Decisions, decisions...

This year is election year in Moldova, which means that people have to decide who they will vote for. And although one would expect that over the years this decision should have become easier to make, this is far from reality.

The difficulty of deciding lies in the following dilemma: should one vote for communists who have been running the show for 8 years and seem to have consolidated power at least somewhat, or for other "democrats" who are more than likely to spend more time arguing in the parliament over meaningless (and sometimes meaningful) issues than actually doing their job as lawmakers? There is no real differentiation between most parties, as virtually all of them promise more or less the same thing, if only in a different shade (this blog post by Nicu Popescu summarises this well). The argument goes that communists will simply carry on with their policies, while a new ruling party will first plunder, filling their pockets with money, and reorganise everything to their liking and only then will it begin doing something useful (if at all). Moreover, if there emerges no ruling party, constant altercations and boycotts by the unhappy deputies will simply halt the lawmaking process, as often was the case before the communist party won the supermajority. But the argument in favour of communists is offset by the apparent degradation in democracy in Moldova in recent years, attacks on opposition, independent media and NGOs, as well as lack of tangible progress in economic reforms.

[Here I spent half an hour trying to elaborate my point of view on an issue until I actually proved myself wrong, so in order to avoid public embarrassment, I have deleted this text]

And I strongly believe than not voting or voting against all is not an option.

2009-03-06 16:30:11


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