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Wompatuck State Park
This is a description of our trip to Wompatuck State Park. This is one of the MA, USA park. There exist the possibility to stay with camping.
The Air we breath
The maintenance of the Earth’s atmosphere oxygen balance is a major concern of contemporary ecologists. Its regeneration is due to plants with metabolism based on chlorophyll, both of the planktonic and terrestrial plants, especially of the rainforests. In this regard, it is noted that a hectare of forest produces about 50 times more oxygen than […]
Where the water starts?!
Water has represented and represents the essence of life. Water is the main factor within the planetary ecosystem. The total volume of water on Earth is 1.35 billion km3 at surface + 8 million km3 in basement + 13.000 km3 in atmosphere. In percentage, 92.7 % of water is represented by the oceans, 2.15% is […]
Instead of foreword
Planet’s ecological balance is seriously jeopardized. For the first time in its history, mankind came to be able to move materials, to produce energy and waste, in quantities of the same order and size as the nature. Man can, through its unconscious actions, cause – directly or indirectly – natural disasters (floods, droughts, hurricanes, earthquakes), […]

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