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Nuovo Teatro dell'Opera Di Firenze
A perfect location for a photoshoot in Florence.

Streets of Love
Although I usually wear more romantic and "girlish" outfits, sometimes I feel like wearing something more aggressive in a rock-style. When I found this black maxi tunk dress in a flea market I'd instantly created in my imagination a perfect "rock" outfit with it.  Few days ago I went for a walk with my friend Serjio to take pictures, but  next time I would definitely wear it for a rock-concert. :)

   Leather jacket - SavageBoots - EbayShawl - VintageP.S. Tomorrow I go to Italy for 2 weeks! I'll try to publish something new from my trip as soon as possible! xx
Once in Prague
Although I've been in Prague many times, I'm always happy to visit it again and again!This time I came to visit my best friend and spent there 5 happy days!

Spring Break in France!
It was a really good idea to go to France for a Spring break! French chic and elegatce - these are the sings that i really miss in Bilbao!So, here we go.. or.. it's better to say voilà :Bordeaux

Trip to Biarritz!
Just 2 hours from Bilbao, close to the border, you can find amazingly beautiful and elegant city Biarritz. I was really impressed and I'm planning to come back there soon, to spend there some more time!

KAIXO from Bilbao!
Nice sunny day in my new "home" for the next 2 years!I should tell you, that the Guggenheim Museum building made by Frank Gehry it's really worth seeing! Amazing futuristic artpiece! I am so blessed to see it everyday, cause it's just right in from of my alma mater - University of Deusto!

Birthday Present!
Two weeks ago my beloved boyfriend had a Birthday. Unfortunately, I could't come to Palermo and congratulate him personally, because I had to prepare fo my exams..( However, I wanted to do something really special for him and to show how much I Love and Miss him.So, I decided to make him a romantic birthday video.He was so excited and moved by my present! And I was happy that he liked it!Today I decided to share this video with you - and I hope, you'll like it!))Love and be loved, my dear readers. It's the best thing in the Universe!xxAlexadra
Barcelona - again and again!
I am never tired to visit my favorite city in the World - Barcelona!This time I spent there a wonderful weekrnd with my erasmus friends!

Scarf: GucciCoat: COSTrousers: ZaraShoues: BurberryBag: Gattinoni

My Cousin's Wedding
And here are some pictures from the wedding of my cousin.For the official day ceremony I was wearing my favourite COS skirt and a plain white top and for the dinner the dress Alexandrie Z Alexandra, designed by me! I hope you like it!

University Days - Final exams
Because of the exams, I don't have enough time neither for entertainment, nor for blogging... Yes, I'm really a model pupil! :))On Tuesday I passed my first State exam and I'm very glad about my results. I't well-known, that student's dress code for exams is formal, but I thought that ordinary "Black and white" outfit would be too boring for summer. That's why I decided to wear stylish Oasap shirt with Green trousers. I think, it's a nice alternative to the dull formal uniform! Do you like it?)

White shirt - OASAPTrousers - ZaraShoes - H&MBag - ASOSPictures - SerjioHYPE if you like it!)
Sunny Evening
 Last days, weather in Chisinau (my hometown) is really crazy! It's too hot for spring!So, the only possibility to take a stroll and to enjoy it - is to go outside in the evening. For this walks I prefer something simple and comfortable, like jeans and t-shirts!Here are some pictures that were made today in course of airing in Botanic Garden. Thanks to photographer  Serjio!

My today's song-mood:  Listen or download Max & Simon Such a Colorful World for free on Prostopleer
Inspiration: Sea Green, Mint, Caribbean Green, Cockatoo
It has been a lot said about Trend colours of this season - pastel green and mint. These colours are everywhere now - you can find dresses, skirts, shoes.. whatever, of these delicate, girlish colours. Personally I adore this trend and think that these tint of green are perfect for Spring, they are symbolizing the Mother Nature herself. Green also reminds me of fairies, elfs and magic forest.Inspiring by these colours, I've bought wonderful fabrics. However, I haven't decided yet, what to sew with them.. Dress.. Jacket? Do you have any ideas?)

