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                                                     without words:!:):*.

(Alissa Evtodieva):):*.

(Katya Juja):!:):*.

(Alexandra Badea):!:):*.

(Diana Guresoaie):!:):*.

(Christina Tufa):!:):*.

(Irina Tudose):!:):*.

(Medeea Haruki):!:):*.

(Madalina Tenea):!:):*.

(Ioana Ieremia):!:):*.

(Doina Popa):!:):*.

(Lilia Lozan):!:):*.

(Ksenia Deli):!:):*.

Lilia Ojovan):!:):*.

(Andreea Raicu)!:):*.


(Svetlana Stanchevici):!:):*.

(Vlada Bernevec):!:):*.

(Olga Buzova):!:):*.

(Andra Chiorascu)!:):*.

(Roberta Mircea):!:):*.

(Kaelin Kay):!:):*.

(Andreea Vilau):!:):*.

(Stoicescu Alexandra):!:):*.

(Simona Iftimi):!:):*. (

(Atena Popa):!:):*.

(Adina Grapa):!:):*.

(Ksenia Borodina):!:):*.

(Marina Afrikantova):!:):*.en Vogue: with Love!:):*.
Felt on the Fly or Fantastic Toys!:):*.

Prietena mea cea mai buna de curind s a apucat de o indeletnicire extrem de interesanta si anume de crearea unor jucarii handmade care zugravesc bunadispozitie,originalitatea precum si calitatea.Sunt niste jucarii care transmit un pozitivizm exclusivist.In viziunie mea ea a reusit sa logodeasca Frumosul cu Unicul,iar fiecare jucarie este menita sa iti deseneze sclipirea in ochi.Jucariile acestea sunt absolut splendide sunt numai stralucire,lumina si caz ca v a impresionat vreo jucarie o putetzi achizitiona la un pret rezonabil iar contactele de rigoare le aveti afisate mai jos.Ea realizeaza deasemnea si jucarii la comanda in dependenta de optiunea dvs.Iar acum va las sa tregetzi cu ochiul la ele:

en Vogue:Contactele:tel:079441115 iar adresa de fb. este Alissa Evtodieva.Sper ca ati ramas frapati de aceste creatii absolut sublime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.:):*.
en Vogue:Movies!:):*.
This is a list of 28 great movies every women should watch (in my opinion):1.''Breakfast at Tiffany's''.2.''Annie Hall''.3.''Paris a tout prix''.4.''The other woman''.5.''The diary of Anne Frank''.6.''Funny girl''.7.''Girls just want to have fun''.8.''Almost famous''.9.''Brief encounter''.10.''The one and only''.11.''La vie en rose''.12.''Dirty dancing''.13.''Prrety in pink''.14.''The red shoes''.15.''Life is beautiful''.16.''Spanglish''.17.''Lovely and Amazing''.18.''In her shoes''.19.''Wina Date with Tad Hamilton''.20.''Crush''.21.''The good girl''.22.''Hors de prix''.23.''Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day''.24.''The lucky one''.25.''Silkwood''.26.'' Love comes softly''.27.''Amelie''.28. The Bridges of Madison County''.en Vogue:Girls Just Want to HThe films below all share great female characters, wonderful stories, and exceptional scripts. If there are any I have missed off this list (and I know there are many!), please let me know….!:):*.ave FunGirls Just Want to Have FunAnnie HallAnnie HalAnnie HalllAnnie HallAnnie Hall
Delia Matache!:en Voguuuuuuueeeeeeee!:):*.♥.♥♥.♥♥.!:):*.

I love her! Her songs are all so catchy!I always think Delia looks gorgeous!

Damn hot matter what kind of foto! en Vogue:Enjoy it!:):*.
My best friend!:):*.
If two hearts are meant to be Friends,no matter how long it takes,how far they go,how tough it seems,fate will bring them together to share friendship Forever!:):*.I miss my Best Friend!:):*.

Dear bestfriend,please stay in my life forever because you're one of the best things to ever happen to me!:):*.

I  love you!:):*.
en Vogue:Gossip girlssssss!:):*.:):*.
                                     You know you love me, XOXO.Gossip girl!  

