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This is my place on the Web. There are many like it, but this one is mine. And to me, it’s unlike any other
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The End
This blog is now officially archived (no new posts). I have moved to a new home at Thanks to the wonderful folks at, I am hoping that this site will be around for a long time.
Unix Tip: Make ‘less’ more friendly
You probably know about less: it is a standard tool that allows scrolling up and down in documents that do not fit on a single screen. Less has a very handy feature, which can be turned on by invoking it with the -i flag. This causes less to ignore case when searching. For example, ‘udf’ […]
Advanced Dynamic DNS with ddclient
If you need remote access to a computer whose IP changes dynamically, ddclient may be the tool for you. Check out this previous article for how to set up ddclient using a free service like DynDNS. Once set up, you will be able to connect to your box using a pretty name like, rather […]
Reverse-Engineering Persona
If you’ve ever had to write an essay about something seemingly meaningless, you probably know how this works. You pick a thought (the more unlikely the better), connect everything to it (the less obvious the connections the better), and make sure to overlook anything that goes against your “theory.” Does this projection of meaning onto […]
Quick Linux Tip: Remap “Back” Key to Win Key
Thinkpad keyboards are the best laptop keyboards I’ve seen. The function keys are placed in groups of four, with gaps, like on a full-size keyboard. The arrow keys are located lower than the rest of the keys, for easy tactile identification. And best of all, the Insert, Delete, Home, End, and Page Up/Down keys are […]
The Singularity Is Near
I first stumbled upon Ray Kurzweil’s website some years ago. It immediately turned me off with words like “Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever.” It sounded like one of those “How to be happy and get everything you want” books, which rarely accomplish anything but big bucks for the author, and disappointment for the suckers […]
Since the dawn of self-reflection, I have been an inert gas, Other atoms’ interactions mocking me, as I flew past. Every time I saw two bonding, I would quickly look away, My full outer shell reminding, solitude is here to stay. Looking at those lucky ions, never did I see the facts, Never did I […]
Păşind spre mine ai căzut; Eram pe ceruri diferite. (Nu ştiam, a fost vina mea.) Tăcerea S-a spart în aşchii ascuţite Şi te-ai întors (Nu meritam.) Mai târziu am aflat Că un da fără ecou Doare mai mult decât un nu. Şi aşa am rămas Îngeri în ceruri paralele, Comunicând prin nori, Ne vom atinge […]
Fără titlu
Pe cer plutesc vise ca frunze albastre. În aer dansează, se împletesc, Devin prea grele şi cad. Curg pe ferestre ca tăceri sărate, Dau de pământ şi fac rădăcini Care foşnesc cu frustrări verzi abia ascunse, Reflectate în două scântei care au uitat să doară, Şi au durut să se uite Cum de pe cer […]
Today I saw a crow on a white birch. The tree had no leaves, and the sun fell on its top branches. I wondered if crows can see colors and if they feel the warmth of the sun. Today I felt cold and I digged in my closet for a sweater. I looked at the […]

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