* In reality the colours are a little bit differens, more saturated and more.. Green!And here is my Set of Inspiration:MINT

MINT by alexandrish featuring a flower broochLace cocktail dress, 140 PLNMarni top, $247Tara Jarmon turquoise jacket, €520Summer vest, £7Charlotte Olympia strappy high heels, $1,075H&M flat heels, £7.99ASOS patent leather shoes, $68Vintage shoulder bag, $55Chanel shoulder bagZara flower brooch, $9.90Silken Favours square silk scarve, £135Pieces studded leather belt, £6Guerlain perfume, $59Gina Tricot - Bella nail polish 51 sky blue (0970), 39 SEK

( http://stylelistsays.tumblr.com)

( http://seafoamgreenappreciation.tumblr.com)
Lady in Red
Hello, dear readers!A long time ago, I wrote about the red skirt that I had made and promised you to show the pictures from the photosession. Unfortunately, I had some difficulties with my friend-photographer, so I haven't recieved my photos yet.However, I have some unpolished "preview" photos and I decided to share them with you, cause I couldn't wait more! I hope, you'll like them!July 2011, Botanical garden, me and my "multifunctional" skirt, that transformed into dress.

!!!  P.S. I have good news for you! Sheinside made a great present for me and my readers! You can save 20% by entering coupon code ALEX20 at checkout, this code is exclusive for my readers and will be expired on April 30th!
Amazing Jacket and Floral Print
I fell in love at first sight with this wonderful printed silk faille jacket by Mary Katrantzou. (by the way, the whole collection SS 2012 is fantastic, isn't it?) I think that it's not only a well-crafted stylish piece of clothing, it's really a work of art. Everything there is beautiful: fabric, design, print.I love biker jackets so much and the thing that it's an unusual biker’s jacket that comes with the digital blooms design seemed very interesting to me. It is set in silk  with a very feminine mix of all its flowery design. It is very luxurious looking for a biker’s jacket and gives just the right and perfect boy meets girl design. I created for myself a perfect outfit with this jacket - simple, but ath the same time very chic. Do you like it?Amazing jacket!

However, as you might have noticed there were loads of other floral-printed items on the Spring-Summer 2012 runway.  I really like this trend, it's very feminine fresh and bright, like Nature itself, it makes every girl and woman look so romantic and cute. So, Floral Prints is my choice for this Spring!Flora


Luck is an attitude

My "Little black dress". Barbarella. Martini Rocks w/ Fedor Fomin.It was a nice party with great music, Martini and of course my beloved boyfriend whom I missed so much. <3
Where is My Spring?
The first days of Spring came with snow, rain and awful weather. It didn't look like Spring at all and my only wishwas to stay at home and  drink hot tea with cookies. My mood changed when I recieved a wonderful present from the web-store SheInside. The company had sent me Woolen double-breasted Lapel Green Coat and I thought that it would be just perfect for this weather. 

I couldn't wait to wear it, so today I decided to take a stroll with my friend and  make some pictures.Thermos cup with hot tea, mittens and warm snood made my walk very comfortable :)

 Coat - SheinsideSnood - MotiviMittens - AccessoriesBag - Marc O'PoloCup - Starbucks
Oscar 2012 - My favourite outfits
As I noticed, the main Colours of that evening were White, Beige, Blue and differet tints of Red. Charlene Wittstock (Princess of Monaco) in Akris

                                                   Emma Stone  in  Giambattista Valli

Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford

                                                                                   Kristen Wiig in J.Mendel

Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton

Maria Menounos in Maria Lucia Hohan

And what are your favourites?))
Christian Siriano F/W 2012-2013
ENG: Frankly speaking, usually I'm not very excited about the Fashion Weeks. I do not follow all the fashion-events and do not review in sweet anticipation all the shows in a row. I'm looking forward only to the shows  of my favorite designers. One of them is young and fierce, Christian Siriano. Since I first saw Project Runway, I literally fall in love with him. Not only do I like him because of  his charisma, but also because of his extraordinary talent and vivacity of ideas, skills and vision of the modern woman. Christian Siriano Girl  is always neat, elegant, sophisticated and very feminine. About a week ago Christian presented his latest collection, Fall-Winter 2012/2013 on New-York Fashion Week.RU: Это может показаться странным, но Недели Мод никогда не вызывали у меня особых чувств. Я не слежу за всеми фешн-событиями, не пересматриваю все показы подряд в сладостном предвкушении, так что многое проходит мимо меня. Я смотрю  показы исключительно тех дизайнеров, которых могу называть своими Любимыми. Один из них - молодой и дерзкий Кристиан Сириано.  За его работами я начала следить после того, как посмотрела Проект Подиум с его участием.Он покорил меня не только своей харизмой, но и необычайным талантом, живостью идей, мастерством и особым виденьем современной женщины. Девушка от Кристиана Сириано - всегда подтянутая, элегантная, утонченная и очень женственная.Чуть больше недели назад, на Нью-Йоркской Неделе Моды, Кристиан представил свою очередную коллекцию, Осень-Зима 2012/2013. 