"Every happy ending is just a new beginning. Because on the Upper East Side, the good times never lasts forever."en Vogue:Kiss you!:):*.
en Vogueeee:Mирослава Дума!:)
I have literally been obsessing over her style for some time now …. Miroslava Duma was an editor for Harper's Bazaar (Russia) and she is now a freelance writer for numerous publications such as Glamour, OK Magazine and Tatler (all in Russia)… She is such an inspiration !:).

Юлия Голубева:en Vogue!:):*.
 Юлия is a very beautiful girl and is very stylish!:).Everything she wears looks good on her and she has a really good taste for fashion!:):*.

Roberta Ficutz:different makes the difference!:*.
She is fabulous! She looks great! I think she truly knows and likes herself and that is a perfect example for any female to follow. She is a leader – not a slave to fashion.

I think that Roberta  is an inspiration to us all!
Picture Perfect!:*.
Perfect Girlsssssss is hereeeeeeeeeeeeeee:ENJOY!:X:*.

Black and White dream!:*.
 Black and white photography is an intriguing art form.They say so many things without having to use color. I love taking pictures                  with no color.

Black and White :en Vogue!:*.
Trend Alert: Socks + Sandals!:*.:*.

Socks and sandals style…once a fashion faux-pas; now a fashion trend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:*.

En Vogue:Socks and Sandals!:*.
''Girls of the 60's''!:*.

 I think the 60s were a decade of sexual freedom for woman, so it showed in the style and sexiness of that time. I love the seductiveness of the woman and the sense of enjoyment and fun they give off.

Innocence and real, drugs, and rock and roll!En Vogue:Style is everything!:*.
Vintage Gem!:*.
I love vintage fashion and the iconic women of the fashion world. I love everything vintage because of the way it looks.I cannot get enough of vintage fashion because I'm just about the biggest girly-girly you'll ever meet. While I'm grateful that women today have the freedom to dress however they wish, personally, I strive to always dress very femininely, because I feel that reflects who I am the best.I am truly obsessed with vintage fashion. It’s a perfect way to remain an individual while recycling some of times most amazing garments.Vintage clothing is a reminder to those who have a deep appreciation of a specific period of the past, or the roles of previous generations. Many fans collect the classic works designed by their most favorite designers in history. Vintage clothing conveys a rich source of information of its time, with an enormously wide range of imaginative styles. Some people even collect vintage clothing as an investment. Their targets are mainly vintage clothing designed by famous designers.

I love vintage clothes because each piece has a bit of history associated with it. !:*En Vogue:Vintage clothing a Perfect choice for fashionistas!:*.
Dita Von Teese !:*♥.

Love the clothes, just wish I could afford them and then have somewhere to go in them! These clothes are made properly, how clothes used to be made! Not like todays throwaway fashion. Clothes that fit a body properly and make it look good. Dita is pure class you wont see her doing her groceries in Ugg slippers and swearpants!
Мода глазами Грег Кейдела♥!:*.:*.
Грег Кейдел (Greg Kadel) – популярный фэшн-фотограф из Нью-Йорка. Его фотографии были охарактеризованы критиками, как «классика в современном стиле». Он достиг уважения за его уникальное умение преподнести в фотографии все самое лучшее из возможного.Его работы можно увидеть в таких изданиях, как Vogue, Numero, Harper's Bazaar, Another Magazine, W, GQ, Allure, V и др.Среди его клиентов, такие знаменитости, как Britney Spears, Casey Affleck, Stella McCartney, Ioan Gruffud, Claire Danes, Ben Chaplin, Maurizio Cattelan, Kiera Chaplin, Hedi Slimane и Megan Fox. 

Lady in red!♥:*.
The color red suggests passion, love, strength, and power.Red is here, red is there, red is everywhere. J'adoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Rouge!:*.

Red is indeed HOT!:*.
''Design your own style''!:*
I found some great outfits;and it's absolutely fabulous.It denotes simplicity and chic,and also incorporates a special beauty!:*Check out this great outfits:

I hope you like it!:):*.:*.
Michael Jackson:en:Vogue!:*♥:*.

