Meeting the Crisis

This weekend was reserved for a short-long trip to Latvia in order to see how serious the crisis affected this country and to find out why tourists still tend to say that they went to Tallinn or Vilnius which actually have nothing in common with this country :).

First of all, everything you need (and don’t need) to know about The Glorious Nation of Latvia is to add all the time everywhere possible an “s”, especially at the end of the words and trust me, you will be fluently in Latvian :)

It is not a secret that Latvia is located near Stoneya and Lithiumania and the people of Latvian ethnicity are currently enjoying the countless benefits of the marvelous European Union - in other words, being able to eat french fries after years of suppression and persecution, also the ability to warp to Great Britain, Ireland, Spain and other EU countries such as Uzbekistan.

Referring to financial crisis, I guess the only survivors will be the Latvian banks, known as the world’s largest exporters of virtual credit cards, which are only useful for purchasing imaginary power to operate the virtual memory of PC’s :wink: .

Anyway no more bull**iting and below are some pictures :) :

…a here is the evidence of the crisis:

more pics HERE

2009-02-25 00:50:36


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