million) we, or at least I, will keep in my memory long over after. 

A capture of the wreath of flowers I wore and the red wreath of flowers I created for the Queen of the Ball.

Can't wait for the other photos:) They will be soon.
Let's ride the bicycle!
These photos are quite old, they have almost 2 years, but I never published them here, on the blog. Now the time has come for them. Enjoy!

photos taken by Adrian Hancu.

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