Michael Jackson a inventat nu doar personaje,ci si o moda!.Nu putea fi atribuit unui singur stil.Pe coperta albumului sau din 1979,''Of the Wall'',poarta un costum cu camasa alba si papion.Urmarim minutios linia pantalonilor negri taiati drept pina la sosetele albe si mocasinii din piele stralucitoare.''Stilul e o metoda de confruntare''.Michael a facut din sosetele albe un accesoriu cool.In urmatorii ani ,camasile cu imprimeuri pretentioase si jachetele sport de calitate au lasat locul puloverelor cu git larg,camasilor albe cu mineci suflecate si pantalonilor marinaresti albi,blugilor si gecii din satin.La turneul de reuniune ''Victory'' al fratilor Jackson,din 1984 Michael apare pe scena in costumul care l-a consacrat,cu minicile jachetei suflecate deasupra coatelor si cu mansetele camasii descheiate.Fiecare fan a dorit geaca din piele din ''Beat it'' sau sa poarte geaca din piele rosie cu pliuri marunte din ''Thriller''.In afara ecranului , garderoba lui Michael pare dintr-o tara a jucariilor.Jachete militare incarcate cu trese aurii,gulerealbastru-inchis cu turcoaz si epoleti de aur,panglici in jurul pieptului.Aceasta vestimentatie ii accentueaza talia.La ''American Music Awards'' in 1986,el adopta tinuta militara a unui monarh european ce isi conduce cavaleria:jacheta legata cu o curea sub talie,pantaloni de calarie din tesatura aspra strinsi pe gamba si cizme de calarie inalte pina la genunchi.Fiecare aparitie a lui a fost o repetitie,o repunere in scena.Sunt scenarii din belsug , din care putem alege.Dar,dupa cum obisnuia sa spuna marele actor John Gielgud,''stilul inseamna sa stii in ce piesa te afli''.Michael rareori pare sa mai stie acest lucru.

Am sa inchei cu versurile lui Michael din ''Have you seen my Childhood?''-''Va rog,nu ma judecati/Incercati doar sa ma iubiti.''!:*.
''Paris is burning!!!!!!!:X:*.♥
Paris is the city of fashion,perfume and charm!!!!!!This post is talking about :PARIS STREET FASHION!

en Vogue: "Respirer Paris, cela conserve l'ame" -Victor Hugo

Sexy Lingerie makes woman feel more feminine and seducing!:).

So here are sexy lengerieeeeeeeeeeeeee!:X:*.

Lingerieeeeeeeeee :en:Vogue!:*.
''Film Noir''!:*.

Every woman looks great wearing it,and every woman has her own.Without doubt it so popular,so necessary.Black dress:en Vogue!:*.Celebrities in black dresses:

Claire Courtin Clarins.

Leighton Meester.

 Cameron Diaz.

Sarah Jessica Parker.

Natalie Portman.

 Jennifer Aniston.

Eva Longoria.

 Blake Lively.

Mila Kunis.

 Angelina Jolie.

Jessica Biel.

 Miranda Kerr.

Gwen Stefani.

 Kate Moss.Black dress is some kind of a language that tells a story about your personality!:*.
Lady Diana:''Candle in the wind''.!:*.

Queen of hearts,for which the fairy tale turned into a collapse of all hope,lady Diana will always remain for their fans the embodiment of style,beauty and goodness!:*.

On Lady Di's funeral, Elton John sang: ''And it seems to me you lived your lifeLike a candle in the wind//Your candle burned out long beforeYour legend ever did''!.
Creative shoe designs!:*.

 This post showcases unusual footwear and creative shoe designs from all over the world.Some creative shoes will make you more fashionable.

Unusual shoes:en Vogue!:*.
Яна Рудковская:en Vogue!♥

''Красивая женщина лучше своей внешности и глубже своего содержания''(Михаил Жванецкий).Яна Рудковская является одной из селебритис которая причастна к роскошному миру Fashion!.

Яна Рудковская:en Vogue!:*.

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