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New to Newsletter — Earn With Paid Subscriptions
Whether starting a paid newsletter from scratch or taking an existing one up a notch, there's no better time than now.
How Yarnnakarn Ceramics Uses to Expand Their Business
Our community team recently traveled to Bangkok, Thailand to meet with longtime customers Karin and Nok Phisolyabut. They’re the owners of Yarnnakarn, a small arts and crafts studio that specializes in telling stories through contemporary ceramic pieces. Part of why we love this studio, in addition to their beautiful …
Concept to Creation: Custom Theme Designs Just Got Easier
Patterns, colors, fonts, and more. Our new homepage design tool guides you through making your creative vision a reality.
Happy 20th Anniversary, WordPress! We Wouldn’t Be Here Without You 
On May 27, 2003, co-founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little announced that WordPress was available to the public. Their vision, as you can still read in their original post on, was to foster a means by which anyone could easily share and discuss their ideas with the world.  What …
Hot Off the Press: New Themes for May 2023
Five beautiful new themes. Which one is your favorite?
A Tour of the All-New Stats Page
An all-new experience for measuring and analyzing how great you are.
Inside the Feature: Why Real-Time Backups Are a Big Deal
Losing your work is a thing of the past with our built-in real-time backups and one-click restores.
Elevate Your Website with Our May Webinars
Sign up for our May webinars. Hosted by our world-class experts, they're always interactive, educational, and fun!
Safely Jazz Up Your Website With Staging Sites on staging sites enable you to clone your site and test any new changes in a safe environment before going live.
Why Twitter Auto-Sharing Is Coming to an End
Update: May 18, 2023. It took a few weeks, but Twitter finally shut off our API access. Though we were in limbo for a bit, we can now confirm that our services have been disconnected and Twitter is no longer part of Jetpack Social. In early April, we experienced an …

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