My Iak-18T/ Мой Як-18Т

My Iak-18T/ Мой Як-18ТMy Iak-18T/ Мой Як-18Т

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20 September

100% copy

Finally our matrix for the future flight deck was brought home.

20 September
Today we will separate the matrix from the plane.

It wasnt so easy to take her out.

Here is she...In one piece

This is the video of taking out the matrix off the plane(in russian):
18-20 September
Night approaches butt we still working.

The last inspection before go to sleep.Tommorow we will take off the matrix from the plane.

18-20 September

First layer is ready!

Our staff :

18-20 September

Green grass in the middle of autumn.

18-20 September
The engine is covered,and the plane seems to be ready for days we are planning to take a matrix from plane's cabin.

the methods and technologies we are using are secret.
18-20 September
We are at Vadul-Lui-Voda Airfield near our plane Iak18T.Next days we will work hard on building our flight deck.Putting the windows back:

We covered the plane with a used parachute.
17 September

We are still preparing materials for painting.Really hard and annoying work.
Greetings from Russia
This is an news report from a cockpit builder from Russia,which build a Tu-154 cockpit in his home (great work!):
2 and 3 of september
Hello there!Its hard to work on two fronts.We have to work both on the restoration of the real Iak-18T cockpit,and to construct the simcockpit,so we dont have enough time to put on site all the information we got .We apologize for this inconvenience.Will be back as soon as possible.
31.08.09 and 01.09.09
These days we will be work-free because on 31 we have a national holiday ,its about our language - romanian.On the first of september its the first day of school.We will be back as soon as possible...

30.08.09 Still working
At the end of the day we where on the airfield to watch the championship on parachute gliding.

Safety -Car :)

Antonov An-2 is going to take them high.

And the winner is .... a woman from Ukraine ...

By the way..... I flew today....More information on this you could get at :
30.08.09 The work continues
We brought home some details from the plane.These details will be polished and repainted so that they could look as cool as it gets. Front Panel

Throttle handle

We removed the window from the cabin ,so that we could put on some new.

30.08.09 The Big Day
Today is a very important day-its the championship on parachute sports .Its once in year so better not miss it.We work fast so that will remain time for watching the show.We took out some panels,windows and seats.Here are some testimony about that: Vadul lui Voda Airfield

Front seats

View on the back of the plane

The pedestal with throttle ,blinds hood lever and step propeller stick.

Interior with all the stuff removed.

Not a big day.We have been at the airfield and i got a really poor spotting of the planes that were there.Some of them: Romanian plane "Festival"

Russian Antonov An-2

My Iak-18T

Polish "Wilga 35"

In the evening we did some work,but we where in the expecting of tommorow.What will be tommorow i will tell you tommorow...

These are the elements from the front panel,we will make 100% copies of them.This white thing is the rear window of the plane,its stand in matrix right now,so that this matrix could gain her frame and we could make by this ,matrix a 100% replica of it.

A nice start of the day in the Vadul Lui Voda Airfield

Thats it for today fellas.
28.08.09 Working as hard as we can

Thats me,protective glasses are as proper as they get,a piece from the drill shotted me in face one minute after i put them on.Practically,we work without free days.We need to finish the renewal of the cockpit till 6 september,but at the same time we need to make the drawings for the simulator.Here is what we've done so far:

Me working : so hard to polish this yoke...

Half work is done...

The effect is stunning,they are as bright as sun.We will made iddentically copy of them.
26.08.09 The day the work stood still
This day was set as free day.
25.08.2009 - "The humble beggining"
Today we started.I guess you'll see all the work on the photos.We removed the yokes ,rudder pedals ,front panel and all its components,and the radio station .I guess for a day of work that will be enough.Here are some photos of our work :

Little introduction about the work we do

This is our hero:)He was landed without landing gears,and it have been damaged a bit,but its still exploitable.We got a job to renew the cockpit,and by the way ,we (our simbuilder team) will build the simulator using all the information and skills during the renewal of the real plane.

We dismantled the wings,because they would only cause trouble when working.
Welcome to the Iak-18T Simcockpit page.Here you will find a lot of information about my project.2 weeks ago ,i've got a chance to disassemble a real flying Iak-18T plane.I got a lot of stuff to do and i'm glad I could achieve so much information about it,its easier for me now to bring my project to life.Stay tuned and watch the process.This one will be a slow one ,because there is a lot of work to do there.

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