ENG: In contrast to his bright, colourful and easy Spring Collection, his new collection is quite dark and has sharp silhouettes. The main colors of this collection are Winter White, Black, maroon and smoky-gray. As Christiano said, he was inspired by a horror movie  "The Vampire Bat".  We can find these Creepy and Dramatic traits both in cloth and in make-up/hair-style, just imagine:  tight hair, simple eyes with a little gloss, and big dark lips with angled.shapeOnce again Christian pleased us with a variety of textures, fabrics and patterns. Everything, from chiffon to leather, from trouser suits to elegant evening gowns, can be found in his new collection.RU: В отличии от  светлой, легкой и полной красок, Весенней Коллекции, в новом сезоне  он придерживается довольно темных цветов и четких силуэтов. Основные цвета его новой коллекции - снежно-белый, черный, бордовый, и дымчато-серый. По словам самого дизайнера, создавая её, он вдохновлялся фильмом ужасов  "Вампир-летучая мышь", снятом в 1933 году. Что-то такое "вампирское" можно найти не только в самой одежде, но и в образах в целом: туго собранный волосы, легкие отблески на глазах, и темно-вишневые, с заостренными уголками губы.Что же касается самой одежды, тут Кристиан опять порадовал разнообразием текстур, тканей и моделей. Здесь можно найти все, от шифона до кожи, от брючного костюма, до шикарного вечернего платья. Лично я его новой коллекцией осталась очень довольна. И была бы у меня возможность, я купила бы Всё оттуда!

Presents - for Him and for Me
Frankly speaking, I don't like to knit, I prefer sewing. But for this New Year I wanted to make something special for my boyfriend..something agreeable and cute, something perfect for a wintry weather. That's why I decided to knit hin scarf, as a part of my present.

Sometimes I also like to make presents for myself, so this year I decided to indulge myself with this perfect jacket by CHLOE. I dreamed about it for a very long time, so when I found it with 80% sale, I just couldn't refrain from buying it.

Bal Masque 2
New Year's party was amazing! I spent a wonderful time with my friends, drinking champagne, dancing and having fun!As I promised, here are the photos of my mask + some photos from NY party)

My friend Nika made me a perfect make-up and hairstyle

Bal Masque
This New Year's Eve I am going to celebrate with my friends in my favourite club Barbarella. There bill be Bal Mascque with a special dress code: Girls - MasquesBiys - Bow ties

Thinking about the masque for this event i decided that I want something simple, but sophisticated. As I couldn't fins smthng appropriate.. I decided to buy a simple masque and to decorate it.The result I'll show you in my next post, but now I want to show you How I was making it.. and my Inspiration!

My dear readers, May 2012 bring you happiness, health, and, may your dreams turn into goals, and your goals become achievements!!!
Cold weather, cold mood
I apologise for being such a bad blogger. I haven't written new posts on my blog for more than a month.. I have a very  busy schedule at my University + TOEFL preparation courses + a lot of homework..arr... and all this is driving me crazy! I don't even have a mood to take pictures or sew something! But I promise, that I'll do my best in order to manage to post here somehing interesting from time to time!Now I's so cold outside.. The real Autumn came to Chisinau. Because of this I have a kind of depression and lack of inspiration.. So, my today's look will be very simple and casual.

Take no notice of that, I believe that everything will change. I have good news, that I's like to share with you: I am going to Barcelona in a week - to celebrate my Birthday! It was my dream and I'm so glad that it will come true! ;))
Hello Fall!
It's quite fresh outside and I miss summer so much! I don't want to "part" with my favourite shorts, so I've chosen the best variant for me!)) 

P.S.Thank you http://wekran.com/ for adding my blog to your application! I'm so happy about it!So, dear readers, now you can read my blog right from this useful application!))
Summer is almost over and it makes me so sad...The last three calendar month were amazing! And I decided to post the photos from one of the best days of my summer:. That day we went to a Starbeach (a crazy place where everything is possible!)

My friend changed his cloth into this crazy costume..It was so funny! :)))

If you are in Crete, you shold definitely go to Starbeach!

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