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Kravice waterfalls in BiH
If you have a chance to drive through southern Bosnia and Herzegovina, visit this beautiful place. Plan a picnic and swim during the summer, and a nice walk at any time during the year.
Moldova: what home is to me
Home has only one name in my mind and heart. Being at least all working days of the week somewhere abroad I often think of home in terms of smells, colors, taste.
Mostar: keeping the bridge alive
Mostar is a city with medieval air in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a long, rich and at times painful history. The city of two lands, divided by Neretva River and united by the famous Stari Most.
Shopping & Art: Eliseevskiy (Moscow)
Moscow can be pretty busy, dirty and tiring. But some corners remind you about the undeniable Russian beauty and art. Just like this regular mini-store on Tverskaya street, where I randomly stopped by for some refreshments...
Versailles, your Majesty
I am only underestimating the baroque times and I find hardly readable the royal quality. But still, its beauty makes my mind go blank. How could it possibly be so pretty?
Atonement (2007)
This movie has simply blown my mind away for a very simple reason: it shows in such a beautiful way why books are better than movies and even better than the reality itself.
Lost in Angkor Wat
It is fascinating to touch any wall of these constructions and get carried away by the question... who did touch the same spot hundreds of years ago? And what were they thinking about?
Drawn to Zagreb
Well, Zagreb. Even if I wished to find a reasonable explanation of my deep love for this city, I could not possibly find one. It is an indescribable feeling. The city filled with smells of sweet bakery and flowers.
Chiang Mai: touring around
Chiang Mai is a city with a wide range of offers of tours, expeditions, experiences. You go there go get a better taste of rural Thailand, and a small accent of Chinese influences.
Bangkok: on escaping
Doi ani în urmă, Asia a lăsat o amprentă puternică și frumoasă în viața noastră, de aceea era inevitabil că vom reveni. Și am revenit. Am început pregătirile cu circa jumătate de an înainte de călătorie, cu bilete internaționale și interne cumpărate (prin, hoteluri bronate (pe, planuri pentru vizite gândite ( În momentele de […]

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