Tandem – a new European cultural festival in Moldova

#Tandem #MoldovaThe Tandem festival is coming to Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, at the end of May. Cultural managers from more than 30 cities in wider Europe have brought together their ideas and creativity to treat local audiences and politicians to a new kind of cultural vibe from 25–27 May 2012. Some of the cultural attractions include: a fusion between Berlin fashion and rural Moldavian embroiderers, leading to a presentation in nearby Palanca; a road-trip band travelling from north-east England to Moldova – culminating in a performance; a co-production between France and Ukraine bringing us a novel short film screening; exploring the mystic tale of the famous ship Towarishch Gorch Fock in dramatic form; and several debates on the impact of cultural policy reform in the EU, Ukraine, and Moldova. The festival is the grand finale of a year-long collaboration project called Tandem, which the European Cultural Foundation  (ECF) launched with partners in 2011. Partly funded by the European Commission through the CULTURE-Programme, Robert Bosch Stiftung and ECF, Tandem connects cultural managers from European Union countries and neighbouring countries – in this case Moldova and Ukraine –  who want to build long-term partnerships and expand their skills and networks. Cultural managers from different countries were given the opportunity to meet and form a ‘tandem’. Over the course of a year, they developed innovative, cross-border creative projects together. This process of building relationships and networks was built on through a series of meetings, exchanges, workshops and online support. The festival in Chisinau is the culmination of 12 months of activity brought about by Tandem Ukraine, Moldova and EU cultural managers working together. They will enthuse the local population to attend a range of exciting cultural events, as well as making an impact on political cultural decision-making level at a national level.  ECF’s Director, Katherine Watson, will be attending the festival along with senior representatives from the Moldovan Government, Ukrainian Government and EU delegations. The festival starts off with informal debates at 14.00 on the 25 May 2012 at the Museum Zemstvei, Sciusev St. (at Sfatul Țării St.), Chișinău, Moldova and the official opening starts at 19.00 25 May 2012.
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