Nopenhagen… Flopenhagen… Brokenhagen… These are just several names representing the failure of the UN Climate Change Conference 2009 (COP-15) in Copenhagen. There is no final binding legal and political agreement signed. No Real Deal to present to the World. Only the Copenhagen Accord can be considered as an official outcome of the event, but it is neither binding nor fair.
Still, does it really mean the end of the battle of climate change theories? Looks like it is just the beginning…
The NGOs present at COP-15 (Avaaz, Greenpeace, WWF and many more) have started thinking about new initiatives to raise awareness about climate change consequences (for example, the Climate Change Media Partnership, the “Climate Shame / Not Done Yet”). They use contacts obtained during the event to establish cooperation within the initiatives. These organizations have raised their voices and now capitalize on this achievement to maintain their high volume.
Due to the NGO activists, reporters and bloggers, who had worked actively during COP-15, a lot of people from all over the World understood the importance of the issue and joined the global movement to minimize our negative impact on the environment. More than thirteen million signatures were collected and over three thousand vigils were organized in about 150 countries in support for an “ambitious, fair and binding treaty”. This pool of supporters will be an enormous support in promoting further the environment protection activities.
In addition, scientists supporting the human origin of the climate change begin to use the swiftly grown attention to this issue in order to promote their research results and new projects here. This should boost scientific progress in the field of the global climate change.
And there is hope that the Copenhagen Accord is not the last, but the first step in regulating the World’s emissions of “greenhouse” gases. “This accord cannot be everything that everyone hoped for, but it is an essential beginning,” said UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, as mentioned in the UNFCCC Press Release.
Is it really so? Were all the expenditures on organization, transportation, accommodation, etc. within COP-15 (that could be directed to environment protection campaigns) in vain, or not? And most importantly, will the Climate Change Conference lead to a global movement for preventing climate catastrophe, or remain to be just a colourful page in the History manuals?
And this depends not only upon the World leaders, but on EACH OF US…

Note: the copy of this article can be found on the international blog “G-1 Billion”.

2009-12-23 15:09:54


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