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Registering Custom Post Types in the WordPress Admin: Our CloudFest Hackathon Report
Let's discuss: What if you could register custom post types and custom fields directly in the WordPress admin?
Site-Building Made Simple: Introducing the Public Pattern Library 
When it comes to website-building, WordPress themes set your site up for success by providing stylish, preselected options for fonts, colors, and layouts. Even though themes provide the overall aesthetic, you still need to build out the posts, pages, and templates on your site. That’s where block patterns come in! …
10 WordPress Influencers to Follow in 2024  
If you’re at all interested in or curious about WordPress, these are folks to pay attention to.
Streamlining Your Content Creation: Adding Images From Your Phone With Ease
We’re excited to share a new feature in the desktop editor and Jetpack mobile app that makes it a breeze to upload media to your WordPress posts and pages.   
A Visit to Where the Cloud Touches the Ground
Zander Rose recently took a visit to one of Automattic's data centers. Here's what he learned about what the cloud looks like in person.
5 Hidden Features of
Whether you’re a blogger, a developer, or fall somewhere between, you’re likely to discover something new and useful in this video.
15 WordPress Pro Developers You Should Follow in 2024
The WordPress community can sometimes seem like a vast ocean of people, information, and resources. Here are 15 folks to follow to stay on top of everything you need to know.
WordPress Block Themes Explained in 250 Seconds
WordPress block themes eliminate the need for code-based tailoring.
“Do the Woo” Finds Its Home at
BobWP needed a better website solution for his burgeoning podcast empire. answered the call.

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