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The Echoes of Moldova’s Silent Revolution
During June 8-14, Moldova went through its most severe political crisis yet. Without exaggeration, the country was on the brink of civil conflict between an incumbent oligarchic regime and a surprise coalition of rival political factions united against the wannabe … Continue reading →
People’s March to take place in Moldova’s capital on Sunday
A standoff between the new and the old government continues in Moldova for the sixth day.  On Saturday, June 9th the ACUM-PSRM majority in Parliament elected a new government, but the politically controlled Constitutional Court, through arbitrary and abusive decisions, … Continue reading →
When corruption trumps geopolitics: lessons from the Moldovan election
In international circles, Moldova is frequently described as a country torn between Russia and the Euro-Atlantic West, where the push-pull of geopolitical competition is the defining feature of national policy and politics. Yet, while geopolitics may fill the headlines and … Continue reading →
What can Moldova Learn from Georgia?
After having visited Georgia several times since my first visit in 2016, I am in awe with the sheer splendor of the country’s booming new architectural landmarks. The controversial former president Mihail Saakashvili undeniably left a mark by embarking on … Continue reading →
State of Play Ahead of Moldova’s Parliamentary Elections
On February 24, 2019, Moldova will elect a new parliament based on a mixed electoral system adopted in July 2017 by the incumbent Democratic Party, led by oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, and the nominally opposition Party of Socialists, controlled by President … Continue reading →
Împreună vom construi o țară după chipul și înfățișarea noastră – o Moldovă Europeană
Republica Moldova este prin definiție un stat European, iar nazuința legitimă a majorității cetățenilor a fost și rămâne aderarea la marea familie Europeană.  Odată cu semnarea Acordului de Asocierea, ponderea politică și economică a Uniunii Europe în Republica Moldova a … Continue reading →
Increasingly Isolated Moldovan Government Looks to Turkey for Support
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan paid an official visit to Moldova, on October 17–18, after his trip had been postponed repeatedly since 2014 (, August 21). Historically, Turkey has played an important role in Moldovan politics, routinely acting as a … Continue reading →
Is Moldova Moving Toward Russia Ahead of Parliamentary Elections?
The standoff between Moldova’s ruling Democratic Party and the country’s pro-European opposition escalated following the cancelation of a democratic election for Chisinau mayor, won by the opposition, earlier this summer (see EDM, June 27). On the dawn of Moldovan Independence Day, … Continue reading →
Hoţul Strigă „Hoţul!“, nu-i aşa, Dle Andrian Candu?
În locul unei dezbateri publice, Andrian Candu preferă tactica unui laș ordinar, atacându-și oponenții pe internet cu minciuni sfruntate aidoma unui simplu troll. Fiind la coada clasamentului de încredere în persoane publice, Andrian Candu încearcă să atragă atenția asupra domniei … Continue reading →
Moldova’s Democratic Façade Crumbles as Supreme Court Invalidates Democratic Election
On June 25, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Moldova denied opposition candidate Andrei Nastase (leader of the Dignity and Truth Platform Party) legal recourse, thus upholding the June 21 decision of the Appellate Court to invalidate the mayoral … Continue reading →
Moldova’s Foreign and Security Policy Vulnerabilities
After 26 years of independence, the Republic of Moldova’s foreign policy is still framed by the East vs. West geopolitical competition. After it managed to conclude negotiation of the Association Agreement, as well as to receive visa-free regime – one … Continue reading →
Parteneriatul cu UE îl face pe Năstase favorit în cursa pentru Chișinău 
De la o vreme încoace, toate alegerile în Republica Moldova, inclusiv cele locale, au o pronunțată componentă geopolitică. Desigur, unii politicieni de pe Bâc au profitat excesiv de pe urma acestui fenomen, exploatând la maxim clivajul orientării externe a țării, … Continue reading →
Mayoral Campaigns in Moldova’s Two Largest Cities: A Preview of Next Parliamentary Election
This Sunday, May 20, Moldova will hold early mayoral elections in the capital city of Chisinau, the second-largest city of Balti, and five other small localities. The mayoral seats in the two largest cities became vacant after the resignation of … Continue reading →
Moldova’s Political Vulnerabilities at Systemic, Institutional and Individual Levels
Ever since it gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, the Republic of Moldova has been struggling with transition from a totalitarian one-party system to a functioning pluralist democracy. The country’s track record of democratization, understood as the institutionalization … Continue reading →
Moldova’s Societal Vulnerabilities: How Foreign Actors Shape ‘Captive’ Identities
Given its location and its history, it should be no surprise that the Republic of Moldova is ethnically and linguistically heterogeneous. According to the 2014 census, 75.1% of the population identified as Moldovans, 7% as Romanians, 6.6% Ukrainians, 4.6% Găgăuz, … Continue reading →
High-Level Corruption Threatens Moldova’s European Aspirations
Every April 7, Moldovans take stock of the progress the country has made since the youth protests of April 2009, which popularly became known as the “Twitter Revolution.” Nine years ago, this civil unrest led to the demise of Communist … Continue reading →
Avenues of Russian Political Intervention in Moldova
A divided national identity and pervasive Soviet legacy provide fertile ground for Russian interfer­ence in the weak and unstable Moldovan political system. Historically, Moldovan political elites have always been divided between those who support and those who oppose closer ties with Russia. Russophiles … Continue reading →
Avenues of Russian Military Intervention in Moldova
Throughout its history Moldova has been a geo­political playground for larger actors in the region, and its newly acquired independence does not appear to have changed this. As many imperial powers do, Russia consistently undermines the sovereignty of independent countries … Continue reading →
Democracy in Moldova: A Cautionary Tale
There is a meme circulating on the Moldovan internet that ironically describes the country’s capital, Chișinău, as a “European city.” Although it is true that Chișinău is a city in Europe, it bears little resemblance to Berlin, Paris, and Rome. … Continue reading →
Moldova Hopes to Boost Military Ties With Romania Amid Tensions With Russia
On February 4, Romanian Defense Minister Mihai Fifor arrived on an official two-day visit to Moldova. In a joint press conference, Moldovan Defense Minister Eugen Sturza thanked his counterpart and the Romanian government for its support in modernizing and developing … Continue reading →

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