Please Help Victor and Mădălina Movilă

At about 5 a.m. on December 28th 2009, near the village of Corlateni (approximately 135 km North of Chisinau), two young lives have been cut short by a horrific accident produced by a speeding driver who lost control of his car. The couple were Lidia, 33, and Victor Movila, 37, who were waiting the bus to go to work on the side of the highway. Those who had witnessed the accident said it was a frigid morning and Victor had wrapped his hands around his wife in order to help her stay warm. And while they were standing there, a BMW smashed into the couple, throwing Victor about 25 meters away and killing him on the spot, while Lidia had been heard screaming and asking for help before slipping into a coma and dying minutes later in the hospital.

But the tragedy of it all didn’t end there. Two small children who, in just one day, in a couple of hours, were left without both parents will carry on the tragedy of this story. They are Victor, 8, and Madalina, 4, who at their young age must face the dark side of life and cope with the loss of their parents. The children are now in the care of their elderly grandmothers and other close relatives.

Right off the bat Victor realized what had happened to his parents. He is mourning and crying and refusing to leave the house where they had once been a happy family. Madalina, on the other hand, has been waiting for her parents to come home and has been asking people to call her mom to lace up her boots, because “no one can do it better than mommy”, she says.

The future of these children is uncertain. No one knows how long their grandmothers will be able to provide for them. Just as a side note, the average elderly pension in Moldova (the poorest country in Moldova) is approximately $50 per month, while prices are going up each year. The children’s aunts and uncles could also support them, and probably will, although they are themselves struggling financially and are presently working low paid jobs somewhere in Russia…

Many kind and generous people have come forward with donations and emotional support for these children. While their help proves that people do care, we hope and pray that their enthusiasm does not end in a couple of weeks, since Victor and Madalina are going to be in need for many years to come. That is why we opened several bank accounts and we do in person pick ups of any kind of donations in order to create a fund to sponsor these children for years to come.

(Below we provide the account numbers where money can be donated and contact info if you would like to contribute otherwise.)

And while we are doing our best to coordinate the “HELP Victor and Madalina Movila” Campaign and to make our voice heard both in Moldova and abroad, the two mothers are still mourning their deceased children, Victor is diligently watering his mother’s flowers which she used to love, and Madalina is heard somewhere in the background asking where her mom is and refusing to let anyone tie her shoes, because “no one can do it better than mommy”…

Dragos Galbur (campaign coordinator, fourth year medical student, Corlăteni/Chişinău, Moldova)
(+373) 690-85313

Alina Nedelciuc (New York, USA)
(+1) 917-331-6529

autor: ALINED

Beneficiary: NENESCU, SVETLANA (the children’s aunt)

Beneficiary’s Acct. #: 2233402410


SWIFT (Beneficiary’s Bank): RNCBMD2XXXX

Correspondent Bank



Correspondent Acct. #: 36145404


Beneficiary’s Acct. #: 2233702411


SWIFT (Beneficiary’s Bank): RNCBMD2XXXX

Correspondent Bank



Correspondent Acct. #: 404-332-196/00



Correspondent Acct. #: 400886738400

2010-01-05 22:58:52


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