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  this is not meant to be logic

  this is not meant to be logic this is not meant to be logic

Sour- bitter thoughts
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it’s not alright (there are a lot of nos in this poem, and one of them is you)
no, you don’t understand. everytime you leave, the door closes to the endless emptiness in this room. wash the salty traces left on your skin by this ocean of lonliness. and when you’re not here – you don’t carry the bitter taste inside your mounth, do you? no, you don’t understand. everytime you leave, it […]
a white room
I have melted this stainless-steel heart so that it could fill  a cement box with white walls on the inside; Don’t they make a pretty match – this box (with white walls on the inside) and  – this heart.
Kissing you is drinking coffee, bitter-sweet with that aftertaste of guilt. kissing you is never sufficient but there ain’t no different thing you could give and while i wash your smell off my skin like toffee candy, too much caramel you’ll shower your mind inside out. after this blunt torment ends shall we get back to […]
Oil drops spread On the humid surface of the asphalt On the perfectly horizontal ground of this hemisphere of planet Earth, On the cold side of my soul On the fragile part of me And Undefined, Just like rainbow colours – Could you be the oil drop I will be water, I will be asphalt, […]
Unele suflete
Decembrie, pentru ca Unele suflete Poarta numele lunilor. Cu aglomeratia de Craciun si pustietate interna Cu zapada, cu viscol si nopti lungi. Cu aburii vinului fiert cumulat in pahare de hartie, Asemeni aerul dens dimineata. Revenind la frigul ajuns in oase, la intunericul prelungit dincolo de limitele rabdarii. pana la urma, luna decembrie e una […]
You could not sleep And you woke me up, too To, to, to. To share the heaviness of the night. The heaviness of the thoughts, Of the breaths. The what came next; I woke up to the blue eyes Caressing my skin. Hungry. And you woke up so much more, I would better run. Run, […]
Eu, Tu in ploaie torentiala  cu sufletele leoarca, cu glezele impreunate mana mea, mana ta… Eu, Tu. Curcubeu – Victorie circulara, fiecare la cate un capat. Zambetul tau de cauciuc Si razele care Ne patrund trupurile translucide Lasand Umbre elastice Pe asfaltul aburind. Eu, tu Ecouri oarbe Cui ii pasa de viata, Cui ii pasa […]
January Excessively bitter, Each breath is a sip of black coffee. This rain- so bizzare under the heavy silence of the city. with my wet feet,and my fingertips that got numb. I have been holding the plastic cup With the excessively bitter coffee For too long;
toamna din ochii tai
Are umeri frumosi si rotunzi, Toamna; Poarta mirosul frunzelor arse Departe. In vaile cu case-mbatranite, Peste firele lungi de fum Si subtiri… Se agita in priviri aprigi Amestec de vant si castane coapte Si-n serile de octombrie, Zari indurerate Si-n soarele tarziu, Resturi de flori de cais. Are umeri frumosi Si Rotunzi, Toamna noastra.
my favourite sunset
Be patient, Gold drowning Into the emptiness Of forever. Take a sip of The salted water, Fill your head with wet sand, Sunset. Imagine you’ve Grown wings, Imagine you’re Above everything. Your soul so Light, Imagine despair being blown away with the dust. Old photograph, Sunset. Look at the world, Your eyes widely Shut. We […]

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