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The Girl From Yesterday.The Girl From Yesterday.

Cu sentimente din trecut,cu rațiunea de azi și cu gîndurile de mîine.
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Yesterday, me and him had a moment. So I had a bad day and start crying in the train and I didn’t stop till I came home and he hugged me and we just lie down and talked. I have this moments when I have a situation that make me nervous or stressful  – and… Continue reading You
I wish, my love…
‘Cause no, we’re not promised tomorrow… This morning 5 am – no sleep. Sadness, an empty stomach and some kicking little feet inside me. I look over my right side. “He is not home yet…” You don’t wanna know what I was thinking and how hard I was crying. I am strong but being in… Continue reading I wish, my love…
My universe
When I said that I love this man – I meant I love him more than myself. I was thinking he is happy but he proved me wrong. I used to think till this morning that this is it. This is what I wanted and waited all my life, this is why it didn’t work… Continue reading My universe
I am back…I hope I last.
My life changed in a whole different direction that I expected. My life with him –  I waited for this man all my life, of course I didn’t expect everything to be perfect but the feeling of rejection that followed me all this years is still here. He sees it like a complaint from my… Continue reading I am back…I hope I last.
My boss hates woman?
From February 2017. *** I am 9 weeks.  And i am already very tired. Nausea and no food that sticks to my stomach. Its not wonderful and magical.  From 5 weeks and coming my days are good or bad. I cant wait to eat. Eat and feel better, cause food comforts me. Used to. So… Continue reading My boss hates woman?
Daily failure of my heart 
I think he doesn’t know yet how much i love him. Like he never see my eyes when i look at him, that moment when they start filling with tears. Like the morning waking up when i touch his lips very carefully to not wake him up. Like when i kiss him everywhere just cause… Continue reading Daily failure of my heart 
Hold on, we are going home…
This week … is just past continuous all the way up to hell. I couldn’t cry today, not even a tear. No crazy thoughts through my mind and I didn’t even get angry. But on the other hand, I felt stupid. I got cold and very stubborn. I was just sure that this is not… Continue reading Hold on, we are going home…
A doua mina
Am un adevar sau un ‘of’ de scris, pentru ca nu m-ai suport femeile care isi iarta sotul dar o detesta pe amanta. Cind am inceput acest blog, eram intr-o relatie cu un baiat brunet si inalt, destept si cu simtul umorului dar dupa cum am aflat mult mai tirziu (dupa ce m-a lovit ‘dragostea’)… Continue reading A doua mina
Its time, A
How many boys or man I loved here?! It could be hundreds, or maybe just one. I  know the answer, but I dont feel like defending myself.  Look what they all did to me. Now I can’t trust my future husband; loving him, and pushing myself to trust him, rolling  into the circle gets me… Continue reading Its time, A
back-up and restore.
Yesterday I put out the desperate woman. He wanted to slow down the things. I said no! You know what ‘lets slow down’ means. No more things, no more nothing. I back-up it, I refused and explain my reason. But now, I can’t lose this feeling that he already decide for him; I can’t get… Continue reading back-up and restore.

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